Unlimited Word Trip Coins for Free

Word trip coins. It cost a minimum of $0.99 to get paid coins for word trip game. So, do you pay for coins each time you ran out of coin or what? If you don’t want to pay for coins on word trip you can use the free coin feature without using any cheat such as completing a task, complete a level, through spins, watching videos, share with a friend, daily free coins, social free coin.

The truth is without cheat, you cannot get free coins on word trip game. All all the free coin per day is less than 200 coins. With 8 hints you 200 coins will be gone for good. And, you will have to start building the coin again until it reaches 20 coins. However, after a long time with word trip game I found a way to get unlimited free coins on word trip using social media.

Last time I was on India trip after I have successfully completed Australia trip. France, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, and Egypt are very easy to play without coins. If you have tried to play Canada, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Morroco, Peru, and some other countries trip you will end up using your entire coins. Meanwhile, the coins in the game make it easy to beat some hurdles and get the hint of words to spell.

Therefore, in this article, I am going to share my secret with on how I get unlimited word trip coins every day until I am tired for the day. However, this will make you lazy and you will want to get more free coins without cheat. If you have some working cheat to get double coins while playing word trip game don’t hesitate to drop it in the comment.

How to Get Unlimited Word Trip Coins for Free

Word Trip is an intelligent game. It’s more like Scrabble. A word is given and you will be asked to form some words from the words. With coins, some difficult level can be apprehended. So, here now I am going to show you how to get unlimited coins playing word trip again. Here we’d use Facebook to earn unlimited coins without cheat

To get unlimited word trip coins

1. Click on settings and select “DataSync

Unlimited Word Trip Coins

2. Click on “Connect” to connect to your Facebook account

Unlimited Word Trip Coins

3. Click “Continue” to let word cookie access your Facebook. You can change the settings from the edit.

Unlimited Word Trip Coins

4. Click “OK” after success, connected to Facebook.

Unlimited Word Trip Coins

You will be given at least 50 coins for free. Now, you need to remove this app from your Facebook. Please do not click disconnect so that word trip will not stop you from ripping the unlimited coins.

Disconnect Word Trip Access From Within Facebook App

The best way to handle this is to remove the word trip app from access your Facebook account via the FB app settings.

To remove word trip app from Facebook, Open Facebook App >> Three horizontal line >> Account settings >> Apps >> Logged in with Facebook >> Word cookies >> Remove >> Remove >> Done.

Once you have removed word cookies from your Facebook account close the Facebook app and relaunch word trip app and you will discover that you have been disconnected from Facebook login.

How to Get Unlimited Word Trip Coins

Repeat the two processes above over and over again until you are tired of getting to get more coins for free and without cheat. Coupling this technique with other freebie coins given by the app you can enjoy unlimited coins on word trip game without using a cheat.

Note: Sometimes, you may have to restart your phone after the first Facebook coins and start over again.

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