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How to Pay GoTv Africa Subscription with QuickTeller

One of the easiest and cheapest means to pay GoTV Africa subscription at home without phone SMS is via QuickTeller.

QuickTeller as an online payment platform offers direct process to make payment for TV cables online include DSTV, GoTV, TSTV Africa and other online payments.

Other than using QuickTeller service on Nigeria ATMs to pay for GoTv subscription and using QuickTeller phone SMS to pay for GoTv subscription, you can also use QuickTeller to make GoTv online payment to activate your GoTv after your subscription expiry date.

Meanwhile, in a more simple approach, you can just walk into any GoTv shot outlet and make a payment to redeem your GoTv subscription service once you know your GoTv IUC number. This is helpful during the weekday, however, if your subscription expires during the weekend without prior notice, QuickTeller is the next solution to re-activate your GoTv cable.

There are various methods to pay GoTv Africa subscription using QuickTeller. You can use QuickTeller phone SMS, you can use QuickTeller USSD code to pay for your subscription, and you can make direct payment on QuickTeller website. All the approach are simple and redeem your cable connection within few seconds.

Meanwhile, when you failed to power on your GoTv before making the subscription, you may encounter GoTv error code which will not enable your GoTv to scramble your decoder channel completely. However, in most cases when you encounter error code on your decoder the only thing you need is to simply restart your decoder and the error code will be clear.

Or text your country error code clear USSD to the number on your GoTv screen following GoTv directory. And once the error message disappears you GoTv will start working.

How to Pay GoTv Africa Subscription with QuickTeller

To use this QuickTeller payment option you need an internet connection and a smartphone or computer. This will take less than 10 minutes and everything will be fine. Here it’s Sunday morning and I have to reconnect my GoTv decoder to the source pending my return from Sunday service. And guess what? Before I left my computer desktop my GoTv is already working.

1. Open any browser on your computer or phone and visit QuickTeller.com.

2. Login to your QuickTeller account using your QuickTeller username and password

Pay GoTv Subscription

3. From the list of QuickTeller services click Pay Bill

Pay GoTv Subscription

4. A list of bills that you can use QuickTeller as a mean of payment will pop up including GoTv. Then select GoTv from the option or access GoTv QuickTeller subscription page here.

Pay GoTv Subscription

5. Select your GoTv subscription that you want to subscribe to. With this option, you can subscribe to GoTv Lite [400], GoTv  Plus [1250], GoTv Value [1900], GoTv Mobile Access [600], and GoTv Max [3800].

Pay GoTv Subscription

6. Once you have selected your GoTv subscription package. A new window will pop up, enter your GoTv decoder IUC number which you can find at the base of your decoder and click continue.

7. Confirm your decoder information on the new page to make sure everything is correct. Scroll down and click Pay.

Pay GoTv subscription

7. Enter your ATM card number, card expiring date, CCV and your ATM card password.

8. Once your GoTv Africa subscription is successful you will see a success message like the one below.

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