How to Save Data on Android Phones with Datally

Here is my view about Datally VPN app for Android phone to save data on Android phones, improve phone performance, and reduce phone over-heating.

We have different ways to reduce data consumption on our Android phone. The popular way is to stop background apps from running when we enabled internet connection on our phone.

However, limiting the total number of background apps that eat up your phone data when not in use doesn’t only consume data but only reduce phone performance.

Meanwhile, we can put an end to this by forcing the app from stop working, regulating the total number of data to be used per month, and reduce the number of apps that are running on your phone.

Also, when you freeze some apps on your phone it increases phone performance and reduces phone data consumption since they are not running. However, following this data consumption misconception, Google introduced a new app called “Datally for saving mobile data” for free.

Following the introduction of Google Go File, and Google Lightweight Map app, Google released a new Android app called “Datally” to automatically blocked background apps from connecting to the internet.

Datally Mobile Data locker

Google Datally Mobile Data Locker

In 2017 alone, Google has launched more than 10 wonderful apps but the best among them are Google Go File, Google Lightweight Google Map app, and Datally for saving data on mobile.

Google inadvertently introduced Datally app VPN for Android Phone to lock down internet access to all apps running on Android phone background whenever there is an internet connection.

Datally saves more than 90% data consumption on a good day when background data are not restricted.

Apart from the fact that Google Datally app for Android lockdown background app from consuming data it also helps to reduce the rate at which your phone works.

Rather than working with the total number of apps on your phone when there is an internet connection, it only works with the only app you launch.

Meanwhile, then you will not be able to receive messages on messenger like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks that run using your phone background data unless or otherwise unlocked from Google Datally app option.

When you enabled Datally on your Android phone and you click to enable Datally, the app automatically put all apps on hold and show a notification on your app notifications bar that Datally is running. However, you don’t need to disable Datally manually on each app you want to use.

Rather, navigate to your app menu and click to launch the app as this will automatically unblock the app from connecting to the internet.

Technically, whether you restrict your phone background data manually or not, the moment you enable Datally on your phone it will automatically restrict your Android phone background data.

Despite all these features, Datally is yet to find its way to iPhone. Google launched Datally for Android and it’s currently available in Google store. However, Google hasn’t announced Datally for iPhone to save iPhone data from apps that are not in use.

Of all Google best apps this 2017, Google File Go, Google lightweight Google Map app, and Google Datally for saving mobile data are the best and most talk-about Google app.

However, for a better performance for your phone, kindly install Google File Go to free more space on your Android phone, install lightweight Map app to have access to Google Map with a weak internet connection and finally, install Google Datally for Android Phone for saving phone background data and improve phone performance.

Would Datally Come to iPhone

For many reasons, the answer to this question is yes! Both Android and iOS users need to block background app from running and consuming your mobile data. Although this app currently available for Android phones, and would Google will soon release Datally for iPhone and other iOS devices.

However, for iOS devices like iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 8, iPhone X and other iPhone products,  you can still use iOS built-in feature to save data on your phone and restrict background apps from running.

For Android phone users who would love to use Datally alternative for can download and install any iOS apps to reduce mobile data consumption or better still follow the procedure below to save data on iPhone.

1. Launch your iPhone app settings

2. Tap Cellular option

3. Click on the switch next to each of the apps you have running on your iDevice to turn them off.

Doing this will help save data on your iPhone without installing iOS data saver app. Meanwhile, you only need to turn off only apps you are not using or apps that you do not use always.

Datally Advantages Surpass its Disadvantages

Apart from the fact that Google bluff us with few amazing apps like Google File Go, and Google lightweight Google Map app, Datally for saving mobile data is also an amazing app. Not minding the disadvantages of the app when compared with the app disadvantage, you can be convinced that the app offers more good than bad.

Since I started using the Android data saver app, the only noticeable disadvantage is that it stop pushing notification to all my messengers. This implies that the app blocked all apps from having access to the internet unless you launch it.

And the moment you leave the app interface to another app it’ll pop-up a keylogger telling you that it has locked the app from access internet again except manually launched again.

This means that apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other will not receive any message if you do not alter the app default settings. Once you toggle the Datally VPN app lock key, it put all apps behind the wall and restrict them from having access to the internet.

How to Restrict Datally for a Specific App

When you launch and enable datally feature to block internet access on your phone, it will block all you apps from connecting to the internet to save data on your Android phone. However, there is a general option to unblock specific apps from been blocked by the data saver app by Google.

However, when you choose to let some apps access the internet without disabling the data saver app, launch the app and disable the specific app you want to grant an internet connection.

I’ll suggest you use this feature for apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram so that you will be able to get instant notifications.

I have spent over one weak using this app and I have saved over 200MB according to the app report. And this is also confirmed when I checked the total data I use for the week compared with what I used a week before.

This is a tool to check the total number of data you have left but the Datally VPN app for Android is the best app to save data on your Android phone, reduce the total number of apps running on your phone, and boost phoner performance.

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