UTSA Blackboard: A Step by step guide on UTSA Blackboard & ASAP.

UTSA Blackboard login is the University of Texas at San Antonio login for students and staff. In this article, you will learn everything about UTSA login Blackboard for students and staff. This UTSA login will explain in detail such as how to register UTSA login, how to submit assignments on your UTSA user profile, how to send email to UTSA Blackboard admin, how to find your UTSA Blackboard course, and many more.

This guide is UTSA Blackboard login and profile management encyclopaedia article that will teach you everything you need to know about the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) login and UTSA Blackboard degree work, UTSA class schedule, ASAP UTSA, how to access UTSA library online, and many more like UTS football, UTSA mail.

UTSA Blackboard School History

UTSA was founded in 1969 and is the 3rd largest university in Texas. That is a big name and it means UTSA admission list will accommodate a lot of applicants. And the University of Texas at San Antonio currently holds a huge volume of the number of students of not less than 31,000.

For decades ago, the UTSA regional economic was valued $1.2 billion and create $2.9 billion through the Institute for Economic Development (IED) in a direct financial effect throughout Texas.

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) for the past few decades dominate the largest direct financial effect according to records. The UTSA admits students only on merit and evaluates students performance to standards.UTSA Blackboard

UTSA Blackboard Online Portal

UTSA.blackboard.com is an online web portal for UTSA students and staff to log in to their UTSA students account, view assignments, attends to it and submit via the same platform. The UTSA web portal allows students to partake in many school activities such as UTSA football and view of courses in their course of study.

Any UTSA student holding MYUTSA ID and password to UTSA.blackboard.com web portal can view UTSA class schedule, have direct access to UTSA students resources such as the textbook title for each course, students manual, and many more, have access to UTSA faculty resources and contact UTSA admin via mail.

What is MYUTSA Blackboard?

MYUTSA is a system that streamlines communication between students and UTSA Blackboard workers (staff). It’s a platform that allows students to send a message to a fellow student, student to send a message to a group of students, UTSA student to send a message to an instructor, instructor to send a message to a student or a group of students on UTSA.blackboard.com web portal.

All UTSA Blackboard login account has access to use UTSA MYUTSA and view incoming messages from UTSA instructors (including admins) and fellow students.

Benefits of UTSA Blackboard

The benefits of UTSA Blackboard is not countable. As we can only mention a few. But when you apply for UTSA Blackboard login and your application is approved you will derive more benefits than the ones that we’ll highlight here.

  • Streamlined communication via UTSA
  • Blackboard online make it easy for students to learn at the comfort of their zones. 
  • UTSA students and instructors can access UTSA.blackboard.com from anywhere in the world to attend to UTSA assignments.
  • File sharing is easy
  • UTSA grading system is so easy that instructors have little to do grading students performances.
  • Keep an electronic grade book
  • UTSA Blackboard students do not need to go to UTSA classroom before taking and submit assignments, course work, group work, etc as this is done electronically.
  • Modern education system
  • One location for students & teachers for easy communication
  • Access to UTSA Library services
  • UTSA Blackboard students have access to academic support


UTSA ASAP is web portal for UTSA Blackboard freshman, transferred, and transient students to, mainly, check their admission status. The main purpose of USTA ASAP is to help students perform some tasks that students need not contact their instructors or management before they can carry it out on their own.

The popular use of the UTSA ASAP for fresh and returning students includes; 

  • Check your admission status.
  • Check your Rowdy Ready status.
  • Reserve your Orientation session.
  • Review and accept your financial aid award.
  • Register for testing.
  • You can check your grades.
  • Register for classes.
  • Review any holds on your account.
  • Pay your UTSA bill with a credit card or via waiver.
  • Apply for graduation.

UTSA Blackboard Admission

This is the moment for UTSA Blackboard registration. The management system springtime registration starts October 21, 2019, and will close January 10 for 2020. Do not miss this!

However, UTSA Blackboard admission is divided into three different categories;

  1. Undergraduate
  2. Graduate
  3. International

Apple for UTSA Undergraduate Admission

If you are aspiring to join the UTSA undergraduate list you need to apply when the admission is ongoing and get picked to pursue your dream course.

  1. Create an “ApplyTexas Account” first here to start to commit your future.
  2. Take note of your UTSA applicant myUTSA ID and password
  3. Sign in to your UTSA applicant account
  4. Create a “new 4-year university undergraduate admission application”
  5. Select “The University of Texas at San Antonio” as your “Target University”
  6. Select your “Application type” as (i). Freshman application (ii). Transfer application and (iii). Transient application.
  7. You will be asked to pay a non-refunded fee of $70. You can pay that using your credit or debit card. You can also use a Check/Money order, fee waiver request, or by online payment.
  8. And lastly, forward your transcript and test score to UTSA Office of Undergraduate Admissions before admission closes.

Check your myUTSA Undergraduate Admission Status

You need to find out whether your UTSA undergraduate application is approved after you have fulfilled all righteousness by paying a non-refundable fee of $70 as UTSA admission fee, submitted your transcript and test score before the admission closes.

