How to Fix Dell Latitude E7470 Battery not Charging

Dell Latitude E7470 is the first ever Dell laptop I would buy because of the battery life that lasts for more than 7 hours even though the E7470 battery life and E7270 battery life are the same. To be precise, Dell Latitude E7470/E7270 battery life is about 7hours 15 minutes. OK! My nightmare started with the Dell Latitude E7470 battery not charging stuck at 38 percent after it drained from 56 percent to 2 percent telling me that the battery is low and it never boot past the logo screen before its shuts down.

When I connected the Dell Latitude E7470 charger pack to the power source the E7470 laptop will turn on and would turn off if I remove the charger. I then decided to charge it for about 5 hours to see whether the batter. After charging for about 5 hours, nothing changes. The battery is still stuck at 38 percent.

And after I series of search about how to fix Dell Latitude E7470 not charging or charger connected but not charging, I came up with these solutions to fix the Dell Latitude battery problem.

Dell Latitude E7470 Battery not Charging

How much is Dell Latitude E7470 Battery?

Dell Latitude E7470 battery varies and depends on the type you want to buy to replace the battery that is not charging. I know this when I want to change my Dell Latitude E7470 battery.

When I removed the battery, I discover that it’s 55wh 4-cell battery. The battery I requested for is 65wh but it’s bigger than the spot for the 55wh on my Dell Latitude E7470. This is similar to Dell Latitude E7270 because their batteries are similar.

However, the minimum price of the Dell Latitude E7470 or E7270 battery is about $60 when I publish this article. The price depends on the number of cells you want to buy.

Causes of Dell Latitude E7470 Battery not Charging after 38%

A few reasons could causing your Dell laptop from not charger when the power adapter is plugged in. This vary though. But in most cases, you will discover that what causes the E7270 battery not to charge can also cause the E7470 battery not to charge when plugged.

Therefore, here I will take a look at some of the reasons why the Latitude Dell battery is not charging or could not charge above 38%.

  • If your Dell Latitude battery is aging it could cause the battery to malfunction.
  • Power adapter not recognized. This is common in some computers such that the power adapter will malfunction when plugged into the computer.
  • Microsoft ACPI battery driver could cause the Dell laptop battery from functioning well.
  • A virus can also affect the functionality of your computer if you are not using an antivirus or Windows Defender or real-time protection.

How to Fix Dell Latitude E7470 Battery not Charging

Sometimes, you have to try more of these approaches to know which one works for you. In my own cases, removing the battery and reinserting it works for me and it fixes the Dell Latitude E7470 battery not charging.

Remove and Reinsert the Dell Latitude E7470 Battery

Please be careful when you want to remove the Dell Latitude battery because it contains a battery cable that connects the battery to the system. Although the cable is hidden under the battery panel close to a bolt when you remove the laptop back cover.

  • Unscrew the Dell Latitude E7470 back cover. There are about 6 or 7 screws to unscrew. Please don’t misplace them in other not to turn your laptop to a junk.
  • The Dell Latitude E7470 battery is a black flat lithium package after you remove the back cover.
  • Unscrew the battery screws and gently remove the battery cable to completely remove the battery from the laptop.
  • Fell the battery by pressing it to see if the battery is kind of soft in your hand. If it does, it could mean that the battery has gotten to its breaking point.
  • Plug the Dell Latitude laptop to the wall socket and see if it turn on. If it does, there, it’s not a motherboard problem. But, if it didn’t it could be more than just the Dell Latitude battery stop charging at 38%.
  • Fix the battery back to the laptop, screw it, and cover it with the back cover.
  • Now, plug in the battery to see if it will start charging.

Would you have believed that this is exactly what I did to fix the Dell Latitude battery not charging and stuck at 38% after several hours of plugging.

Update the Dell Latitude E7470 BIOS

Here is another suggested attempt to try when your Dell Latitude laptop is not charging or stuck at 38% or drained off when it gets to 56%. Sometimes, what you need to do is to update the PC BIOS to the latest version and the laptop will start charging.

  • Go to the Dell Support page.
  • Navigate to “Search Support” and type your laptop a Service Tag, Serial Number, Service Request, Model, or Keyword and select “Search” to search for the laptop model or tag support page. In this case, you just need to type Latitude E7470 or Latitude E7270 depending on the version of your Dell computer.
  • Click on “Drive & Downloads” in the navigation.
  • Navigate to “Category” and change it to “BIOS.”
  • Download the updated BIOS for your E7270 or E7470 depending on your model and save it to your computer or laptop desktop.
  • Close all opened tasks as the step we are about to take will force close all opened tasks.
  • Find and right-click on the on your computer and Run as administrator.

Ensure that the Dell Latitude laptop is connected or plugged into the wall socket during this time. Once the whole process has completed, the system will reboot on its won. Do not force to reboot the system. This could crash your laptop.

Note: This process doesn’t support Windows 11. So, if your Dell Latitude E7470 is running the new Windows 11, the process we discussed above will not be able to fix the Dell Latitude E7470 not charging when plugged or connected to the power source.

Check Whether the Power Adapter is Recognized

If the power adapter isn’t recognized then there is no need to update the BIOS above. For your laptop either Dell or HP to charge, the laptop has to recognize the power adapter. Therefore, we need to confirm the state of the power adapter whether it’s recognized or not.

  • Restart your Dell Latitude E7470.
  • Press F2 when the Dell logo pop-up.
  • Navigate to BIOS and check the power adapter.
  • If the power adapter is recognized then you need to try the next method. But, if the power adapter isn’t recognized, then, there is much to do.
  • Find the adapter option that is turned off and turn it on.
  • After then, reboot the system.

If the system show AC adapter error, then, you need to get a new AC adapter to charge your not changing Dell Latitude E7470/E7270.

Charge the not Charging in the BIOS Mode

We will try to troubleshoot the laptop battery by charging the battery from the BIOS. Meanwhile, before you proceed with this, ensure that all open folders or files are saved to avoid loses.

To charge the Dell Latitude E7470 battery not charging in the BIOS mode just follow the steps below.

  • Turn off the Dell Latitude laptop.
  • Charge the battery for sometime once the battery is turned off.
  • To enter the BIOS or the system setup press the power button to turn on the PC and press F2 repeatedly on the Dell logo screen.
  • If the power adapter is recognized and the battery is charging, the battery percentage should increase.

If the battery percentage changes from the previous percentage to a new level, say from 38% to 36%, you can restart the PC and start using it.

Note: You can get a new battery to save yourself all the stress if it’s a battery problem. We recommended the following Dell Latitude E7470 battery.

Uninstall and Reinstall your Dell Laptop Microsoft ACPI Battery Driver

This could be the final bus stop for fixing your Dell Laptop battery not working or charging. We will do a quick wrap on how to uninstall and reinstall your Dell Laptop latitude E7470 Microsoft ACPI battery driver.

  • Press and hold Win + R  for about a second to open the run command.
  • Type the command below and click on the enter button.


  • Expand the battery module to see information about the device battery.
  • Right-click on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and select Uninstall.
  • Select “OK” to confirm the Microsoft ACPI uninstallation.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Done.

You can also update the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery driver first to see if the driver is outdated. If there is a new version available, the Dell Latitude will download it and install it on its own.

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