How to Activate Fetch TV

Fetch TV is a subscription-based TV service provider that shows recent movies, TV shows, and live sports. Activate Fetch TV which is an Australian IPTV source that provides a subscription television service over a user’s regular internet service. Fetch TV makes available a set-top box with a digital TV tuner, a personal video recorder with about 45 subscription channels, video on demand, pay as you view movies, web applications, and a mobile app.

The Fetch TV is an entertainment platform that offers a variety of channels and apps with one of the major selling points being that it can hold a variety of services in a single app that may require multiple devices. In addition, Fetch TV gives you access to all your favorite streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and WatchESPN, all from one device.

Even though some streaming apps are available on Fetch TV devices, as a service, Fetch TV is not comparable to streaming services like Netflix and Stan. Rather than a monthly flat plan fee for access to a streaming collection, Fetch TV provides themed channel packs for $6 monthly (or $20 per month for all). It’s similar to that of Foxtel’s regular pay-TV model but a lot cheaper.

In case you decide to stream Netflix or Stan on your Fetch Box either using the Mini or Mighty, you will still need to make a payment for the service’s subscription. Thinking if it’s worth signing up for Fetch TV or settling for a streaming service? Then, here in this article, you will learn how to Activate Fetch TV and also how to launch it on several compatible devices.

Read further in this article on how to set up the Fetch TV boxes, apps, and channel packs work. The Fetch TV boxes are quite affordable and suitable. Fetch TV is an ideal feasible option for those who need a balance between getting the best of streaming and free-to-air TV and movies.

Available Streaming Apps on Fetch TV 

Fetch TV support some well-known typical streaming services like Netflix, Stan, and Prime Video which require the usual extra monthly or annual subscription fee to access them. Actaivate Fetch TV. The following are the streaming service apps presently supported on Fetch TV:

You will also find these free-to-air/catch-up apps on Fetch TV (no extra fee is required, but login is needed):

The Fetch TV Box

Fetch TV provides a set-top box for users who prefers the smaller Fetch TV Mini or the fully-featured Fetch TV Mighty. The two can pause and rewind live TV shows. They both can access all your streaming services, and free-to-air TV, however only the Mighty can record it all, even remotely with space of about 585 hours of standard-definition recordings. Fetch TV Mighty is also the only one that can stream all that 4K content coming out these days. Ensure you get the right Fetch TV box to enjoy the unlimited features of the Fetch TV.Activate Fetch TV

How to Set Up your Fetch TV Box

Before you can activate Fetch TV on various devices, you need to set up the Fetch TV Box itself first. Activate Fetch TV by following the steps below to set up:

Connect Fetch TV Box to Modem

Connect your Fetch TV Box through Ethernet Cable or Wi-Fi. 

For Ethernet Connection

  • Connect one end of an Ethernet cable into a free LAN port behind your modem
  • Plugin the other end into the port labeled INTERNET behind your Fetch TV Box
  • Plug the other PLA unit into a nearby electrical outlet. Both electrical outlets must be on the same electrical grid for the PLA units to establish a connection with each other.
  • On your TV, switch to viewing the source channel that corresponds with the HDMI port you used to connect your set-top box (typically HMDI 1 or HDMI 2) and then proceed with the instructions for the set-top box setup wizard.

For Wi-Fi Connection

  • Use the Fetch remote to select Network settings and navigate to the Wi-Fi connection and follow the instructions.
  • Choose your Wi-Fi network name from the list of available Wi-Fi connections.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password with the aid of the on-screen keyboard (your Fetch box will remember your Wi-Fi password for future connections).
  • After your WiFi password has been entered, tap Next to connect.
  • Immediately your set-top box is successfully connected through WiFi, click the Menu key on your remote and follow the instructions for the set-top box setup wizard.

Connect to TV Antenna

An existing TV antenna cable is needed, therefore you will have to unplug it from behind your TV. Get your Free-to-Air Digital TV channels using your normal TV antenna. They are not delivered over broadband Internet. Follow the steps below:

  • Insert one end of the existing antenna cable into the antenna wall socket, or continue with the next step if it’s already connected to the wall.
  • Plugin the other end of the antenna cable into the socket labeled Antenna behind your Fetch TV Box.Activate Fetch TV

Connect to TV

Using HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), your Fetch TV Box connects to your TV. Follow the steps below to connect your Fetch TV box t your TV:

  • Plugin the HDMI cable into the port named HDMI behind your Fetch TV.
  • Plugin the other end into a free HDMI port on your TV.

Connect to a Power Outlet

After completing all the steps listed above and your remote control is set with new batteries, then it’s time to turn on everything.

