Student Registration and Password Reset

MyPearsonLab, a learning platform for both students and teachers. The mastermind procedures adopted is to allow students to learn at their own pace and have the best of academic discussion with an expert from their field of study.

Students of MyPersonLab are then first prompt to enrol through the Person Higher Education, get their MyPersonLab registration number and confirmed their MyPersonLab login.

However, the MyPersonLab educator are recruited through a rigorous approach based on experience and how far they have gone teaching and proving their expertise on higher education platform.

As a MyPearsonLab student, you will be able to login with your My PearsonLab username and password to gain access to all relevant information you need to get going with your educators, take assignments, submit, and meet up with your colleague in the field.

MyPearson Lab

My Pearson Lab Registration

MyPearson Lab registration takes a few steps. However, while registering for MyPearson Lab, you’d be prompted to begin your account registration either as a student or an educator.

However, the following information is needed to create MyPearson Lab student account.

  1. A valid student email address
  2. Course ID
  3. Access Code or Credit Card

With the above information available, you can proceed to create MyPearsonLab account as a student. While educator, however, needs to confirm whether to create a course or enrol in as a learner to start the registration process.

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Features of Pearson MyLab

  1. MyPearson Lab provides homework and exercises to practice at student’s own pace that is related to the exercise in the textbook.
  2. As a student, you are allowed to learn through a personalized study plan based on your previous performance
  3. Through the MyPearsonLab login for student dashboard, you’d receive direct and real-time assistance from a dedicated and per-time tutor with the use of an interactive whiteboard
  4. provide a mind-blowing media platform for students to watch lectures and video guide they can easily use for homework.

MyPearson Lab Lectures

The MyPearsonLab tutoring section is located in MyLab products for students. The tutoring session lasts up to 30 minutes for students that are eligible for it and the video can be played over and over again.

However, for an addition tutoring hour, students are allowed to purchase more hours to increase the hours spent learning.

MyPearson Lab students are allow given the avenue to reach out for Admin support using the Support link in the Students My Pearson Lab page.

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Pearson MyLab and Mastering

MyPearsonLab and Mastering is the world largest learning platform online where you have access to different experts, access to homework online, tutorial, and have access to different students assessment product.

The platform help students to boost their academic performance learning online under the guide of different instructors and experts watching videos online.

With the Characteristic MyPearsonLab portray, the platform attracts over 11 million users yearly. However, My Pearson Lab masters MyLab and Mastering students progress by giving out unquantified advice on how to get along with the learning process and how they can easily win in their areas of difficulties.

MyPearsonLab and Mastering Characteristic

Both students and MyPearson Lab educator have some special characteristics and are more beneficiary to MyLab Pearson students with MyLab login.

1. Adaptive Learning

MyPearson Lab creates a unique environment for students to learn at a pace they’d want to learn at all time. Since learning is a continuous process, the MyLab Pearson helps students to learn at their speed without creating an unequivocal race that usually happen in the four walls of classrooms.

MyPearson builds students to identify their learning skill and how best they can study and compete with their colleagues.

Writing Space

My Pearson Lab gives students the potential to discover themselves and have time to do their homework, assignments, and complete all work checklist from MyPearson Lab educators at MyPearsonLab students convenience.

Learn Management System (LMS) Mastering

The Learning management system (LMS) mastering solution gives MyLab & Mastering students access from learning from existing LMS. The LMS starting from one class section to shipping throughout the whole MPL with service integration and other instruction to succeed as MyPearson Lab students.

Pearson eText Access Cards

There are a countless number of MyPearsonLab eTexts available online you can as a student purchase to have access to eTexts without purchasing the eTexts hard copy.MyPearsonLab

As a student, you’d also see your MyPearsonLab eTexts to buy online. However, in a move to purchase eTexts MyPearsonlab additional copy you’d have to either purchase the eTexts soft copies or hard copy.

You can as well order for MyPearson Lab “Value Package” with access code card for the Person eText which is bundled with a loose-leaf version and a print bound text which you can get at a discount rate from the campus bookstore or order directly from MyPearson Lab online site at

Unlock My PearsonLab

If you are locked out of your My PearsonLab students account here is how to reset and reclaim your login details.

  1. Go to MyPearsonLab login page
  2. Click on “Forgot Username or Password”
  3. Enter the email account linked to your MyPearson account and click on send email
  4. MyPearson Lab will send a message to the email account containing all the information you need to retrieve your MyLab password and username
  5. Click on the “Reset Password” located at the right of your MyPearson Lab username

Follow the instruction on the screen to reset your login email. Once that is done successfully, your MyPearson Login password will be changed.

Note: In case you have two emails for your MyPearson account (School email and personal email address) you must follow the same procedures above to retrieve login for the two email account.

Reset Person Password Through Blackboard or Canvas

If you are accessing Pearson Revel through your LMS (learning management system) such as Blackboard or Canvas here is a step to follow to reset Pearson password.

  1. Go to Revel Pearson login page
  2. Click on “Forgot Username or Password”
  3. Type your email address and click on continue
  4. Click on the email password reset link
  5. Follow the steps to reset the Pearson Revel password.

Note: You must first sign out of your Revel account before you go back to Blackboard or Canvas.

It’s possible to see “Error Code: {“status”:”error”,”message”:”Non-active identity”, Error code 401. But changing your password will help clear the error and you’ll gain access to your account once again.

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