IE Password Manager: Recover Deleted Password on Explorer

IE password manager is a tool to save password, view password without password viewer software, manage and edit both password and username, but cannot recover deleted passwords in Internet Explorer. While there is an IE password recovery tool called IE Password Dump.

The IE password recovery tool, IE password dump scan through Internet Explorer and resuscitate deleted passwords with a command line to save it as a text, a command line to view deleted passwords, and some other relevant function.

Internet Explorer has an inbuilt password manager to manage saved passwords and give preference to save usernames and passwords in Internet  Explorer manager feature rather than using Password manager pro for PC and password keepers for smartphones.

However, here in this article today, I will share with you how to recover deleted Internet Explorer password using IEPasswordDump for Internet Explorer.

IE password dump is a computer line of codes converted to a software for Windows to scan and recover deleted passwords on Internet Explorer. The IE password dump help to find all passwords that have been deleted from your Internet Explorer when the feature to save usernames and passwords under Internet Explorer internet options form is enabled.

Meanwhile, before you can use IE password dump to find and recover deleted passwords in Internet Explorer, read our previous article on IE password Dump tutorial.

Previous on this blog, we have shared a guide on how to manage Internet Explorer saved passwords and you can also check how to change Internet Explorer Homepage from Microsoft or Lenovo to Google search engine.

IE Password Manager: How to Set up Internet Explorer Password Manager

Before you can see saved password in your Internet Explorer under web certificate you must authorize Internet Explorer to save passwords and username on the browser automatically whenever you input one. Previously, I shared how to change Internet Explorer Homepage, wherein a section I discussed how to enable Internet Explorer feature to saved passwords and username automatically.

IE Password Manager: Recover Deleted Password on Explorer

If you ever have some deleted passwords on your IE and would love to revamp it, here is a post for you. Meanwhile, if after you have deleted saved passwords in your Internet Explorer password manager you have install another OS or upgrade your PC OS you may not be able to recover the deleted passwords.

However, if you also save passwords in your Chrome or Safari or Opera-Mini password manager I’ll suggest you export your saved passwords from other browsers and import it to your Internet Explorer.

1. Download IE Password Dump  > Unzip IE Password Dump > Click  IEPasswordDump

IE Password Manager

Note: You cannot execute IEPasswordDump to scan deleted passwords. The IEPasswordDump is a command line program so it needs to be run from your computer cmd.

2. Press Win + R to run Windows OS command prompt and browser for IEPasswordDump and click on the application.

IE password manager

3. IEPasswordDump will scan your Internet Explorer password manager to recover deleted passwords. Some of IE password dump command line include:

  • IEPasswordDump.exe -h displays the help screen.
  • IEPasswordDump.exe displays all credentials in the console window.
  • IEPasswordDump.exe -f “c:\passwords.txt” saves all authentication information to the passwords.txt file.

With this IE Password manager recovery tool, you should be able to recover all deleted password in your Internet Explorer browser.

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