How to Enable Night Mode on Blackberry KEY2 and KEY2 LE

A new feature to schedule night mode on Blackberry KEY2 and Blackberry KEY2 LE arrived following the Blackberry software update to version ACB168. The night mode brings eyes to comfort to use the KEY2 and KEY2 LE Blackberry phone at night without complaining about the emission of light from the device affect your sight.

The Blackberry KEY 2 and KEY 2 LE night mode work to bring comfort to the device to ease the use of the device at night between the hours of 9 pm to 6 am when everywhere is in total darkness and it doesn’t affect users when there is a ray of light to your phone to increase the phone brightness.

You can enable Blackberry KEY2 and KEY2 LE night mode manually by clicking on the button to enable night mode in the Blackberry KEY2 and KEY2 LE respectively depending on your device. You can also let the night mode works on schedules within a stipulated period after which the night mode will turn off automatically according to your predefined settings.

You can schedule the Blackberry KEY2 LE night mode to work through the week or during the weekend alone. You can also set it to work for a particular day following the night mode custom settings. Meanwhile, the night mode is a new feature in the Blackberry KEY2 and Blackberry KEY2 LE.

Schedule Night mode on Blackberry KEY2 and KEY2 LE

Update Blackberry KEY2 and KEY2 LE

If you can’t find the feature to schedule night mode on Blackberry KEY2 and KEY2 LE then you should consider upgrading your Blackberry KEY2 to the latest software number ACB168.

  1. Go to your Blackberry KEY 2 settings
  2. Scroll down to system settings
  3. Click on the system update
  4. Check for update
  5. Click on download and install

With the procedures above you will be able to download and install the Blackberry KEY2 software update release with the code name ACB168.

Schedule Night Mode in Blackberry KEY2 and KEY2 LE

The night mode feature in the Blackberry KEY 2 and KEY2 LE turn on by sunset and turn off by sunrise by default. However, the feature also allows you to modify the feature to work according to your need.

  1. Open your Blackberry KEY2 or KEY2 LE settings
  2. Tap on the display features
  3. Tap on the “Night Mode” option
  4. The default mode reads “turn on at sunset and off at sunrise
  5. Tap “turn on automatically”
  6. Select custom schedule from the drop-menu
  7. Set when to turn Blackberry KEY2 night mode

With this, the night mode feature in BB KEY2 and KEY2 LE won’t work on the default settings which is to turn on automatically at sunset and turn off automatically at rising. The feature will start working base on your personal settings.

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