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How to Redeem Valid Google Promo Codes

Google offers promo codes in form of an incentive to purchase apps directly from Google play store. Just like Google offers Adwords codes, they also offered Google store code. The way they make Adwords codes available to almost all webmasters, they do not make Google store codes available in such a manner. However, if you have a valid Google store code you want to redeem, here is a post on how to redeem valid Google promo codes.

Not all Google codes are valid. Some people generate fake Google play store codes and claim that they are valid. The Google play promo codes are given as a free gift and some times, you can get it from a friend who is ready to sell the codes. Once you get the codes all you need to do is redeem it to make a purchase in Google play store.

The only way to valid Google store promo code is when you opt in for paid apps in play store and or when Google choose to let you have a taste of it. Rather than using your credit or debit card to pay for apps in play store you can use the Google store codes once redeemed to make your purchase.

Here in this post, you will get to know Valid Google store redeem code procedure in less than 5 steps and without wasting your precious time.

How to Get Google Promo Code

There are various ways to get play store codes and it depends on how Google choose to make it happen. Most times, it’s like a gift card just like Amazon card.

The following ways are possibly the best way to get a valid Google promo codes you can redeem to make a purchase in play store.

  • You can get Google promo codes from a friend
  • You can take a survey without download to get promo codes
  • You can get one as a gift from Google
  • You can get it as a giveaway from users who want to promote their websites
  • You can also get Google store valid promo code when you purchase many paid apps from Google store in form of compensation
  • Google can give out promo code in form of incentives.
  • Some people sell their own promo code if they have one and they are not interested in using it.

The means to get valid Google promo codes continue but there are some ways which you cannot get Google promo codes.

  • You cannot hack Google promo codes
  • Multiple users cannot use single promo codes

Now that you know the possible ways of getting valid Google promo codes, below is the exact match procedure to redeem valid Google promo codes if you have one from a reliable source.

How to Redeem Valid Google Promo Codes

Here we provide the exact match procedure to follow to redeem valid Google store promo codes. Note that you can only do this when your promo code is still unused.

Fire up your browser and log in to your Google play store account. To the left of the page click on  redeem 

Redeem valid Google store promo codes

A new window will pop up. Enter the promo codes you want to redeem and click on redeem.

How to redeem valid Google Promo codes

It’s of advise that you copy and paste the promo codes to avoid mistakes. Typing the promo codes may lead to typo-error which you may want to avoid.

How to Redeem Valid Google Store Promo Codes

The same procedure can be followed on your smartphone to redeem your free gift Google promo codes to purchase paid apps from Google. Here is what you should do.

Fire up Google play store app on your smartphone and click on the 3-vertical line to the upper left of the app page as shown below.

How to redeem valid Google promo codes

Then, click on Redeem below account option.

How to redeem valid Google promo codes

Copy and paste your Google promo codes and click on REDEEM  button to redeem your promo codes.

How to redeem valid Google promo codes

Note: It’s one user per promo codes.

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With this procedure, you can redeem thousands of Google valid promo codes without any problem. But you must always remind yourself that you cannot use used promo code. You are only allowed to use unused promo codes,

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