How to Cancel Crunch Membership

Crunch doesn’t make it hard for members to cancel their membership or pause and come back after a while or holiday. We considered a detail on how to cancel Crunch membership in this article. So, stay tuned and follow the steps in this article.

Crunch Gym is a franchise or an establishment where you can undergo physical fitness under the instruction of an expert. Crunch Gym membership couldn’t cost a fortune.

But, if for any reason you want to learn how to cancel Crunch fitness membership here is a guide for you.

How to Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership in Person

The easiest and fastest approach to cancel Crunch membership or subscription is to locate a Crunch Gym center close to you area or where you exercise daily or weekly or as scheduled in your Crunch Gym fitness Calender.

  •  Go to any Crunch Gym center in your area or Crunch Gym near you whether you use the place for your routine exercise or not.
  • Go to the customer care center and talk to the representative or agent and request for a Crunch cancellation form.
  • Fill the form and submit back to the representative.

This should take a few hours if you are not far from the next customer that submitted the cancellation form earlier. Do not forget to request for an evidence to confirm that you membership has been cancelled.

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How to Cancel Crunch Membership on Phone

Another method to cancel Crunch  Gym membership is on phone. This requires you to speak to a customer representative from home or office and as the representative to cancel your membership.

  • Dial the official Crunch Gym customer service number 1-866-428-9664.
  • When an agent pick it, tell the representatives that you want to cancel your membership.
  • Confirm your Crunch membership identity number and confirm the account number.
  • Once the customer representative has confirmed your number the account membership will be put on hold or terminated.

After you have been told that your Crunch Gym membership has been cancelled, I will advise that you call back after a few days to confirm whether it has been truly canceled so that you will not be charged at the end of the active subscription.

How to Cancel Crunch Membership Online

There is no link in my Crunch webpage to cancel your Crunch membership but with the contact form, you can contact Crunch online representative to cancel your membership for you using the website contact form.

  • Go to Crunch Gym webpage and click on “Contact Us.”
  • Enter your first name, last name, and email address that is linked to your Crunch Gym account.
  • Provide the phone number linked to your account. If you have none, add your phone number to your Crunch Gym account before you proceed to cancel your membership.
  • Choose “Crunch Gym location near you” in the location of interest spot and select “others” instead of “Membership.”
  • In the body of the message, request that you want to “cancel Crunch membership” and click “Submit.”

These are the best approach to cancel Crunch Membership. However, you membership will remain until the end of the current plan.

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