  1. Login to UTSA ASAP
  2. Navigate to “Future Roadrunner tab” in the main menu
  3. Click “Check your Admission Status”
  4. Click “Display Applications link”
  5. Select your admission term to know whether you have been given admission or not.

UTSA ASAP admission term looks like this; Fall 2018; Spring 2019. This depends on when you applied.

Apply for UTSA Blackboard Graduate Admission

If you are done with the basic and you want to further master a specific field, you will be given an open arm to apply for UTSA graduate admission.

  1. Go to the UTSA graduate admission web portal
  2. Click on the “Apply Now” button
  3. Click the “Register” button
  4. Fill out the myUTSA graduate registration form
  5. Go to your email and claim your myUTSA login and password
  6. During UTSA graduate application you will need to a non-refundable fee for domestic applications of $50 or an International Application Fee$90.
  7. Fill the application form, select UTSA as your choice of university, submit your transcripts and test score.

For information on the University of Texas at San Antonio graduate admission contact GraduateAdmissions@utsa.edu

Check UTSA Graduate Admission Status

Do not be confused with your UTSA graduate admission status when you can easily check through the UTSA ASAP graduate portal.

  • Log into https://asap.utsa.edu (I will advise you to use a web browser on your computer)
  • Select the “Student Services” tab
  • Select the “Admissions” link
  • Select the “Display Application” link
  • Choose your current application term (i.e. summer 2019, fall 2020, spring 2021) depending on when you applied
  • Click view your Admission’s status

Once you clicked on the view your admission’s status tab you will see your admission status information. If your UTSA admission is declined you will know. If approved you will see it there. And if there is no admission process yet you will also know.

myUTSA Blackboard Learning

If the moment you have been waiting is the “myUTSA Blackboard”, you are finally there.

  1. Know the time myUTSA registration is ongoing and apply. 
  2. Access myUTSA Portal Blackboard via my.utsa.edu.
  3. This web portal contains very detailed information you need about UTSA and your studentship which include UTSA students resources, faculty/staff resources, and library resources.
  4. During myUTSA registration you will be given myUTSA ID and password to sign in to UTSA Blackboard online web portal

UTSA Blackboard Students Login

Now that you have applied for UTSA admission you can log in to check your admission status or login to register your course or take a test as a returning student of the University of Texas at San Antonio via www.utsa.blackboard.com.

  1. Open your browser and go to UTSA students web portal at sso-cas.it.utsa.edu
  2. Enter “myUSTA ID and “Passphrase (password)
  3. Click “Login” in the blue icon.

Note: The Unversity of Texas at San Antonio has upgraded its UTSA students login web portal. Unlike before, you have to select “UTSA Blackboard” from a drop-menu to select your UTSA login before you can access the student portal. All you just need to do now is go to the UTSA students web portal and login to your student account.

After you have logged into your UTSA Blackboard portal there are a lot of things you can lay your hands upon to make things easier for you such as course registration, UTSA class schedule, download and upload UTSA assignment, etc.

UTSA Blackboard Password Reset

UTSA Blackboard school makes a complete provision for students to study at ease and use the utsa.blackboard.com web portal without stress. You don’t have to bother yourself with the stress of UTSA Blackboard password reset.

  1. Go to UTSA Blackboard passphrase portal
  2. Select “Reset your Passphrase”
  3. Enter “myUTSA ID” (not banner ID)
  4. Enter your UTSA profile (linked) cell phone number
  5. Enter ” Non-UTSA Email Address”
  6. Click “Submit”
  7. A UTSA password reset code will be sent to your cell phone and email address
  8. Enter your myUTSA user ID
  9. Enter the passcode
  10. Click “Submit”

An instruction to reset your UTSA student login password will be sent to your phone number and email.

Unable to Reset UTSA Blackboard Password

If you are unable to reset your UTSA login password or user ID, navigate to your UTSA profile and fill your phone number and email address. 

How to view your Grades

If the semester has to an end and you have taken the end of the semester exams, you would want to know what your grades look like. For that, as a student, you can view your grades to know where to buckle up next semester.

  1. Sign in your UTSA Blackboard student account
  2. Click on “Institution” 
  3. Click on “My Grades”
  4. Click on the course title or “my tools”
  5. Boom!

Your course grades on one page will appear. Now, proceed to click on individual course to view the details of your grade per course.

Contact UTSA Blackboard

For quick response from UTSA managements about UTSA admission and other related information contact UTSA.

Location: Multidisciplinary Studies Building (MS) MS 4.01.76

Office Hours: onday – Friday (8 A.M. – 5 P.M.)

Contact US: Phone: (210) 458-4331

Fax: (210) 458-4332

Graduate Admissions Questions
Email: GraduateAdmissions@utsa.edu

To Submit Electronic Documents:
Email: graduate.documents@utsa.edu

We believe we covered everything you need to know about UTSA Blackboard login as a student on utsa.blackboard.com and as a fresher. If there is anything you would love to know more, kindly leave a message and you will get a response as soon as possible.

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