How to Remove Unwanted App Using ES Task Manager

The best system app remover for an Android phone is ES File Explorer. Back in the days of Symbian phones, ES file Explorer was a popular app. We use it to copy apps from phone storage to MicroSD, to unzip apps on Symbian phones, and do a lot.

When Android OS came, we all forget the good old time memories of what we used to do having ES File Explorer app installed on our Symbian phone. However, the best is still found using ES File Explorer like “download WhatsApp status” without using WhatsApp statuses downloader.

By default, you can remove apps from your Android phone in various ways. The easiest way to deleted unwanted apps on your Android phone is to press and hold the app in the apps menu and drag it to the trash icon to the center top of the app menu.

This procedure creates caches on your phone and the caches are not clear automatically. However, another and suitable way to uninstall apps on all Android phone is to go to the app settings to uninstall after which you need to clear the app caches. If you don’t know how to clear caches on Android phones please refer to this guide on how to delete caches on Android phones.

To uninstall apps from an Android phone go to the phone settings click on apps under device option, tap on the app you want to uninstall and then click on “Uninstall”. 

Note: You need to force stop some apps to uninstall them.

ES File Explorer the best System App Remover

Most system app remover requires root access to use them. And if you scare to violate your phone’s warrant, it may be difficult for you to want to try any APK system app to remove apps on your phone. However, with ES File Explorer Android app you will have direct access to system app remover without rooting access.

Firstly, if you don’t have ES File Explorer installed on your phone.

To uninstall apps on an Android phone using ES File Explorer as the system app remover launch the Explorer click on the menu to the top-left, click on “tools, click on system manager and then click on install “ES Task Manager”.

System app remover

Navigate back to File Explorer and click on “System Manager” to open “ES Task Manager”.  Click on menu and click on “App Manager”, select the app you want to uninstall and click on “Uninstall” from the popup.

System App Remover

And finally, click on the “do you want to uninstall apps” to begin removing the app from your devices.

To remove more than one apps at a time navigate to “App Manager” press and hold the app you want to “remove” and tick as many as you want and click on “Uninstall” button to the bottom left of the “ES Task Manager” app and click “OK” from the popup to begin the selected app remover.

System app remover

If you mistakenly click to remove the wrong app you can cancel it when ES task manager popup option to delete or not.

I purposely share this trick to replace the APK system app remover which requires a root access to use. With this, there is no root access required. Kindly join the discussion in the comment section.

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