Best Language Translator Extensions for Google

When it comes to Google translator extension for Chrome browser, there are a whole lot of them. Which translator extension for Google Chrome is better and which one should you en route for? Since you cannot download and add all language translators to your Chrome browser we have decided to help you out with the best click-to-translate extension for Chrome browser on Windows and Mac computers.

When you are picking an extension for your Chrome browser to translate web page language from Spanish to English or other languages you need to ensure that the extension won’t slow down your Chrome browser or inject viruses into your computer. For this, we advise that you should enable Windows Defender for real-time protection to auto-detect suspected viruses on your PC.

Google Chrome extensions are a handy tool to ease the use of the Chrome browser. With extensions, you can improve the functionalities of the Chrome browser.

However, for this purpose, we have a list of 10 Google translator extension for Chrome that are all available for Windows and macOS devices.

Google translator extension for Chrome

Google Translator Extension for Chrome

Don’t go further, the list of Google translator extensions below top the list of the best translator extension you can use for your Chrome browser.

  • Google Translate (owned by Google and it’s available for Android devices).
  • XTranslate extension
  • TransOver translator extension
  • Rememberry extension.
  • ReadLang Web Reader extension.
  • Quick Translator
  • Mate Translate.
  • Lingvanex
  • ImTranslator
  • DeepL Translator

These Google Chrome translators are not arranged in hierarchical order. So, there is no order of importance. All our favorite plugins to translate pages on Chrome browser.

Google Translate

Google translate extension is my favorite extension to translate pages on Chrome because the extension id developed by Google. Aside from the fact that the extension is a click-to-translate extension you can also translate your webpage without installing the plugin or extension.

All you have to do is to open a web browser on your phone or PC and visit and ensure you set the language option to auto-detect and then choose the language to translate to.

The extension will detect the primary language with the translator auto-detect feature and translate it to the selected language.

This is similar to what the translator extension does but the extension automatically detects the language and gives an option to select the language to translate the page to.

Are you choosing the Google Translate extension as your favorite Google translator extension for Chrome browser?

Xtranslate Extension for Chrome Browser

Xtranslate translator extension has a unique feature you cannot afford to miss. The feature is unique in that you don’t have to translate a whole page if you are limited to some words.

Just like the Google translate translator for Chrome, the Xtranslate can be used to translate a whole page as well as a selected text on the page. If you don’t want to translate a whole page at a time, you can use the Xtranslate extension to highlight the part of the page you want to translate, right-click and select translate.

This translator extension gives an option than being redundant with just the option to translate a whole page. The extension’s developer also improvises a short method to translate a page using key combinations on your keyboard.

To translate the selected page on the web using the Xtranslate hotkey, all you need to do is to press and hold “Alt + Shift + X” as the default key. At the same time, you can set your preferred hotkey to use with the Chrome translator extension.

If this Google translator extension gives you the option you need you can join the over 50,000 active users.


If you are looking for a text-to-speech translator then we recommend the TransOver Chrome translator extension. Aside from the feature to copy translates to the clipboard you also have access to a feature that allows you to type and translate in a pop-up built alongside the extension.

TransOver has recorded more than 100,000 users at the time of writing this article that uses the language translator on Chrome browser and translates from one language to the other.

The TransOver extension also works on a webpage that disables translators. So, with this extension, all you need to do is to enable the feature and translate the page with “do not translate” instruction.

Rememberry Chrome Translator

Rememberry is another popular language translator extension for Chrome browsers. It offers some ridiculous features which include access to over 100 different languages you can translate a single page to and reverse the translates without an error message.

Rememberry extension allows users to translate some selected part of the text on the page using a pop-up feature. This, however, makes it works just like the XTranslator but comes with transcription feature, synonyms, antonyms, and many more.

With more than 100,000 downloads so far, the Rememberry translator plugin is one of the most downloaded Google translator extensions for Chrome browsers we can recommend.

ReadLang Web Reader Extension

This ReadLang Google translator extension works just as the name implies. The extension reads the web languages and translates them to the user’s preferred language.

So, what the language translator extension does is to read a language in which a web page is written and translate to the language you understand the best or local language.

ReadLang extension has a built-in feature with a hotkey “R” to read the ReadLang extension and translate the web page to another language that you are expected to select.

This extension can be used to translate the Facebook text with a single click and listen to the text in your primary language. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a Google translator extension to read the web page for you just like the known text-to-speech feature you should consider the ReadLang web reader extension.

Mate Translate

A lot of people are using the Google translator extension for Chrome and Mozilla. Although, the extension is offered in-app purchases and it’s available for Android devices just like the Google translate we mentioned above.

Not minding that there are over 400,000 users as at this time, the language translator supports around 103 languages. Let me burst your bubble, the Mate translate extension can be used to translate Netflix subtitles. So, the is surely a language translator extension for Netflix users.

Mate translate also offers a feature to override the type to translate you see out there. Rather, it offers a click-to-translate feature with the Mate translate extension pop-up.

Another feature that sells the Mate Translate extension for Chrome is the newly added feature to synchronize the extension across all your devices. 

So, if you have some words or dictionary words stored on your Mate Translate on Chrome it will be synchronized across all your devices and make them available and accessible.

DeepL Translator

DeepL translator turn off for me is that the translator is paid and only supports 12 languages. The extension has both the stable and beta versions for Chrome and Mozilla. But if you need something more than just an extension, a paid version will see you translating webpages outside your Chrome and Mozilla browser.

DeepL translator extension for Chrome also has a standalone app for Windows, macOS, and smartphones to translate webpages offline. And it cost a whopping $6.99 for starter, $22.99 for advanced, and $45.99 for the ultimate plan per month for annual subscribers, and more expensive for monthly subscribers.

However, the DeepL translator free version which is available for all devices is limited to 10 glossaries without a team administration. However, DeepL translator extension offers a 30 day free trial for both the starter and advanced plan with an instant buy for the Ultimate plan.

Meanwhile, the DeepL translator has been downloaded and added to either Chrome or Mozilla browser by more than 2,000 users.

LingVanex Translator Extension

LingVanex is also a paid web translator extension for Chrome and other browsers and a stand-alone app or software for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

LingVanex is one of the few unpopular Chrome browser translators out there because it offers a paid service. The 10,00+ activate users enjoy the ability to translate text, text-to-speech, and translate text on pictures across all their devices.

To start using the LingVanxe translate plugin you can start with the Demo version or a Demo account but you will be prompted to create an account to be able to explore the translator beyond guest users

 However, the LingVanex translate can also be used to translate popular websites such as Slack, Telegram, etc., and offer an on-site translator where you need to copy and paste the text to translate with a feature to auto-detect the language and translate it to your preferred language.

Are you still searching for your favorite Google translate extension for Chrome” Or did we miss the shot? We know we can’t always say your mind but our shot can be very close. We dare you to list your favorite extension to translate web pages or text or text-to-speech on Chrome or Mozilla browser.

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