How to Configure and Manage Xfinity xFi Gateway from Mobile

Xfinity xFi helps Xfinity WiFi router users to personalize and customize WiFi experience at home using the Xfi app. If you are using the Xfinity wireless router, this guide is for you only.

However, if you own a third-party router and you will want to learn how to configure your router, always refer the users manual.

Every gateway comes with a user manual so also is the Xfinity. However, the Xfinity xFi app is developed for Android and iOS users to configure and manage their home wireless connection.

Having spent some time with different WiFi routers, configure routers with different IPs such as 192.168.11, and many more, I can boldly say WiFi is one of the home equipment.

Xfinity WiFi is not the only wireless network out there with the best quality, the like of Tp-links, Linksys, and a lot more.

Xfinity xFi App

What is Xfinity xFi?

Xfinity xFi is a new tool for Xfinity wireless customers to personalize and manage their WiFi from home. The xFi provides a user dashboard to easily access their WiFi set up, change the default settings to personal settings, change the password and rename username.

Other information xFi app provides access to control include parental control, troubleshooting WiFi error, and contact Xfinity xFi customer supports from home on mobile or on the Xfinity website.

From the Xfinity xFi app, you can simply pause the home WiFi even when it’s powered on. This is one of the features of the app’s parental control.

Xfinity xFi App

To ease customers when customizing the Xfinity router’s gateway quick access to Xfinity with the Xfinity app. However, here is how to get started with the Xfinity app.

1. Download Xfinity xFi app from the Google play store for Android and for iPhone, iPad, and iPod from Apple apps store.

2. Create your Xfinity account or log in to your Xfinity account via the “myxFi” with your Xfinity username and password.

3. To the top of the xFi app, you will your Wireless name which can be changed in settings.

4. To view Xfinity password click on “Show Password”

5. To change username and password or username or password alone click on “Edit WiFi”.

6. Create a new password and click on save changes.

With this simple Xfinity xFi tool, you can manage and personalize your Xfinity router from home. However, this approach is only for  Xfinity internet customers with the xFi gateway.

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