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When it comes to torrents, Yify, is among the best torrent sites with quality contents that can be trusted. Yify has a good intent to share 720p and 1080p quality movies. There are a lot of torrent sites such as torrentz, 1337x, extra torrents, Rarbg, but Yify, stand out among them. The popular Yify proxy site is known for downloading movies. However, the Yify torrent site is known for the best movies quality in 720p and 1080p for maximum clarity when viewing on PC, Tv, and on Smartphones.

The torrent site also gives unbeatable movies and films caption with multiple languages. The torrent site is popular among users who have passions for HD movies over SD. It’s not that the torent site doesn’t upload SD movies but it’s best known for its HD movies. The 2010 torrent site became so popular that the domain name,, which was the first torrent site domain name was censored by the government and banned for sharing contents it doesn’t have the right over.

This implies that the cannot be accessed in the office, at school, even at work and on public ISP. However, this now results to different proxy and mirror sites for the torrent sites to function and in other not to disappoint its million users.

Since the official site domain name is banned to access contents on this torrent site it means that you have to use the site mirror sites hosting the same quality HD contents and 720p and 1080p movies.


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How to Unblock Yify

In some country, there is no way you can access this proxy site most especially on a public computer. However, instead of abandoning this proxy site and think of proxy sites like Rarbg as an alternative, you can use a proxy, Tor browser, Yify browser, and VPN to hide your identity online.

Tor Browser

To start, Tor browser is 100% secure to maintain a low key while dealing with online privacy. If you don’t want your activities to be noted online most especially in a country where it’s prohibited to use such service you can download Tor browser, configure it and surf the internet anonymously.

I have previously published an article on how to configure Tor browser to remain untraced and search history uncached on Android.


VPN is called virtual private network. This means that when you have VPN enabled you will be able to hide your real IP address and mask your location to a different IP address making it difficult for both private and public body to trace your real location.

There is a paid and free VPN. If you can afford a paid VPN it really worth. However, you can use OperaVPN which is available in all app store for your OS.

You can also use browsers VPN for free. Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers have a VPN extension to hide your identity online. Check out this collection of VPN extensions.

Yify Browser

The torrent site has its own browser to search and download movies from the websites without using a third-party browser. However, to stay secure and play safely in a country where you are not allowed to use the service you may still need to use VPN.

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However, there is a way to install browsers extensions on a mobile browser. This guide I have shared in my previous article. You can check it out so that you will be able to install the best VPN for PC extension on your phone to protect your online identity. How to install Computer extensions on mobile.

List of top 50 Best Yify Proxy sites 2018

Here are the top 50 proxy sites in 2018 to download movies.

Proxy  Speed
Appspot Proxy Excellent
Glype Proxy Excellent Excellent Normal Fast Fast Excellent Excellent Excellent Fast Excellent Excellent Normal
YIFY Movies Proxy Slow
YIFY Torrent Proxy Normal Excellent Excellent Excellent
YTS Movies Proxy Slow
YTS Proxy Server Slow Excellent Fast Excellent Fast Excellent Normal Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Fast Slow Normal Excellent Normal Slow Fast Excellent Excellent Fast Excellent Fast Excellent Normal Fast Normal Normal Excellent Fast Slow Fast Excellent Normal

The list of Yify torrent sites above are the list of working URL and their levels of response as at this time. This doesn’t mean the normal proxy is not fast or the slow proxy is not normal. However, it depends on the workload on each proxy. With this proxy list you shouldn’t bother much about the YTS.AG

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