How to Check Federal Civil Service Commission Shortlisted Candidate Name

Nigeria Federal Civil Service Commission released the name of shortlisted candidate for interview coming up on Monday, 27TH March to Monday, 3rd April, 2017). Early this year they released the name of shortlisted candidate for empower program and their already in service.

However, if you did not apply for empower program because of the illegibility we all think it was when the form was out, and probably take the FSCR form, the Nigeria FSCR has made a public announcement that the name of the shortlisted candidate has been release based on state and district.

Most importantly, the federal civil service commission interview will come up soon for batch A. Meanwhile, according to information the FSCR batch B shortlisted candidate name will soon be released but for the sake of shortlisted candidate name 2016 that’s released few days ago, here is how you can check you name on FRSC site.

So, if you applied for the federal civil service commission and you are keen waiting for the shortlisted names, here is how to check if you have been shortlisted and download the shortlisted names.

Federal Civil Service Commission Shortlisted Names

FCSC which made the information known on their sites days ago claimed to be preparing batch B which will be shortlisted and release soon. Whether you are expecting your name to be in batch A or batch B, it’ll be of good move if you know first how to check the name of the shortlisted candidate directly from FCSC site.

Note: Make sure you can connected to the internet either on mobile or on PC. Meanwhile, I was able check my name whether I’ve been shortlisted with fast internet connection.

1. Visit FCSC on any browser and scroll down the page

2. Take a close look and click on your state. Assuming that you applied from your own state.

Federal civil service commission

3. The names of the shortlist candidate will be display. Kindly scroll down the page gently to check whether you have been shortlisted else you have to wait for batch B shortlist.

4. To download the federal civil service commission shortlisted candidate name, kindly click on the download icon or print to print the names of the shortlisted candidate.

Federal civil service commission

Note: We are not an agent, so we may not be able to be of help if your name was not shortlisted in the first federal civil service commission for batch A. But it really worth waiting for batch B.

Were you shortlisted?

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