How to Connect Roomba to Wifi

The latest models of Roomba are equipped with features one would only dream of back in 2002. On Roomba, you can find cameras, maps and navigation software that helps the cleaner get a proper cover over its cleaning area.

But to use these features, the Roomba has to be supplied with internet. As such, you might need to know how to connect Roomba to wifi if you intend to use it with the internet and enjoy its recent features. 

Roomba has proved to be one of the best cleaning robot with internet access and do most house chores based on the robot programming. If you don’t know to program your Roomba, check out this article on how to program Roomba.

How to Connect Roomba to WiFi

After purchase of Roomba, and you need to connect it to your cellular network, there are steps to be taking for how to connect Roomba to wifi and they are as follows.  

  1. Place the Base next to Router
  2. Download the Roomba App
  3. Place the Roomba in Base
  4. Continue with App
  5. Choose to Network
  6. Connect to Network
  7. Pair Roomba

Below, we will pick each of the steps and expand on how they can be done easily by you so as to connect Roomba to Wifi. 

Place the Base next to Router

Before you begin you have to make sure your device is placed near your internet source before and during configuration. This is so your connection remains strong all through. 

Also, not the kind of connection mode both the router and Roombas operate. Some might be strictly 5GHz network while others 2.4GHz, and there are hybrids. In most cases, this should be a problem, but if your Roomba fails to see your Wifi, this might be the issue.

Download the Roomba App

First things first on how to connect Roomba to wifi, to use the Roomba to its fullest extent, you need to have the mobile app on your smart phone. So, if you do not already have the iRobot App on your phone, proceed to download it from your application store. It could be Google Play Store for Android users or App Store for Apple users. Note that the iRobot app is a free app and will not attract any extra cost. 

On either kind of phones (Android and Apple), search for “iRobot HOME” and then download. After download and installation go to the next step.

How to Connect Roomba to Wifi

Place the Roomba in Base

A Roomba cleaner will automatically pair with known networks if it is in its home base, but a new one will search for available network instead.

Continue with App

On the newly downloaded iRobot App, open the app. You will be prompted to Log-in, log-in if you already have an account. (If you don’t you will be required to sign in with a new account that would be set up) log-in is required to access your Roomba.

Note to put in your Roomba model during account creation, as adding a wrong one can lead to other issues.

Choose to Network

You can connect to the available network provider (Your router) from your phone. It should request permission to join the Wi-Fi network your phone is connected to. You can choose to accept.

Connect to Network

Having chose a network; connect to the wifi by entering its password and tapping continue. You will get a message saying you have entered the password correctly and it will connect.

Pair Roomba

Back on your Roomba, long-press the Home and Spot buttons at the same time for about 3 seconds. You will hear a chime sound accompanied by a green wifi symbol.

How to Connect Roomba to Wifi

Your cleaner will connect to the wifi. Conclusively, you most tap continue on your App to finish connection. This continue will be a prompt to “I pressed the buttons.” label. 

If this fails to connect to Wifi

If the above steps on how to connect Roomba to wifi does not goes as smoothly as it was expressed, you obviously might have done something wrongly. The following are deficiencies on how to connect Roomba to wifi

Power Connection

Perhaps you encountered an error when you were asked to long-press both Home and Spot button and you heard no sound. Make sure your device is plugged in. 

Poor Network

If it is that your router provided a weak signal, then you can try to reconnect to the network again.

  • Thereafter, Press the “Clean” button to start your Roomba,
  • Then press the home and spot buttons together, till you hear the chime and the Wifi symbol.

Do not press the Clean button while doing so.

Also make sure that the router is close to your Roomba home base to achieve steady connection. Please note which kind of connections your router provides, either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Roomba requires just 2.4GHz. So you have to change the router settings to provide wifi for 2.4GHz devices.

Conclusion on How to connect Roomba to Wifi

Now I know the question that you are itching to ask is if you can use your Roomba without Wifi, at least the newer ones? Well the answer is Yes, Kinda.

You must know that not all Roomba models can connect to Wifi, so they still have a default mode than can operate effectively as designed. To use a Roomba, all you need to do is to press Clean and it will do its job as expected, albeit manually. 

And that is just the difference, with internet, it does all of its job automatically. It is a sort of convivence for it to asses its previous mapping reports or the camera. Also, you can set and reset the Roomba from your phone. 

While having an internet connection makes the operations better, it does not necessarily need it to function. GadgetsWright hopes the article above would assist you on how to connect Roomba to wifi.

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