How to Update Blackberry KEY2 Software to ACB168

It’s good news to all Blackberry KEY2 users. The BB KEY2 update ACB168 now available for upgrade. If you using Blackberry KEY2 the new OS update featuring the latest Google Android security patches to improve the device security measures and improve the phone performance.

If you have been part of the Crackberry forum, you’d get to know about the Blackberry KEY2 ACB168 update and the solution to fix “Web page not available” on Blackberry Hub +.

Blackberry KEY2 ACB168

Blackberry KEY2 Update File Size

This is a small update compared to the major update you see before. The total size of the ACB168 update is approximately 90MB. So, you do not necessarily need to connect to the WiFi to download the update. However, the update is not general yet so you might not see the new ACB168 update for your Blackberry KEY2.

The Blackberry KEY2 update is currently rolled out to North American users. Other countries to come any time soon. The update is not also for all Blackberry KEY2 users in the said location.

To know whether your Blackberry KEY2 will get the update check the list of the available Blackberry KEY2 that are getting the update right now. Only the listed Blackberry KEY2 will get the ACB168 update in North America and others will get their update later.

Update to ACB168 on Blackberry KEY2

The more reason why you have to update to the latest Blackberry KEY2 ACB168 include the new security patches for Android security released by Google for the August update. The only way to get this update is to check for the update if you are in the selected region and see if your device is qualified to get it at this time.

Blackberry KEY2 ACB168 Software Update

If you want to upgrade your Blackberry KEY2 OS to ACB168 new release kindly follow the procedures below.

  1. Go to your Blackberry KEY 2 settings
  2. Scroll down to system settings
  3. Click on the system update
  4. Check for update
  5. Click  on download and install

The update will start to download. This should take a few minutes after which your Blackberry KEY2 will restart and the software will be fully installed. However, if after you checked for update and it says no update available, then you have to wait for some time for the update to be rolled out in your location.

Note: If the update isn’t available in your region for now and you are keen to upgrade to it. You can use a VPN to change your location to the location where the Blackberry KEY2 ACB168 update is available and see if you can upgrade to it.

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