How to Activate FoxNews Channels

Do you want to activate Foxnews using This guide is about how to generate activation code to read and stream Foxnews live. To activate Foxnews you need to generate Foxnews activation code on Foxnews app for Foxnews activate on

The Foxnews channels can be streamed live on varieties of home media players as well as on your computer via Fixnews webpage to read and send comments on the news you read. For prolific news readers, activating Foxnews offer selfless effort to get to know what is going on across the globe without your smartphone. All you need to do is activate Foxnews on your device.

The Foxnews activate [for all devices] which you will learn in this guide prompts you to install Foxnews app on your media player, sign in to your Foxnews account [when prompted] to view the Foxnews activation and go to the Foxnews online platform [at], select your TV cable provider’s network sign in and click on submit to

Foxnews Supported Devices

Foxnews app supports varieties of smart-devices to download Foxnews app and activate the news channel on it.

  1. Apple TV
  2. Roku TV
  3. Android TV
  4. Amazon Fire
  5. DirecTV Now
  6. YouTube TV
  7. Firestick

Other devices that you can also activate FoxNews on include the following

  • Amazon Fire
  • Apple Watch
  • Amazon Echo
  • Google Home
  • Fox News Go
  • Apple News
  • DirecTV Now

If you want to take it further to mobile. You can activate Foxnews on the following smartphones.

  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Windows Phone

The only basic requirement to start following Foxnews on your smartphone is to download and install the app on your from your phone app store.

Download Foxnews App

Smartphone users can download the Foxnews app directly from their phone apps store. However, other devices that are supported on Foxnews need to download and install the Fox news app from the media players channels store.

  1. Download Foxnews app for Android here
  2. Download Foxnews app for iPhone/iPad from Apple store here
  3. Download Foxnews app for Windows phone here. Roku

Follow the procedures to activate Foxnews on Roku to start following your favourite channels.

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote control
  2. Navigate to the channels store
  3. Search for “Fox News” and click on the search button
  4. Click on the “Add Channel” from the result
  5. Go back to the home screen and navigate to the Fox News app in the Roku TV channels store
  6. Click on the app
  7. Take note of the Fox News to activate code for Roku TV
  8. Go to on your computer
  9. Select your cable provider’s network
  10. Enter the “Fox News registration code” on your TV screen
  11. Click on the “Connect” button
  12. Select Roku from the next screen [if prompted]
  13. Sign in to your account

Follow the instruction on the screen to complete the setup. Once the Foxnews activation code is correct and you are connected, the Foxnews Channel will be available on your Roku device via the app. Apple TV

FoxNews app for Apple TV is available for download in the Apple apps store.

  1. Go to the Apple store on your Apple TV
  2. Search for “FoxNews” and click on the get button
  3. Wait to install the FoxNews app on your TV
  4. Navigate to the app and click on activate to view the Fox news activation code
  5. Go to on your computer or phone
  6. Select your cable provider’s network from the list
  7. Type the Fox news activation code
  8. Click on the “Connect button” 
  9. Sign in to your cable provider’s network if required
  10. Click on submit to activate your account

Then, follow the instruction on the screen to activate Foxnews on Apple TV to start watching your favourite Foxnews live program on your Apple TV device. Amazon Fire TV

The Foxnews app is available to download from Amazon under news channel to follow Fox News on your TV.

  1. Go to Amazon Fire TV store and install Foxnews app
  2. Click on the app and tap on activate to generate Fox news activation code
  3. Open your browser and visit
  4. Select your cable provider’s network
  5. Enter the activation code on your TV screen
  6. Click on connect
  7. Sign in to your cable provider’s network account
  8. Click submit to activate it

Wait for a couple of seconds for your cable provider’s network to confirm your login to grant you access to Foxnews channels on your Amazon Fire TV

Activate FoxNews on Android TV

Foxnews channels support Android TV to download and watch Fox news live.

  1. Download and install the FoxNews app on Android TV from the Google play store
  2. Click on the app to activate it and take note of the Fox news activation code
  3. Open your browser on phone or computer and go to
  4. Select your cable provider’s network from the list
  5. Enter the Foxnews activate activation code for Android TV
  6. Click on the connect button
  7. Sign in to your account on the cable provider’s network you selected above

Now, wait for the network to validate your login information. Once it’s confirmed the Foxnews channels will be activated on your Android TV.

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