How to Delete a Comment on Instagram

It’s no surprise that you are looking for ways to delete a comment on Instagram. Instagram has been around for a while. It was first released on October 6, 2010, which means it has been around for about 8 years. Since then, it has continued to grow very quickly. Maybe you’ve been on Instagram for a while. Or maybe you have just started to use the app. 

If you use the app, you will find many cases in which you want to edit or delete a comment you have made. This can be a comment on one of your posts or a comment on another person’s Instagram post. In any case, the process is very simple.

How to Delete a Comment on Instagram

About comment controls on Instagram

Comment controls let Instagram users control who can comment on their posts. It’s a kind of proactive filtering that can alleviate bullying until it stops.

Before I tell you about it, however, I have to make one thing clear: it is not a good business decision. A big part of Instagram and every social media site is user engagement. If you restrict who can comment on your content on Instagram, the potential engagement of your posts is restricted. It’s almost like canceling your Facebook account or protecting your tweets on Twitter. Both make your account invisible to non-subscribers, while comment controls don’t completely hide your content.

The problem, however, is that you limit your potential growth. Instagram is known as the best social media engagement site. Limiting this engagement limits the main reason why it’s even a good idea to use Instagram.

However, there can be a good reason to use comment controls. As a personal user, even a celebrity, comment controls can help mitigate anonymous bullying. As a professional user, imagine a turnstile for a massive influx of bullying. When bad press occurs, and people turn to your profile to harass your brand, turn on comment controls to stop the flood.

Does anyone get a notification when I delete a comment on Instagram?

You or the poster will not receive any notification. However, when they return to the post, they will find that it is missing. Anyone who can delete a comment can only be deleted by the person who posted the comment and the person whose account it was posted on. However, other users can report comments as spam.

Delete an Instagram Comment 

First, open the “Instagram” application on your iPhone or Android phone and then search for the relevant Instagram publication. After opening the Instagram app, you can find the latest comments on your message in the Notifications area.

When viewing the message, tap the comment icon (balloon icon) to view all the comments associated with the message.

Instagram Comment

Here you will find the comment (yours or another person’s) that you may find eligible for deletion.

  • If you’re operating with an iPhone, swipe to the left in the comment section to see the options.

@Comment Instagram

  • Tap the trash can icon here to get the comment deleted.

Trash Instagram comment

  • If you’re an Android user, long-press the comment to select it.

How to Delete a Comment on Instagram

  • Now tap the icon that shows a trash can on the top toolbar to get the comment deleted.

How to Delete a Comment on Instagram

A banner appears at the top of the screen, telling you that the comment in question has been deleted. If you have a rethink, you have a few seconds to click the Cancel or undo button and get the comment restored.

How to Edit Comments on Instagram

Not happy with one of your own comments on Instagram? The downside is that there a not mapped out or specific way to do this. If you want to edit one of your comments on Instagram, the easiest way is to delete your comment and add a new modified comment instead. We have taken a closer look at deleting comments on Instagram above.

If you want to change another aspect of your Instagram post like the title, it’s pretty easy. Editing your Instagram caption should be done from your phone, not from your computer. To change a label that appears as the first comment in your Instagram post:

  • 1. Open Instagram and go to the specific post you want to edit.
  • 2. Tap on the three dots that appear at the upper right corner of the post.
  • 3. Touch Edit.
  • 4. Edit the titles with the keyboard on the screen.
  • 5. Touch Done.


Nobody likes a stupid typo, but luckily you can fix them if they were made on Instagram. It’s a feature that has been around for a while, but it’s a little buried, and you may not have noticed it.

To delete a comment yourself or someone else’s post, tap the comment button and swipe left in your comment. You can then tap the trash can icon to delete your comment.

To edit, you can edit your comment in your own articles. Just tap the three-dot icon in your message and then tap Edit. You can correct these typos, add a location, or tag people. GOOD LUCK!

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