How to Create Custom WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp has been great this year so far this year 2019 with tons of features rolling out on a daily update. We have seen the sticker feature that allows you to send and receive WhatsApp stickers from your friends on WhatsApp using stickers that are created by other WhatsApp users and you can create your own custom WhatsApp stickers.

Recently, WhatsApp rolls out the fingerprint lock feature to further increase WhatsApp security and make sure that no third party can access users WhatsApp messenger without their permission.

However, WhatsApp is still preparing to launch more features in the future to make the app more demanding among users like us.

However, these WhatsApp features make the mobile chat app more intriguing and enticing. Although, all these features were in GB WhatsApp and other modified WhatsApp. But, since WhatsApp has started banning users that found pleasure in the mod WhatsApp, the app average users have increased exponentially.

While we wait for WhatsApp next feature let us have some fun with how to create custom WhatsApp stickers and how you can send WhatsApp stickers of your choice such as Birthday stickers on WhatsApp, New year stickers, Wedding anniversary stickers, and lot more.

What are WhatsApp Stickers?

Stickers on WhatsApp are a detailed illustration of expressions or emotions with combinations of different emojis to send a particular message to the receiver on WhatsApp without spitting it out.

The stickers on WhatsApp can be used as a form of communication if you do not want to openly say what you mean with words like when you want to say happy new year, you can send WhatsApp new year stickers to wish the receiver a happy new year.

And in most cases, the stickers mean more than it looks as different meaning could be given to it if it portrays the true culture of the send.

The requirement for creating Stickers for WhatsApp

If you are a developer or not and you’d love to create personalized stickers for WhatsApp and upload it on Google play store and Apple store for iPhone and iPad users to download it your stickers must meet the requirements listed below

1. The background of the image you want to use as your sticker must be transparent (plain background is recommended).

2. To meet the standard requirement for creating stickers that work on WhatsApp and are accepted on the OS platform you want to share it, the sticker must be 512×512 pixels.

3. No matter what you packaged together to personalize your stickers it must not be more than 100 KB per sticker.

4. You also need to provide a unique sticker icon for your sticker which must be strictly less than 50KB with 96×96 pixels

5. All your WhatsApp stickers must be packed in WhatsApp sticker picker or tray if you are creating more than 1 sticker.

6. You should also be mindful of your WhatsApp margin. It must be strictly 16-pixel between the sticker before the edge of the 512×512 pixel canvas.

7. You can only save stickers you want to use on WhatsApp as a PNG file

If you are a developer and you are planning to develop a stickers app, here is the full that guides creating stickers for Android and iPhone/iPad as stated on GitHub.

How to Create Custom WhatsApp Stickers

If you do not want to use stickers that are created by other WhatsApp users you can create your own and personalize it.

You can even upload it for others to download on Android and iOS if you are a developer. However, for a non-developer, here is a step by step procedures to create custom WhatsApp stickers.

1. Open the google play store app on your Android and search for a background eraser app for Android WhatsApp stickers

2. Open the background eraser app and select the image you want to convert to a sticker on WhatsApp.WhatsApp stickers

3. Erase the background of the image you selected and crop the image perfectly. Please be mindful of WhatsApp stickers requirements.Delete Background to make it transparent

Note: Repeat the same process to create all your custom stickers for WhatsApp. However, you need to create at least three stickers to add to your WhatsApp pack or picker.WhatsApp Pack

Add Personal Stickers to WhatsApp

You’d want to make your WhatsApp stickers visible to other WhatsApp users to download your stickers and send it to their friends and family.

1. Go to the google play store to download and install the Personal Stickers for WhatsApp.Personal stickers for WhatsApp

2. Open the Personal Stickers for WhatsApp from your phone app menu

3. The app will automatically detect all the stickers you have created using the procedures above.Detected PNG

4. Each of the stickers will have an integrated add button. Then click on the add button.Add

5. A pop up will appear whenever you click on the add button and ask you to confirm whether you want to add the sticker to WhatsApp or not. Tap the add button to confirm.Add custom WhatsApp stickers

Once you have selected all the stickers you have in your WhatsApp pack and added them using the personal stickers for WhatsApp it will be added to the stickers section.

How to Check Custom Stickers on WhatsApp

If you have added your stickers to WhatsApp using the personal stickers for WhatsApp you can confirm whether the stickers were added or not.

Open the WhatsApp >> head to chatbox of the person you want to send the sticker (s) to >> navigate to the stickers sections >> tap on the Emoji icons located to the left of the box >> Click on the stickers option >> Find the sticker you added >> Click on it >> tap send.

You can create as many as possible custom stickers and use it on WhatsApp using these techniques. However, the person you sent the personalized stickers to can also send it to other users which can help you to reach more audience with your stickers.

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