  • Connect the red end of the power supply unit into the Fetch TV Box.
  • Also, connect the power supply unit into the power socket (Use only with a 100V-240V 50Hz AC power source and only use the Power Supply provided)
  • The power light on your Fetch TV Box will turn on.

Select Source / Input on TV

Switch on your TV to complete the set-up process.

  • Press Source/Input or AV Select on your TV remote control.
  • Choose the HDMI port you plugged your Fetch TV Box into.
  • Enter the Activation Code displayed to complete the set-up process.

Now you are good to go! Note that the light is blue when your Fetch TV Box is turned on. If it is red light, it means the box is in standby mode and you should press the power button on the remote control to turn it on.

Also, note that the internet light on your Fetch TV box is blue when you have a wide-band connection. If it is red, it means there is no live connection. During the first stage of start-up, it will change from red to blue. To watch content in 4K on your Fetch Mighty box, you’ll need:

  • Connected 4K HDR TV
  • Steady home wide-band speed of 15-25 Mbps
  • Video setting set to Auto (4K – 2160P) on your Fetch Mighty box (you can do this on Fetch by navigating to Menu > Manage > Settings > Audio & Visual > Video)

After your Fetch box has been set up, you need to connect all boxes to the same account. Follow the steps below do the connection:

  • Navigate to
  • Log in with the Activation Code /Fetch ID from step one above.
  • Choose Add & Remove Fetch Box from the menu.
  • It’s possible to add up to 3 different Fetch boxes on one account.Activate Fetch TV

How to Activate Fetch TV

Fetch TV can be bought separately, but can also be connected with an internet service via certain providers. Activate Fetch TV here. After setting up your Fetch box, either the Fetch TV Mini or the Fetch TV Mighty, you need to set-top box setup wizard, i.e activate Fetch TV, follow the steps below carefully:

  • Download and install system update on your set-top box once it has an internet connection( Ensure the set-top box is turned on and not disconnected during this process).
  • After the update is completed, the set-top box will automatically restart.
  • After your set-top box has rebooted, a welcome page with the list of 8 steps the setup wizard will be displayed on your screen – Introduction, Activation, Fetch Box Name, Set Up Remote, Audio Settings, Parental PIN, Channel Scan, and Diagnostics.
  • Use the arrows keys and the paw button on your Fetch TV remote to move the cursor around on your TV screen and choose different options. Tap Continue to get started.
  • Enter your Fetch activation code using the on-screen keyboard (The code will be sent to do Email address you provided during the registration process).
  • The code can also be found in your Toolbox in My Products > Fetch > Activate your Fetch. In case you have multiple set-top boxes, check the set-top boxs’ serial number barcode sticker as each activation code is unique to itself.
  • After entering your activation code, select Activate, then Continue.
  • You might set a new name for your set-top box (This is the name that will be used to check the devices to which you are connected to and the network in your modem settings, and it will also help to distinguish between the various set-top boxes if you bought additional set-top boxes for Multiroom viewing).
  • After renaming your set-top box or leaving it as it is, choose Continue.
  • To use your Fetch remote to control your TV as well as your set-top box, select Set up remote now (If not, select Set up later and skip to the next step in these instructions).
  • If you selected to set up your remote, select the brand of your TV from the list of common brands or select Can’t find TV type to open the Universal Remote Set-up.
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to get your Fetch remote working with your TV and then tap Yes, got it working to finish.
  • Choose your desired audio option and tap Continue.
  • The default parental PIN is 0000 – you change it by pressing the green button on your Fetch remote. Tap the 123… button on your remote to bring up the numbers on your remote keypad and use them to enter the new parental PIN twice before choosing Continue.
  • The set-top box will automatically scan for all available Free Air channels. Note that the channel scan will be unsuccessful if a Free to Air aerial is not connected to the back of your set-top box. After the scan is completed, select Continue.
  • The set-top box will automatically run through some diagnostic tests. After the tests process is completed, select Finish.
  • Your set-top box will reboot with your latest configuration. Once the reboot is completed, you will see the Fetch menu and you can start enjoying your new service.

Check through the Fetch TV guide, and in case you wish to set up apps such as Netflix and Stan, you can log in with your existing subscription details. You should activate Fetch TV without stress.

In case you are having trouble on how to activate Fetch TV or on how to set up with your Fetch service, please give Fetch Support team a call or send a mail to them. Activate Fetch TV successfully with the guidelines stated above.

I hope this article on how to activate Fetch TV was quite insightful and helpful, let’s know what you think in the comment section below. 



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