What Does Report Spam on WhatsApp Means

What does report spam on WhatsApp means, and how do you report someone or reverse an already sent report? Discover all you need here.

There are several ways to filter your conversations with people on WhatsApp. If someone keeps sending offensive, hateful, or obscene content that you are not familiar with, you can block or report it using WhatsApp.

You can even do both. We have a guide on how to block people on WhatsApp and what happens next. This article will tell you everything that happens when you report someone on WhatsApp.

The report spam on WhatsApp feature was introduced around five years ago to help WhatsApp identify people using the instant messaging platform to spread spam and malicious content, rumours, fake news, misleading messages, etc., are examples of content that WhatsApp classifies as spam.

If you keep getting it from someone on WhatsApp, be sure to report it. If the spam content is distributed in a group chat, you can also report the group.

In the next section, we share what happens when you report someone or a group on WhatsApp.

The Report spam on WhatsApp option allows users to report and get rid of anything from unknown numbers to spam and unfair deals. However, users want to know what happens after they report a number. Is the number blocked? Does the user find out that it has been tagged? We’re here to answer these questions and more. So let’s go.

What does report spam on WhatsApp means

Can you View Reported Content on WhatsApp

You can report WhatsApp content through your contact form or user profiles. When WhatsApp is sent through the contact form, it can only see the content you provided. You can attach screenshots of the problem with the content form so that WhatsApp can better understand the problem.

However, if you reported an unknown number/contact/group/company from the account profile, WhatsApp will get the latest messages sent between you and the reported user. The number and duration of messages received from WhatsApp are not disclosed.

What Happens after a Number is Reported?

As soon as you have marked a number (not blocked), that contact will be removed from your contact list (if any). Also, the informed contact cannot find you in your contact list. Discussions are retained unless you also enable “Delete Discussions” when reporting the number.

Once the number has been reported, that number will be blocked on your WhatsApp account. You will no longer receive any personal messages or calls from the number. However, if you are in a group with that contact, the messages will still appear in the group.

Will a user be notified when I report them?

No, the notified user will not receive any indication that their number has been reported. The most important changes will be made by you, as mentioned above. However, the reported user can no longer find your contact on WhatsApp and therefore can no longer notify or call you.

Will a user be banned if I report them?

If you only notify one user, you will not be banned from WhatsApp. However, they will be banned from your account. So don’t worry if you accidentally reported your friend. Your account stays safe.

How can I recover incorrectly reported messages?

When you report a user for spam on WhatsApp, there is an option to delete all of their messages. Choosing this option will not only block the user from your account but also delete any messages sent between you and the user.

If you accidentally deleted the messages, there is a way to get them back, but only under very specific circumstances. As you know, WhatsApp backs up your chat history to Google Drive every day at 2:00 a.m. (unless it has been changed).

This means that discussions that took place before 2:00 a.m. will be saved. Teacher: From the current day, but those who performed until 2:00 a.m. Teacher: The next day has not yet been written over. So that you can restore the chats deleted today that have already been backed up, to check the backup details in the app, go to More> Settings> Chats> Chat Backup.

To recover accidentally deleted chats, first, unlock the blocked contact by going to More> Settings> Account> Privacy> Blocked Contacts. Tap the number you want to unblock and select “Unblock Contact”.

Now delete the WhatsApp app and reinstall it. When you set up your account, you will be asked if you want to restore your Chats backup. Select the last backup and finish installing the app. You should be able to see your deleted messages.

How do I cancel a spam report?

Unfortunately, once you’ve reported a user, there is no way to remove that report. However, as noted above, no action will be taken against them unless several other users have notified that user.

You can unblock the user using the above method and keep texting them.

What happens to a reported user?

When you report a user, their number is added to the WhatsApp watchlist. When WhatsApp receives multiple reports for a specific user, it will display the content that has been collected. In the event of a conviction, the reported user’s account will be temporarily blocked.

This suspension only lasts 24 hours. The suspended account will receive a notification informing them that their account has been temporarily suspended for violating the Terms of Service. No journalistic information was provided to the reported account.

If WhatsApp continues to receive reports against the same user after unblocking, their number can be permanently blocked.

The reporting function helps WhatsApp better regulate the content distributed through its channel. We hope this article has helped you better understand what happens when you report a user on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Terms of Use – Conclusion

WhatsApp help you to be safe on WhatsApp through our Terms of Use. Our terms of use state which activities are prohibited on WhatsApp. For example, submitting content (in status, profile pictures or posts) that is illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or that incites or encourages behaviour in an illegal or somewhat inappropriate violation of our Terms of Use. We will block a user if we believe they are violating our Terms of Use.

For more information on examples of activities that violate our Terms of Use, please see the Acceptable Use of Our Services section in our Terms of Use.

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