How to Hide Facebook Last Seen Or Unseen on Facebook

Facebook has a lot of hidden features you probably have not used before and will like to use to control your own privacy yourself. One of such is the unseen Facebook feature to hide your Facebook last seen without log out of Facebook totally.

Facebook active feature simply revealed that you are logged onto Facebook and it does care whether you are chatting using Facebook messenger or you just share what is on your mind. And the word active means you are available to chat. However, there is a possibility that you are busy doing something else, and this is where to hide Facebook last seen become prominent.

This “WhatsApp last seen” is a feature ahead of Facebook which makes it easier to control your privacy on WhatsApp even when you are responding to some chats and you may also choose to remain mute to other chats. However, the unseen feature on Facebook does not come so easily.

Even when you disable your chat on a desktop computer it doesn’t turn your activeness to hide or unseen. Having said that, there is another quick way to “hide seen” feature on Facebook messenger as well as on computers.

So if you are few of those that will love to remain anonymous on Facebook while your remain logs into your account here is how to hide Facebook last seen.

How to Hide Facebook Last Seen on Desktop Computer

The Facebook active stamp still remain active when you turn off chat on your desktop messenger and as such, you will still be active on Facebook. The way out is as simple as using a browser plugin called “Adblocker”. An adblocker of your choice with a filter option will definitely work to filter Facebook account active and remain unseen on the popular social network.

1. Download and install “Adblocker” [Adblock Plus preferrable] of your choice

Hide Facebook last seen

2. Click on the “Adblock Plus” icon on your toolbar and click on “Options”

Disable Facebook last seen

3. Click on the “Add Filter” option to filter your own URL

Disable Facebook active feature

4. In the “Adblocker plus” filter option add “https://*-edge-chat.facebook” and click “Add Filter”.

Enable Facebook unseen

With these steps, you will be able to disable Facebook last seen feature and remain hidden to all your friends even when you are logged into your account. Meanwhile, this approach only works on computer desktops or laptop. Since you cannot install an extension on a mobile browser, you will not remain unseen on messenger for mobile if you choose to surf Facebook on mobile.

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