How to Connect Wii to Smart TV with or without HDMI

If you have got the Nintendo video game, Wii, you will find this post useful as it will help with how to connect Wii to TV just like other video games.

This is a battle between Nintendo Switch and Microsoft (Xbox and PS game consoles). Literally, the way you connect Xbox video game, PS video games to your smart TV with component cables you will expect to do the same with the Wii game console.

However, consoles like Xbox One or Xbox 360 which can be considered as a sole alternative to Wii consoles offer a stress-free approach to connect the console to your smart TV.

The problem with connecting the Wii console to your old TV at home is nothing but due to the absence of TV-out. That implies that to connect the Wii console to them you’d have to rely on the standard TV cables.

But is that even possible? Can you connect Wii TV to non-smart TV or old smart TV with standard TV cables without TV-out ports?

Let’s find out.

In light of this, we will consider all possible trick on how to connect Wii to Smart TV both old and new.

Note: We won’t consider Wii TV installation in this guide. So, we will reserve that for another tutorial.

How to Connect Wii to TV with HDMI

Using HDMI should be the fastest approach to connect Wii to TV but it’s unfortunate that the Wii game console doesn’t have an HDMI port that can be used to connect the console to your smart TV. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot connect your Wii console to your smart TV with HDMI cable.

With the list of HDMI adapter available in the market, you can plugin in the adapter to your Wii console and connect the HDMI to the adapter and then to your TV-out port.How to Connect Wii to TV with HDMI

And here is how to connect Wii to TV with HDMI cable.

  • Connect your HDMI adapter to your Wii console.
  • Plug the HDMI cable to the adapter.
  • Plug the other end HDMI to your TV port.

Note: For a good HDMI adapter to connect Wii to smart TV using HDMI cable check out this “HDMI Adapter” list.

How to Connect Wii to Smart TV with Component Cables

Another method you can adopt to connect the Nintendo Wii game console to a smart TV is using the component cables. There is no technicality in this though but some basic rules must be obeyed for the Wii console to be able to work perfectly.

Note:  To be able to connect your Wii to your smart TV with components cables, your smart TV must have at least 5 ports. These ports should be labelled as follows: audio coloured red (right, or R) and white (left, or L), and three for video, coloured red (Pr/Cr), blue (Pb/Cb), and green (Y).

How to connect Wii to Smart TV using Component cables

  • Unpack your components cables.
  • Connect the cables’ colour to the corresponding colour on your smart TV.
  • Connect the other end to your Wii console on the AV Output ports.
  • Go to your TV settings and enable progressive scan.
  • Switch on your Wii console and switch to AV for the input selection of your smart TV.

If the component cables are connected correctly (colour-colour) the Wii console welcome screen should appear.

Note: We recommend this list of component cables.

How to Connect Wii to Smart TV with Cables

A set of TV cables come with your Wii console. So, this should be your first move to connect your Wii TV to your smart TV. If the follow-come cables didn’t work, you can then consider the use of HDMI or component cables.

  • Find the smart TV cables in your TV pack. This is usually three input coloured white, yellow, and red in most cases. The AV cables can also be labelled “Audio” and Video” describe where you should plug-in the cables on your TV and Wii respectively.
  • Insert the cable to the Smart TV  following the coloured each cable is labelled. Follow this insertion: Yellow = Video, White = Audio Left or Mono, Red = Audio Right.
  • You will find AV connector at the back of the Wii console. Now, plug the other end of the TV cables to it.

Turn on both the TV and Wii console and wait for both devices to boot. Now, turn to the AV selection on your TV to view the Wii station on your device.

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How to Connect Wii to TV with SCART Connector

If you have a much old TV and want to play your Wii console on it you need to get the SCART connector. You can get this from a local electronic store  (it’s common) or get it online from eCommerce website such as Amazon.

You will even have more ports with the start connector. So you won’t need to disconnect your Wii console to use another device with TV cables.

How to Connect Wii to Samsunt TV

  • Plug the Scart connector to your old TV.
  • Plug the Wii’s RCA cable to the Scart connector port following the colour description in-to-in.
  • If you are using a splitter, you need to connect the Scart connector the splitter and connect the splitter to the TV.
  • Finally, switch on both the TV and the Wii game console. Turn to AV on your TV and you should be able to view and access your Wii console.

Following the above procedures, you can connect Wii TV to any kind of smart TV including Samsung TV. The fastest approach to hook up Wii TV to Samsung TV or Apple TV is using either the HDMI or Component cable approach.

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