Unfollowers Instagram: How to Know Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media for sharing photos and short videos. The Instagram social platform is mostly used by celebrities and business tycoons to reach out to their audience about their products and way of life. At the same time, you can share a shot skit with your audience and gain more followers when there love, like and share your IG updates. Despite the popularity level of Instagram you cannot tell when someone unfollowed you on Instagram as Instagram do not send a unfollowed notification. The same thing with Facebook, there is no notification update when someone unfriends you. This, however, reduced the number of followers either using Unfollowers Instagram app for Android and iOS or unfollowing you directly from Instagram for PC.

The importance of monitoring your followers’ growth on Instagram is to keep the pace of how well you are doing and also to carrying your followers along so that you do not lose single followers for the development of the purpose why you are building your IG followers. However, if you have a huge number of followers it may be difficult to remember everyone on your list most especially when the use unfollow button.

While it’s very difficult to identify all followers who unfollowed you when you have million of Instagram followers you can still take time to check all your following to see those that are no longer following you and those that have pulled out from getting your Instagram updates notifications.

The unfollowers Instagram feature allowed IG followers to stop following you without notice and without Instagram sending a notification that someone has unfollowed you. With this, Instagram left so many IG users in the dark and people kept wondering and asking “How to tell if someone unfollowed me on Instagram”.

Although in a conventional statement and reading through Instagram terms and conditions you cannot identify who unfollowed you via notification. However, we have got two sounds method to know those who choose to use the unfollowers Instagram option from their end thereby diminishing your Instagram followers.

Unfollowers Instagram

Unfollowers Instagram: How to Identify Who Unfollowed you on Instagram

Here we analysis two direct ways to know who unfollowed you on Instagram using the unfollow button. Based on experience and number these tools users you can ascertain the number of your previous followers who have taken a turn around to stop following you.

1. InstaFollow/Followers for Instagram

iOS and Android users will enjoy reading this part. If you are using iOS devices such as Apple, iPad, and iPod you will be able to see who unfollowed you on IG using InstaFollow/Followers for Instagram. This popular iOS app is called InstaFollow/Followers for Instagram.

The app provides an insight on how to understand IG better than just a mere Insta users. One major reason why you have to start using this app is to identify the number of followers you have lost over a period of time which IG algorithm failed to keep to abreast too.

The app makes it very easy to find and identify new Instagram users so that you can follow them and they too can follow you in return. This app also tracks your Instagram stats, the last time you logged into your Instagram account and give an insight on the number of followers you have lost over a period of time.

InstaFollow/Followers for Instagram incorporated features Instagram failed to incorporate into its features. The app sends a notification to you whenever you have someone who is following you already unfollowed you [Unfollowers Instagram] on Instagram.

2. Unfollowgram

Unfollowgram is a popular website to track the total number fo IG users who unfollowed you. Some Instagram users don’t follow you back and even make their Instagram account private. Unfollowgram makes it very easy to identify such an IG user that you are following and never followed back. The website also helps to track all your Instagram activity including those who were following you in the first place and late chop off your following and use the unfollowersInstagram feature in order to stop following you.

There is no special requirement to use this website. If you can either signup using an Email account or login with Facebook or Twitter account.

With this two tools, everything is left for you to decide. Since you have successfully identified your old followers who are no longer loyal to you, it’s at you own interest when to re-interact with them and convinced them to start following you back via DM.

And of course, it may be due to one reason or the other. However, this is an avenue for you to ask why they choose to unfollow you using the unfollowers Instagram hidden feature and what you have done to deserve that. While you may want to treat this private you also need to make it look professional so that it will not look as if you are begging users to follow you on Instagram.

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