How to Enable Flashlight Widget in Samsung Galaxy S9

Today, we’ll discuss the Samsung Galaxy S9 flashlight widget and how to enable it. In the first place, I wondered why Samsung decided to keep the flashlight widget away from where users can easily get access to it.

Due to this, a lot of S9 users have opted in for the flashlight apps. Although, they are many flashlight apps available in play store for the new Samsung Galaxy S9 that are almost brighter than the default flashlight.

However, these flashlight apps consume more of your Samsung S9 random access memory (RAM,), even with the 4GB RAM for Galaxy S9, 64GB and Galaxy S9+. 6GB RAM; 64GB.

Therefore, if you own the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ and you have installed the flashlight app to replace the device flashlight widget and you are ready to let go the flashlight app, here in this post, you will learn how to enable flashlight widget in Samsung Galaxy S9 and you can begin to make use of it instead of using an app to the work of torchlight for you on your device.

Before we take a look at how to enable the widget for a flashlight on your Samsung, you can quickly take few of your time to check out how to disable flashlight on Android when the phone backlight is off.

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Flashlight Widget

How to Enable Flashlight Widget in Samsung Galaxy S9

The flashlight widget in Samsung S9 is a hidden feature to drag and drop to your phone home screen from the device widget section. Therefore, following the procedure below you will be able to unhide the light widget.

Press and hold part of your Samsung phone screen where there is no app until the screen changes and pops up wallpaper and widget on the screen.

Select Widget over wallpaper since we are interested in the widget feature. Then, scroll through phone widget page until you see Torch Widget.

Then, drag and drop the Torch Widget on your Samsung Galaxy home screen or wherever you want the widget feature to be pinned.

How to Turn on Flashlight in Samsung S9

Then entire procedure shared above will help you to unhide the flashlight widget from its hidden place. However, to turn on the flashlight on your S9 requires a manual action and to turn off the light also require a manual action except when it’s used as a camera light at night or in the dark.

To turn off and on the flashlight in Samsung Galaxy S9 click on the flashlight widget to turn on when the flashlight is off or on.

With the flashlight widget, you do not need to swipe down the notification tray to enable torchlight on the Galaxy S9. The above step works perfect OK to enable torchlight on Samsung Galaxy S9 without an additional step.

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