List of Websites to Follow Biafra News Updates

Biafra News Updates

The IPOB [Indegenous people of Biafra] led by Nnamdi Kanu are popular refer to as Biafra covering major South-South states of Nigeria including Cross River, EbonyiEnuguAnambra, ImoBayelsaRivers, Abia, and Akwa Ibom. Biafra news updates include video, freedom, and paper today are majorly followed by Nigeria home and abroad, Nigeria diaspora.

However, the vision of Biafra which came into existence in 1976 as pronounced by Lieutenant-Colonel Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and since then, there has been a lot about the Biafrans. They have fought to secure their independent under Nigeria government led administration by President Muhammadu Buhari. But all effort made by the IPOB to move the Republic of Biafra as a country has proved futile and caused a lot of uproar in the country.

Now, Nigeria government is battling with Boko Haram sect pandemonium in the Northen part of Nigeria as led by Abubakar Shekau majorly in Maiduguri and now Biafra was of becoming a Republic under Nigeria government to stand as a country with a different currency different from Nigeria currency.

There has been a lot of threatening videos by IPOB to scare Nigeria government, but all news from Biafra leader, Nnamdi Kanu has proved futile and got his house and property burnt. However, if you would love to follow Biafra News updates here are the best website to get first-hand information on Biafrans as it goes.

Biafra News Updates

List of Websites to Follow Biafra News Updates

Apart from other websites that copy and paste information about Biafran people and their leaders, here is the list of Nigeria known website to get the latest Biafra news, latest videos of Biafran and Biafran agitation every day.

1. Sahara Reporters

Sahara reporters is a New York city daily news website which came to limelight in Nigeria in Nigeria gubernatorial election in 2015 when Sahara reporters oversaw the outcome of the election before PMB was sworn in 1st, May 2015. The Nigeria gubernatorial election that was chairman by Prof. Attairu Jega, the formal INEC chairman. Since then, Sahara reporter has been a major Nigeria news daily update.

Wehn Biafra and IPOB member came into fighting for freedom under President Mohammadu Buhari, Sahara reporters were there to bring daily news on Biafran people. Without giving it a second thought, Sahara reporter is one of the popular websites to follow the latest happenings about the Biafra news update and videos.

2. Naij is the second most visited website in Nigeria before MMM was temporarily shut down in 2016 and permanently in 2017.

The news website, who recently had issues with its old domain name, and failed to open on all Nigeria IPs have moved to and currently trending all news and updates on Nigeria politics in all Nigeria language except Yoruba.

When Biafran war came mid-2017 led by the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu were among the first few websites to release the latest news on Biafran.

Naij which current moved to has gained its popularity after domain was shut down and is ranked 1-10 most visited website in Nigeria that covers Biafra news, IPOB video updates, Boko Haram, Nigeria politics, and other news that has to do with Nigeria and its diaspora.

3. Linda Ikeji’s Blog

Linda Ikeji is another popular news and entertainment blog in Nigeria to follow latest Biafra news and update. Linda Ikeji’s blog is referred to as the best and most popular female new and entertainment blog in Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji’s blog shares the latest information on Nigeria politics, celebrities, Boko Haram, Biafra news and other news and entertainment information in Nigeria and its environs.

Also, recently, Linka Ikeji expanded to launch a new social network called Linda social just like Facebook and other popular social media. However, the female celebrity blogger shares the latest information on IPOB news when the Biafran war was everywhere and you can still get a new Biafran news following Linka Ikeji on social media or visit here website.

4. Nairaland

Nairaland is the number forum in West Africa with over 1.9 Million members and over 1 Million posts. All though Nairaland is not a website rather a forum yet it’s one of the best Forum to get the latest news and gist include Biafra news update.

The forum which is own by the Nigeria based program and internet ICON, Sen Osewa allow users to publish the latest news on different categories to the forum after registration for others to read and get to know the latest around the world.

Nairaland does not only engaged in sharing Biafra news update and news that has to do with Nigeria alone. As a forum, any information can be posted and the thread owner will solely be responsible for what he or she published on the forum.

5. Punch Nigeria

Punch is a Nigeria daily newspaper own and founded in 1971/1973 by Ajibola Ogunsola. However, Punch has been a source for latest politics and entertainment news in Nigeria and across the whole world. Nigeria home and abroad visit Punch website to read the latest information happening in Nigeria and how the country has been doing.

The Nigeria daily newspaper website has been in the game for ages and they are in the game when needed. However, Punch has not relented in sharing latest Boko Haram news, IPOB news, Fulani Herdsmen news, and Politics in Nigeria.

6. The Nation

The Nation is a Nigeria based news and entertainment website that share the latest Nigeria news and its environs. The Nigeria newspaper website, The Nation share the latest information as it happens in Nigeria on their website as well as on Newspaper page.

For those that are far from getting The Nation newspaper to read about Biafra news and Boko Haram war in Nigeria should visit The Nation for latest happening in Nigeria. The Nation alongside other Nigeria daily newspaper cover events live at it happens in Nigeria and broadcast it on their website.

The two most popular war or sect in Nigeria, Boko Haram and Biafran War are broadcast on daily basis on The Nation website as well as The Nation daily newspaper.

There are various websites in Nigeria that share the latest news on Biafra news [IPOB] and Boko Haram, however, the aforementioned websites share the latest news including Politics, IPOB, Boko Haram etc as it happens.

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