How to cancel HBO in less than a minute

After Game of Thrones is over, HBO expects you not to cancel, but stay for the rest of the offer.

HBO isn’t really cheap and is billed at $15 a month. However, it’s worth it for some of the great shows there are to see. These encompass Game of Thrones, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Chernobyl.

When you’re ready to leave HBO behind, it’s not necessarily as easy as you think. There are several routes to subscribe to HBO. If you have HBO and HBO Go, you must cancel directly through your cable/satellite provider (Dish, DirecTV, etc.).

How to cancel HBO in less than a minute

For those who have an online subscription-only for HBO through HBO Now, things are not as easy as Netflix’s services. Unlike Netflix, you will be able to subscribe to HBO through various online service providers, including Hulu, Amazon App Store, Apple App Store, Google Play, and Roku. The list continues.

How long is the HBO trial period, and what are my benefits?

Most subscription providers do offer new subscribers a free trial period, which is usually a week. The test duration varies depending on the supplier.

During your test, you can stream all HBO shows (each season, episode) and blockbuster films. If you enjoy HBO NOW, don’t do anything, and your subscription will automatically renew every month. You can cancel and renew at any time if you want to return.

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When and how much will HBO charge me?

When your free trial begins, you’ll need to have a payment method to continue your subscription after your trial ends. If you’re unpaid for your payment method during the trial period, it’s likely an authorization block.

After your free trial, you will be billed each month by your billing provider until you cancel your subscription. For information on when your subscription will be renewed, see When will my subscription automatically renew?

If you have any inquiries about subscription fees, please contact your billing provider. For information about billing your subscription, see View billing information.

Which devices work with HBO NOW?

After subscribing, you can stream HBO NOW on any compatible device. To watch HBO NOW on your TV, download and install the HBO NOW app and log in to your existing or new HBO NOW subscribed account.

Am I still qualified for a free trial if I use a gift card?

If you are a new customer and renew your subscription with a credit card (after your gift card subscription expires), you may get a free trial.

How do I cancel my trial version?

To avoid being charged by HBO NOW for the first month, cancel your subscription 24 hours before the end of your free trial. If you cancel, you can continue the transfer until the end of your test.

How to cancel or stop HBO Now through your provider

The first thing to do is to find out who you signed up for with the service. You may already know this, but those who have had HBO Now may have forgotten exactly how it has been set up for years.

How to cancel HBO in less than a minute

To check over the internet:

  • Connect to
  • Click Settings at the top right.
  • Click Billing Information.

A new screen opens with the message “Your HBO Now subscription is billed via X.”

To check through the application:

  • Open the HBO Now app.
  • Click the burger menu in the top left corner.
  • Click Settings at the bottom of the menu list.
  • In the configuration, select invoice information.
  • A new screen appears: “Your HBO Now subscription is billed via X.”
  • Once you have determined who has billed, you will find specific instructions for each supplier directly through HBO.

How to cancel HBO in less than a minute

For those lucky enough to subscribe directly through HBO (which wasn’t always an option), canceling is much easier. We will then show you how to cancel HBO Now on the HBO website.

How to cancel HBO if you are registered directly through the HBO Now website

To cancel HBO Now on your computer:

  • Connect to (if you are not already signed in).
  • Go to Settings> Billing Information.
  • Turn off the automatic renewal switch and confirm the change.
  • Here. Here you can find out when your service will last run. If you don’t return and pay, it will simply be canceled.

As expected, the mobile app method is somewhat different.

  • Open the HBO NOW app on your phone or tablet (and log in if necessary).
  • Tap the burger menu and go to Settings >> Billing Information.
  • You now click on “Unsubscribe” to open a website.
  • The new website has an automatic update button that you have to deactivate and confirm.
  • Here you can find out when your service will last run. If you don’t return and pay, it will simply be canceled.


Your subscription to HBO Now will be canceled here! Of course, you can continue to use it during your current billing cycle, and it’s relatively easy to register again if you choose one of the latest HBO shows.

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