How to Fix Airplay Not Working on Samsung TV

Airplay is a proprietary wireless communication that allows you to cast content such as videos, photos, music, and more from Apple devices to your favorite speakers, and popular smart TVs including Samsung TVs.

Despite these Airplay functions, you can run into different problems such as ”Airplay not working on Samsung tv” when trying to connect from the Apple product to your Samsung TV. In some cases, your Samsung tv might not even show as a device in Airplay. But first, you have to first know how to properly connect the Airplay on your Samsung Tv.

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Most times when you are trying to airplay content from your Samsung Tv and it fails. The most common cause of this problem could be that you are using an outdated Samsung Tv OS( Operating System)  or the OS of your host devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac might be outdated. However, there are other several factors that contribute to “Airplay Not Working on Samsung TV” which we would discuss in the article below.

Airplay Not Working on Samsung TV

Airplay not working on Samsung Tv can be fixed by trying some of the solutions below. However, you need to first follow some of the basic troubleshooting steps that are stated below:

  • Check if your Samsung TV supports the Apple Airplay feature. Not all Samsung Tv products support airplay features. Airplay is supported on newer Samsung Tv models starting from 2018 and above.
  • Once you’ve confirmed this, disable the Bluetooth connection of your device then re-connect your device to see if this helps to solve this persisting issue.
  • If this doesn’t work simply remove and re-pair the tv and apple device.
    Make sure you don’t have any VPN connected on either your Samsung Tv device or your host device (iPhone, iPad, or Mac).

If you have cross-checked these troubleshooting conditions and you find out that they were not the problem. Then follow the steps we listed below:

How to AirPlay to a Samsung TV from Mac

Restart and Retry the Network Connection on Your Samsung TV

If you noticed that airplay has worked fine on your Samsung tv before you recently start experiencing issues with connecting it. Simply Switch off your device and restart all your devices, as it could be just a temporary problem.

Then retry the connection on your Samsung tv:

  • Navigate to General on your Samsung TV Settings.
  • Then select Network Status and click on the Retry button.
  • Now re-connect the Wi-Fi from your host device and check if Airplay works fine on your Samsung Tv.

Change the Connection of the Bandwidth

Your Wi-Fi routers have “dual-band” radio signals which enable you to connect your home devices to 2 different networks. It could be either the 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz network.

However, airplay is simply designed to work only when all devices are connected to the same network. For example, if your Samsung Tv is connected to the 2.4 GHz network and your Apple device is connected to the 5.0 GHz network. This will prevent Airplay from connecting to your Samsung Tv.

  • Go to your web portal and login.
  • Open settings and select Wireless.
  • Then pick between 5GHz or 2.4GHz.
  • After saving these changes go to your Samsung TV Wi-Fi Network
  • Then tap on Source on your remote then go to Settings (gear icon bottom left) > Enter > General > Network > Network Status.

Disable IPv6 in Your Samsung Tv Settings

Airplay might not work on your Samsung TV if there is a networking issue with the IPv6 protocol. Disabling IPv6 from your Samsung TV Settings would help fix this issue.

  • Open General in the Settings of your Samsung TV and select Network.
  • Now open the Expert Settings and disable the IPv6 protocol.
  • Disable IPv6 in the Expert Settings of the Samsung TV

If after checking your Samsung Tv and this issue still persists, then you need to disable IPv6 on the host device (like a Mac) as well.

Edit DNS Settings on Your Samsung TV

If your network connection cannot resolve the web addresses required for the operation of Apple Airplay, then changing the DNS server of your TV might help to solve the problem.

  • Go to the Network tab in the Settings of your TV and select Network Status.
  • Now click on the button of IP Settings and open DNS Settings.
  • Open IP Settings in the Settings of Samsung Tv.
  • Then select Enter Manually and enter the following values (the Google DNS values).
  • Manually Enter the DNS Values of the Samsung TV
  • Now apply your changes and switch off the TV.
  • Wait for at least one minute and power on the TV to check if the Airplay issue is resolved.

Disable the Firewall of your Host Device

Firewall has a way of interrupting connections, disabling the firewall of your host device would help to restore a stable connection.

  • Launch your Mac Preference and open Security and Privacy.
  • Open Firewall Option of Mac.
  • Completely Disable the Firewall of the Mac.
  • You can also choose to Disable “Block All Incoming Connections” and Enable “Automatically Allow Built-in Software to Receive Incoming Connections” in Mac’s Firewall.

Update the Firmware of your Samsung Tv to the Latest version

If you are using an outdated version of Samsung Tv it might affect Airplay from connecting with your host device. However, you need to update the OS of your Samsung Tv to the latest version.

  • Launch your Samsung TV Settings and select Support.
  • Click Software Update and select Update Now.
  • Open Software Update of Samsung Tv.
  • If an update of  your Samsung TV is available, allow it to download and install.
  • Once your Samsung Tv is completely updated, check if Airplay is now working fine with your Samsung TV.

Update the OS of the Host Device to the Latest Version

Using an outdated OS or firmware on your host device (such as iPhone, iPad, or Mac) may result in the Airplay issue. Simply updating your Samsung Tv or Apple device OS to the latest version might solve this problem.

  • Launch the System Preferences of the Mac and open Software Update.
  • Open Software Update in the Mac Preferences.
  • If an update is available, click on Update Now (or Upgrade Now).
  • Once the macOS update is completed, check if the Airplay is now working fine.

Airplay Not Working On Samsung Tv

Reset Samsung Smart Hub

Samsung allows its users to download third-party apps to its TV. Make sure you back up important information and data before resetting your Samsung smart hub.

  • Launch the Samsung TV’s Settings and select Support.
  • Open device care and select self diagnostics.
  • Then select the Reset Smart Hub option and enter your Tv’s PIN if required
  • Once the smart hub is back to the defaults, set it up and check if Airplay is working fine with the Samsung TV.

Reset Your Samsung TV to Factory Default

The Firmware of your Samsung Tv could get corrupted and this can affect Airplay from connecting to you Samsung Tv. However to factory reset your Samsung Tv

  • Launch your Samsung Tv settings and select support.
  • Now open Self Diagnostics and select Reset.
  • If the Reset option is not located in the Self Diagnostics menu, check the Settings>> General menu.
  • Then, you are asked to, enter the PIN of your TV and once the TV is back to factory defaults, set it up as a new one.
  • Now check if Airplay is working fine on the Samsung TV.

In conclusion, we have briefly explained the solution to fix the problem on “Airplay Not Working on Samsung TV”. We hope these tips have been very helpful.

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