How to Boost Android Volume with a Glass Cup (Vase)

Speaker booster app rocks when you want to increase your Android volume above 100℅. The first media player to do this on PC is VLC. You can increase your computer volume up to 500% with VLC media player. For Android devices, you either use a speaker booster app or an external speaker such as Bluetooth speaker to boost the volume of your Android volume like Kenwood.

However, over time I have done some crazy stuff increasing the volume of my Android device with mouth an external speaker, or speaker booster app for Android phone.

These tricks are tested and trusted. Meanwhile, a handy way to boost your device speaker above 100% is with VLC media payer for Android phones when you want to use a media player for movies. However, for music, this feature isn’t recommended because the max level for the volume is pegged at 100%.

You can also use speaker booster app for Android phone. For this article, I’ll document how to boost your Android volume with a glass cup, how to increase Android volume output with washing hand basin in the toilet and how to use the speaker booster app to increase the volume of your phone to any level of your choice.

How to Use Glass Cup as a Speaker Booster

This is one of the trending tutorials of all time on YouTube. This do-it-yourself home guide only needs a glass cup to boost your Android or iOS device volume output.

To boost your smartphone speaker output above a 100%, get a clean glass cup whose width-size is bigger than your phone width-size so that the phone can enter into it without forcing it to.

Speaker Booster

Now, go to music and play the music you want to loud above-normal volume without using an external speaker or app to boost the speaker volume. Make sure you put the music in repeat all or repeat playing music or not repeat at all so that you will not have to repeat the process again.

Now, turn the phone into a vertical position and put the phone into the glass cup with the speaker section going into the glass cup first.

Instantly, the volume will change and the speaker level will sound as if you were connected to an external speaker and it will look like a local speaker made with a pot.

Boost Smartphones Volume with Washing hand Basin

This is quite funny, yet, it works like magic. However, the negative part of this procedure is that you stand the chance of splashing water on your phone if care is not taken. And if your phone is not water resistance kindly do not take it into the bathroom.

However, during laundry, you can use this to boost your Android volume without stalking your phone with series of speaker booster’s app.

To now boost your phone with a washing hand basin in the restroom or bathroom, go to phone gallery or music gallery and play with either the default media player or VLC and increase the volume.

Now, place the speaker flat inside the washing hand basin with the screen facing up and the external speaker facing the water escape and see how the volume will boom.

Speaker Booster

This doesn’t have a negative effect on your phone external speaker since the speaker’s space is not totally blocked so there is no reason to be panic that the output will re-vibrate back into the device.

How to Boost Android Volume with Speaker Booster

The above procedures work perfectly while the use of speaker booster is handier and it doesn’t like to cause a home accident. The use of glass vase could lead to the breaking of the glass vase and phone screen if mistakenly fallen down.

The use of washing hand basin could as well go wrong when you’ve have forgotten that you have your phone in the basin while you switch on the water source.

Speaker booster

However, the only procedure that could not go wrong boosting your Android volume is using an external speaker or Bluetooth speaker or even a speaker booster app for Android devices.

Download Speaker Booster App

There is numerous volume booster app in the play store with similar functions to bypass volume limit on Android devices. However, the best I have used to bypass volume limit is called “speaker boost”. It’s a play store app so you are safe to download and there is no risk attached to download it. It’s virus free and certified by Google play store verified feature.

Speaker Booster

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