Quick Guide to Change Huawei Themes

By default, the Huawei themes ain’t complex. They are simple and basic, but, it doesn’t mean, there are no complex themes that need special configurations like the Samsung Launcher.

Using good themes is one way to enjoy classic Huawei phone homepage and simple interface. The new Huawei EMUI 8 and EMUI 9 have some cool themes that can blossom your feelings whenever you take a look at your Huawei phone screen.

Technological advancement has simplified everything. You no longer need to keep a single wallpaper on your phone. Apart from 3D wallpapers, you can use some advanced wallpapers that look exactly like phone screen interface.

In fact, you can get a 3D screen guard to make your Huawei phone classic in no time. However, if you have Huawei themes you download and want to set as your Huawei phone theme, this step will put you through.

Holder versions of Huawei phone might not be able to change themes often, however, Huawei phone like Mate 8, Mate 9, Y7, Y9, P9 pro, and other latest Huawei phones with EMUI8 and EMUI9 will enjoy the best Huawei themes.

Change Huawei Themes

You can download Huawei theme on your phone and apply it. Also, you can download your themes directly from the Huawei themes store.

1. Tap the home button to go back to your Huawei home screen and tap on Themes

2. Accept Huawei Themes notice to all users by clicking OK if this is the first time you are using the Theme app.

Huawei Themes

3. You will first see local themes. Then, drag the interface down and feature themes will appear. In the navigation, you will see featured themes, category, top, and Me (user profile).

4. Click on the theme you want to use and tap on download to download the theme.Download themes

5. Click OK from the popup that gives information about the theme you are about to download.Accept Popup

6. The theme will start downloading. So, just chill until the download is completed.Huawei themes

7. The theme will start installing after download. The time taken to complete the installation process depends on the size of the file.Download speed

8. Once the download is completed click on Apply to make a change to the theme.Huawei Themes

9. If you are using Magazine unlock feature on your Huawei phone you can either keep it by clicking on keep or disable it by clicking on discard.Keep Magazine lock screen

10. The theme will start applying and this should take a few seconds once you tap keep or discard.Theme is applying

10. This is how my homepage looks after I changed the theme. Do you like it so?

Huawei Themes

You can use the search box to search for your favorite theme if you know the name and download.

You can also search themes by hashtag such as love, red, flowers, nature, pink, car, etc.

Download Launcher

The launcher is another means to change your phone theme to override the default manufacturer theme. There are many launchers you can use to give your phone a befitting look with basic settings.

You can try Nova launcher, Holo launcher, Apex launcher, Microsoft launcher 5, Apex Launcher, ADW launcher, Evie launcher, Buzz launcher, Google launcher, etc.

You can even use the iPhone launcher on your Huawei phone to change themes on your Huawei.

However, I’d recommend the Google launcher since it’s totally a free launcher unlike the other launchers mentioned above that are in-purchase ads.

Now, download and install the launcher app. Press the home button and select the launcher from the popup. Click on “Always” and click OK.

Your Huawei theme will change from the default to the one in the launcher you installed.

Most launchers come with complex theme settings. However, you have to configure it to work in basic so that you won’t have a complex interface.

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