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How to Download ePSXe for Android

There is an exceptional way to run the PlayStation game on Android using ePSXe Android which is an enhanced PSX emulator for both PC and smartphones. For a gamer and an Android device addict, leaving PS3 or PS4 on your mobile for another game is probably impossible.

However, if you have been struggling with the best emulators for Android to play PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 on your Android, here is a solution with the help of the popular ePSXe Android tool.

It’s humanly impossible to play a PC video game on a smartphone like Android and iOS devices. However, with the recent technological advancement, a PC software can be installed on a mobile and a mobile app can also be installed on a PC without measuring the app or software compatibility.

If you are one of those PS3 or PS4 fans that are clamoring to start to play the PlayStation! game on an Android device, ePSXe Android got your back. Here in this article, you will learn how to install the ePSXe Android tool on Android versions to be able to have more time playing your favorite PS game.

A Quick Note to Install ePSXe Android

You are expected to have at least a version of the PlayStation console even if it’s PlayStation 1 or PlayStation 4 else, doing this is illegal if you are not the owner of the Play Station console you want to the emulator on your Android.

The fact that you have access to a PS console doesn’t make you the owner and doesn’t give you the right to access the consoles’ BIOS use in operating the PSX emulator.

Here, we are going to use an enhanced PSX emulator to emulator your own console on your Smartphone [Android] to start playing a PS game of your choice on your Android phone.

…No time to check the time without PS3/4 emulator for Android…

A Basic Requirement

Before you jump into the happy mode and activate your inner-tech skills, here are the basic requirement to download and install ePSXe Android version to emulate your PS console.

  • An Android device
  • A PSX console
  • $4 for the ePSXe
  • 7Zipper [Free App]
  • Download a BIOS File

That is… In short, it will only cost a mere $4 to start playing PS on Android.

How to Install ePSXe Android

Here is a step by step procedures to download and install ePSXe on Android to play the PlayStation on your device upon a successful emulation.

1. Launch the play store app and download the ePSXe for Android. This emulator cost just $4 to download. That won’t cost a fortune. At this juncture, I’ll ask you not to download ePSXe APK for Android.

ePSXe Android

2. If you have a WinZip app installed on your Android skip this step. However, the 7Zipper is better that is why we are recommending it. Now, launch the play store app again and download Zipper, it’s a free app.

3. Launch the ePSXe app on your phone [Paid version recommended] and click on “RUN BIOS” a message in the form of a warning we appear as seen below.

ePSXe Android

4. Find your desired BIOS online. We know you expect us to share with your these BIOS. However, since we don’t trust most online websites that share BIOS, we’d advise you find your desire BIOS so that you will be able to take full responsibility for whatever happens to your PS BIOS.

5. Once you have downloaded the BIOS of your choice launch the 7Zipper app from your app menu and click on “Download”. Now, find the BIOS in a zip format and extract the BIOS.

ePSXe Android download

6. Now, open the ePSXe Android app and run the BIOS from the emulator. If you, however, could not find the BIOS, use the search box find to search for BIOS and enjoy.

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