Download and Install Cartoon HD on Android, iOS, and Fix Cartoon HD not Working

Cartoon HD APK app download for Android, iOS, Windows phone, Windows, and Mac computer. Cartoon HD could be a better alternative to Showbox.

Don’t forget we reported Coto Movies APK as the first alternative to Showbox a few days ago. You can check out CotoMovies and how to download it.

However, if you are still looking for another free app to stream movies, TV shows, sport, and stream media online, here, I am introducing you to Cartoon HD app.

Cartoon HD is an app, a free app, to stream movies, TV shows, sports, download movies, favorite movies, and follow your favorite episodes on your smartphone.

It’s the latest streaming application to stream movies and watch a TV show on your Android, iOS, and Windows phones.

Here in this guide, we bring to you the links to download Cartoon HD APK on Android Cartoon HD iOS for iPhone, iPad, and iPod to you in this guide and how to install the Cartoon app on your Smartphone including Windows phone. Young lads best interest in watching cartoon cannot be neglected.

Most especially, Cartoons for kid program either online or on the TV show or Telemundo, your favorite cable channel.

Before now, to watch Cartoon, you will either search for it on YouTube or buy a video coverage of. But now, we had a lot of apps to watch Cartoon in HD on Android, iOS, PC, Windows phone, Mac computer, and even on Smart TV at home.

We want to help put a smile on your face by watching Cartoons on your phone with the Cartoon HD APK app for Android users.

This is a bit different from watch documentary on your TV or online. The Cartoon app for Android is strictly for showing Cartoons.

What is Cartoon HD APK App?

Before you download the Cartoon HD app, what is the app all about. What benefits will you derive from using the app to watch Cartoon on your smartphone?

Ok, let see from the other side. Note that, this app is different from Showbox. And it’s not alternative to Showbox APK.

Since the app is mainly for Cartoon, so you cannot compare it with Showbox or MovieBox. Neither can you compare it with the Popcorn Time TV app and website?

The Cartoon HD APK app is an app to watch and download Cartoons for both kids and adult all for free and without even registration. The app is specialized in letting users watch Cartoons in high definition online for free.

The app is as good as other apps use to watch movies online. While the app is for Cartoons lover, the other movies app are mainly to watch movies online.

Features of the Cartoon HD App

Here are some of the features that make the Cartoon HD app really popular like some apps to watch movies for free.

Cartoon HD APK

  • CartoonHD is totally free
  • You don’t need to register to use the app to watch and download Cartoons
  • CartoonHD is the best APK app to follow Cartoon Anime contents on your smartphone
  • There is no single restriction on using the Cartoon app on your phone. The total number of times you can watch your favorite Cartoon program on the app is not limited.
  • The new CartoonHD version can be used to stream contents without an internet connection
  • When a new update is rolled out it gives the APK app a boost and helps to fix some bugs that can lower the app credibilities.

Enable Unknown Sources

The CartoonHD is an APK app that cannot be downloaded from the Google play store. Thus, to install the app, since it’s not directly from the Google play store, device user must personally grant the access, and this is called the unknown sources in the Android security settings.

Go to Phone settings >> Click on Security >> Click on Unknown Sources  >> Tap on OK >> Done.

With this feature enabled you can download and install all APK app of your choice including the Cartoon HD APK app.

Download Cartoon HD APK

We earlier said that the Cartoon APK app isn’t available in the Google play store. And there is no magic to that can bring the Cartoon app to the play store except the developer turn it into a premium app by liaising with some Cartoon companies so that they grant the legal right to share their Cartoons.

1. Go to any APK site you do really trust and search for Cartoon HD APK to download. Some of the APK sites I often visit include Uptodown, APKhere, APKpure, APKmirror, and Cnet download.

2. Now, you can swipe down the notification tray to access the Cartoon app you downloaded from the APK site or go to your phone file manager and navigate to your phone download folder and find the CartoonHD.apk app there.

3. Click on the app and click on the install button to the bottom right as shown in the image below.

Install Cartoon HD

It may take like 5-8 seconds to finish installation depending on your phone processing unit. After that, launch the Cartoon app from your phone app menu and go to your favorite category to search for your favorite Cartoon and sit down to enjoy.

You can also use the search feature to search for Cartoons by name and even with the name of the writer or producer.

Cartoon HD Not Working

What would you do when the Cartoon HD app stopped working and you stopped streaming Cartoon on your phone? Let me quickly explain this to you.

Cartoon HD not working

On so many occasion the Cartoon HD stop streaming even when you are running the latest 2018 version or 2019 version. However, restart your phone at times fix the not streaming error when it started to work. But, what other means can you follow to fix not streaming error on the Cartoon app when you can’t afford to restart your smartphone?

Here is what to do to fix it very quickly…

Clear the Cartoon HD app caches…

Clear Cartoon HD Caches

Here is a step by step procedures to clear the app caches and get the app working again.

  • Open your Android phone settings.
  • Go to Applications manager or Apps or Apps manager.
  • Click on the Cartoon HD app icon.
  • First, tap on the Cartoon HD icon and then tap “clear cache” and “clear data” buttons.
  • Now, run the Cartoon HD app and it will start working.

Note: In some cases, you may need to access the storage section under the option that says force to stop or disable to access the cached file on your Android.

Now, you can start to enjoy the Cartoon HD APK app on your smartphone. Do not forget to leave a comment below if you are facing any issue streaming your favorite Cartoon movie.

Cartoon HD iOS for iPhone without Jailbreaking

Cartoon HD app is not restricted to Android users alone. iPhone, iPad, and iPod users can also be part of the free app to start to stream movies for free on their iOS devices.

However, if you want to use the Cartoon HD iOS for iPhone, iPad, and iPad, here is a quick guide to installing the CartoonHD iOS on your iOS devices.

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