How to Buy a Domain Name For Your Business [Blog]

It cost a minimum of $10 above to get a domain name and a maximum of $15 to buy a domain name for your business when you convert how much it cost to get a high-level domain name for your business if not auction or premium domain. You can get a free domain name for free from websites like 1and1 domain registrar for the first year before start paying for a domain of your choice.

1and1 is good for a starter who wants to move from hosting websites like or However, a domain name like this doesn’t prove and truly defined a company brand.

However, if you own a business you want to expand and bring to the world of internet, a brand name popularly called domain name is first to reckon with before even considering to buy a hosting from the best hosting company.

If don’t have a website yet and you’re planning on how to buy a domain name from domain registrars and what are the requirement to buy your first ever domain name, this post will consist of everything you need to know to buy and renew your domain name.

Buy a Domain Name

How do You Buy a Domain Name

You must have asked yourself this question several “how do you buy a domain name” and how do people buy domains and retain it until the domain expires.

Getting a new or renewing an existing domain name requires you to register your new domain name or the old one that is tending toward the expire time with an organization offering domain registration popularly called domain registrar.

Most domain name registrar also offers a hosting service as part of their services. However, domain registrar and hosting company like Hawkhost offers the best hosting service.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Domain Name

The price of a domain name can go as high as $25,000 for a premium domain name and can go as low as $10 to register any random domain name. Domain price ranges from .com, .net, .org, .club, .cc, ….. However, for a beginner, Namecheap offers the cheapest domain name for $10 for a none premium domain while domain registrar like Hostgator, GoDaddy, 1and1, and many others go for at least $14 for a random domain name.

That is, you can buy a domain name for $10 if you choose to go for Namecheap and $15 Max. for other registrars for a none premium domain name. But for premium domain names, the price per domain can be as high as $100,000 for the first year while after the first year the renewal price will drop to $14 dollar or $10 dollar.

Meanwhile, if you choose to buy an expired domain from auction websites, the price will actually vary and different from when you want to buy a fresh domain name. Hostgator and GoDaddy is a good website to search for a list of expired domains. And if you are smart enough to do the searching yourself you can use to scan for ranking domains that have expired.

The problem with an expired domain name is that you can’t tell whether it has been disindexed by Google if you don’t do a thorough link scaling to make sure the domain name is safe from Google manual action.

Google domain name is also not bad. If you have an experience with blogger platform you will understand that Google also offers a domain registration. Google domain name registration costs more than other domain registrars yet they work the same way.

How to Buy a Domain Name

Before you choose any domain registrar to buy your domain name from you need to have the following ready and move to your choice of domain name registrar to buy it and change the DNS to your hosting DNS if you hosting is different from your domain registrar. However, for Blogspot, it follows a different route to point domain name in Blogspot.

1. Pick a domain name that best describes your website purpose but don’t choose an exact match domain name as this no longer relevant in Google SEO ranking factor.

2. Decide a domain registrar to go with and take a random review about the domain registrar to avoid bad service that can ruin your business overnight

3. Decide your means of payment before you proceed to fill the domain name registration form. Few of the most popular payment methods for registering domain names are PayPal, Payoneer, Credit and Debit Cards, and Bitcoin.

4. Select individual if you are registering the domain name as an individual otherwise organization if you are registering on behalf of an organization or a client.

5. Click continue and confirm your registration.

After the above steps, your domain registrar will forward an email to your registered Gmail account for confirmation and after sometimes you will be asked to verify your payment method if you use a credit and debit card as a means of payment.

Once you have successfully done this your domain name will be fully registered but will not be available yet for your visitors. However, before your website will start functioning you need a hosting service to host your website for you.

In conclusion, try as much as possible to buy a domain name for your business from the best domain registrar and always go for a domain name that best defined the purpose of your website.

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