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YGDP Tool Download

YGDP tool is used to flash CPB custom ROM on all versions of Android phones. The YGDP is the simplest tool to flash a special custom ROM on any Android device. The simplicity of the YGDP tool requires download and install YGDP on a computer and connect the Android device you want to flash a custom or stock firmware on and hit flash option in the YGDP tool.

The small utility tool, YGDP, is a Windows tool to flash a stock ROM on Android in .CPB extension different from other custom ROMs. The utility tool works on all Windows OS including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

YGDP is a flashing tool to flash a custom ROM on all Android using a computer with Windows OS installed.


YGDP Tool Password

The flashing tool YGDP has a default password required to flashing a stock ROM or stock firmware on any Android. However, they’re two different passwords to flash a CPB custom firmware on Android.

When you want to flash the custom ROM and it requires a password to validate the flashing enter either of the passwords 9527 or 369.

The two passwords work fine. However, if the first password didn’t work try to use the second password 369 and it’ll work fine.

YGDP Tool Unique Features

  • It allows Android users to flash a custom or stock ROM on Android device in .CPB format
  • YGDP is an exceptional tool that supports all Android devices. Irrespective of your Android OS version the YGDP flashing tool works with it
  • It works on all Windows OS. There is no exceptional Windows OS it doesn’t work on. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
  • It is a tool to flash a PreResouce image file (.img) on your Android device. When you have a PreResouce image file you want to flash on Android phone there is no need to download another tool for flashing it. With the YGDP tool, you can flash a .img on Android
  • For a  Qualcomm based smartphone or tablet, you can use the YGDP to check the phone fuse info, eMMC CID, instrument info, and other device information.

How to Install YGDP Tool

We’ll provide a link to download YGDP custom ROM or stock ROM flashing tool latest version for Windows OS. However, following the procedures below is how to install the stock ROM flashing tool.

  • Download TGDP utility from any of the links below. Always download the latest version
  • Unzip the utility tool
  • Launch the utility tool from the unzipped folder
  • Enter the default password (You can change the password later)

How to Flash a .CPB ROM on Android

Here is how to flash a stock or custom ROM on any Android phone with the help of YGDP utility tool for Windows.

  • Load the custom or stock ROM on YGDP utility tool
  • Connect your Android to your computer using a USB cable
  • Wait until the custom ROM is fully loaded
  • Click on start to begin flashing the stock ROM on your phone

Be very careful not to disturb your phone during the flashing process so that you will not get your phone sucked. It takes few minutes to flash a CPB ROM on Android with the YGDP tool.

Download YGDP Tool All Versions

Here is the direct link to download the YGDP utility tool. All versions are shared.

YGDP Flash Tool

YGDP Flash Tool Setup v2.13Download
YGDP Flash Tool Setup v3.31Download
YGDP Flash Tool Setup v3.83Download
YGDP Flash Tool Setup v3.93Download
YGDP Flash Tool Setup v3.97Download
YGDP Flash Tool Setup v3.98Download
YGDP Flash Tool Setup v4.01Download
YGDP Flash Tool Setup v4.03Download
YGDP Flash Tool Setup v4.06Download
YGDP Flash Tool Setup v5.00Download

If there is any of the YGDP tool links that is broken kindly let us know so that we can update it.

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