How to do a vlookup in Excel Spreadsheet

Excel Spreadsheet is one program you can’t escape learning how to use while in school or office settings. One of the most popular encounters with Excel is how to extra value from one Excel cell and use it in someplace else in Excel. You could better pose this question as to how you retrieve a value from one Excel cell and use it someplace else in Excel. In this post, I’ll teach you how to do a vlookup on Excel.

We’ll cover some salient information you need to know when you want to do a vlookup in Excel Spreadsheet. When it comes to Excel, you need to take more tutorials, especially for dummies.

This vlookup tutorial will explain the nitty-gritty of how you are a beginner can easily do a vlookup in your Excel Spreadsheet work. At some point, you may need to take a video tutorial whenever it appears complicated.

What is vlookup?

It’s good to know what is vlookup before you learn how to do a vlookup in your Excel.

Vlookup is a function in Excel Spreadsheet that allows users to search for cell contents and receive it from another column. The word vlookup is a combination of “v” which stands for vertical, which look up data on the left column of the table to want to search for a cell’s content.

It’s not necessary to be on the current worksheet you are working on. It could be another. What is most important is that it requires a command key and four arguments.

With this function, you will be able to choose between exact match lookup or approximate lookup.

For instance, let’s say you want to look up a product name like SKU. You can decide to go for the exact match or approximate match.

How to do a vLookup

Before you can do a vlookup in Excel, you first need to know the name of the product you want to look up. Once you know the name of the product you want to look up, here is a procedure you can follow to do your vlookup as an expert.

1. Open the Excel Spreadsheet program where you want to calculate the vLookup formula.

How to do a vlookup

2. In the Excel menu click on the formula option

3. When you click on the formula, you will see some ribbons, click on Lookup & Reference.

Lookup reference

4. A drop-down menu will appear. Scroll down and click on vlookup.

How to do a vlookup

5. This will pop up another vlookup sheet where you will specify the cell, and in this case, you can do this. Since our lookup value is H2, which is where we want to put our product or the name of the tournament.

How to do a vlookup

Therefore, we need to input H2 in the lookup_value box. After that, the Excel will return the product or tournament total rating in cell H3 as we type the name of the tournament in the H2 cell.

6. Move to the next table_array and specify the data which you want the vlookup to use for what the command will search for in the table_array box.

Table Array

7. Next is the col_index_num which is where you have to specify the data that vlookup will use relevant data in the column index number.

Column index number

For accuracy, vlookup requires you to use a numerical value rather than a letter value. So, in this wise, we want vlookup to use the total rating value in column D. So, we’ll enter 4 as the numerical value.

8. Lastly, on the vlookup popup is the range_lookup where you will need to specify whether you need an exact match vlookup result or an approximate vlookup result.

Range lookup

For an exact match result enter FALSE and for an approximate result enter TRUE instead.

9. After you have configured everything as shared above. click on the OK button at the popup of the vLookup tutorial settings.

How to do a vlookup

10. Under the tournament where you see total rating value. Suppose you want to find the total value rating of the PGA Championship, we’ll type “GPA Championship” in the H2 cell and vlookup will automatically look up the total value rating and produce the figure in H3.

How to do a vlookup

There are so many things you can do with vlookup in your Excel Spreadsheet. You can find individual value as well as the ability to combine two worksheets into one.

There is more to how to do a vlookup in Excel. If you have different worksheets containing different information such as email address, name, and phone number, you can put them together using vlookup if you know how to use them effectively.

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