XstreamingTv Free Trial Account

XstreamingTv is a movies website and app with 3-days free trial for $1 and cost as much as $270 a year. However, with the XStreamingTv free trial for a mere $1 for 72 hours you will enjoy unlimited access to streaming movies on a 5 different gadgets non-stop.

The 3-days free trial for $1 covers all activities on XstreamingTv to watch and download movies on your gadgets and online. However, after the 3-days free trial, you can proceed to subscribe to a full package for a month, 6 months, and a year.

XstreamingTv is an alternative to Netflix, Hulu, Showtime Anytime, and the rest of them. However, the Xstreaming Tv free trial is unlike Netflix free 30-days trial which doesn’t cost a dime. To enjoy Netflix 30-days free trial you only need to become a registered member with a valid online payment and you will not be charged until after your trial period expires.

However, for XstreamingTv, to have access to the 3-days free trial, you are to pay a token of $1 for 72 hours to enjoy unlimited access on the movies’ site and on XstreamingTv APK app for Android.

XstreamingTv Review

XstreamingTv is a movies website like Netflix to access all premium movies online for a fixed amount per month, bi-yearly, and even yearly. In this XstreamingTv review, I’d share with you the movies site subscription fee and the best package to go for. Although, the 3-days free trial is the most important of XstreamingTv plans to know whether it worth your hard-earned money or not.

XstreamingTv plans are divided into three. The 3-days free trial, the monthly plan, the 6-months plan, and the yearly plan. The XstreamingTv plans are as shown below in the image.

XstreamingTv free trial account

XstreamingTv Coupon Code

The best way to have the best of XstreamingTv price us using a coupon code to reduce the price per plan. However, this coupon code varies month-to-month. However, the coupon code is also available for all new and existing member to enjoy a price slash by at least 50% per plan of your choice.

You should get Xstreaming coupon code before you subscribe to the 3 days XstreamingTv free trial plan. However, with the coupon code, you should consider a better plan like 6 months plan to reduce the plan’s price by 50% or more.

Using a coupon code for the 3-days free trial which cost only $1 isn’t advisable as this will only reduce a penny which you should be able to afford compared to $150 through the 1 year plan.

XstreamingTv Free Trial Account

The XstreamingTV free trial account last for 3 days which is equivalent to 72 hours from the moment you activate your XstreamingTV account. However, to create a 3-days free trial on XstreamingTv for $1 follow the procedures below.

  • Signup for an XstreamingTv free account here
  • Fill the user’s information page with PayPal or credit or Debit card as your payment method
  • Log into your email account to confirm your XstreamingTv account registration
  • Log into your XstreamingTv account
  • Select $1 for 3-days free trial
  • Click on checkout
  • Paid
  • Done

Now, XstreamingTv will send your receipt to your email account. That is it. The XstreamingTv free trial will only last for 3-days after which you will be suspended from streaming on all linked devices or download as part of the free trial except otherwise you subscribe to a new plan, at least, a month plan to enjoy Xstreaming TV on all your device again.

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