SOLVED! How to Fix Samsung Dryer no Heat

When you load your Samsung dryer with wet clothes, you expect it to spring into action and do its job. However, what do you do when your dryer won’t heat up and dry your wet clothes? Well, this article has been compiled for you to help you fix the Samsung dryer no heat issue. 

Many factors can hinder your Samsung dryer from heating up which are; a burnt heating element which carries about 80% of the main cause of Samsung dryer no heat while the remaining 20% is shared among a failed control board heater relay, cycling thermostat, ventilation blockage, blown thermal cut-off fuse, and an improper power supply. 

In this post, we will walk you through the most likely reasons why your Samsung dryer no heat issue keeps occurring. Read on!

Causes of Samsung dryer no heat

Why is my Samsung dryer running but not heating?

One of the most common problems most users of Samsung dryers complain about is the dryer is not heating issue. However, there are so many factors that can be responsible for the Samsung dryer no heat problem such as not closing the dryer door properly, a Clogged air vent line, a burnt heating element, a blown thermal fuse, and failed control board among others.  

Burnt Heating Element

This is regarded as the main cause of why your Samsung dryer won’t heat. Once you have a burnt-out heating element and it occurs more than once within a year or two, the thermal fuse, which is supposed to protect it, becomes defective, therefore it’s a good idea to replace it immediately.

If the temperature in the heating chamber is too high which is usually caused by poor venting, then your dryer won’t heat up at all. Note that the Samsung dryer heating element can last up to about 15 years if maintained properly.

Thermal Fuse is blown

Once the thermal fuse blows, then the dryer stops generating heat. It’s important to replace it before you run the dryer again. Note that the thermal fuse is different from the thermal cutoff. The thermal fuse is designed to stop the dryer from operating, tumble and heat included.

To be sure if your thermal fuse has truly blown, tap the right side of your multimeter lead to the right side of the fuse, and repeat with the left multimeter lead. Once the multimeter needle fails to move, then it means the thermal fuse has blown.

Once you discover that your Samsung dryer thermal fuse is blown, you need to replace it with a new one before the dryer will run again unlike a thermostat that can reset itself.Samsung Dryer no heat

Ventilation Blockage/Clogged Air Vent line

In case your dryer is heating but the clothes are still damp, then your vent is probably blocked. If your dryer has weak or low heat and runs for a long time without getting very hot, it could also be because of a blocked vent.

If your dryer stops after only a couple of minutes with wet clothes, then your moisture sensors could be dirty and need to be cleaned thoroughly with clean cotton cloths and a mild soap while the dryer is disconnected. 

To check if your dryer’s air vent is blocked, turn on the dryer and go outside to feel the flow of air leaving the vent. If the flow is slow and not very warm, then your vent may be due for a good and thorough cleaning.

Failed Control Board Heater Relay

The control board heater relay on your Samsung dryer can be likened to the “brain”. As we know that without the brain, other parts of the body cannot function, so it is the main control board of almost all household appliances.

The control board on your Samsung dryer coordinates and controls all of the unit’s functions, including its ability to generate heat. In case just a part of the control board is functioning normally while the other part which is the heater relay on the control board may be the faulty part. Notwithstanding, the functionality has been affected. Samsung Dryer no heat

Improper Power Supply

A Samsung dryer is a power-hungry home appliance, especially when it comes to the heating element. The heating element inside the dryer requires a continuous two-phase 240V power supply to generate adequate heat.

Since the Samsung dryer depends on a two-phase power supply, it’s possible to be connected to double circuit breakers. In case one of the breakers trips, the dryer would only receive half the power it requires (i.e. 120V) and only from one phase.

Simply, the other parts of the dryer, like the motor or control board, might receive power to function correctly.

How do you identify a burnt heating element in your Samsung Dryer?

Once the heating element of your Samsung dryer stops working properly, the dryer will still spin and even the cycle will be completed, but it won’t get hot enough to help dry your clothes. 

Normally, heating elements wear out over time, but overloading the dryer, not cleaning the lint screen regularly, and poor ventilation can all cause Samsung dryer no heat issue. 

Why is my Samsung dryer only blowing cold air?

The main reason why your Samsung dryer is only blowing cold air and no heat is that it has overheated. Many manufacturers have a legal condition to ensure that once your dryer gets too hot there is some form of control put in place to prevent your unit from catching fire.

Once you encounter a heating issue and your dryer keeps blowing nothing but cold air, another reason is usually that one or more of the following parts are defective and might be needing a replacement as soon as possible: Thermal cut-off fuse, a clogged air vent line, or the thermostat.Reset button on Samsung dryer

Do Samsung dryers have a reset button?

Most Modern dryers come with a reset button on the control panel, which can be used to restart the machine. In case the motor won’t start, allow the dryer to cool for about 10 minutes, then tap this reset button. You have successfully reset the Samsung dryer. 

How to fix Samsung Dryer no Heat Issue

Since the reasons why the Samsung dryer has no heat have been highlighted, below are steps to fix the issues. Follow the troubleshooting techniques below:

Replace the Heating Element

Replacing the burnt heating element is quite straightforward but reaching the heating element housing is what makes the repair time-consuming and labor-intensive. Follow the steps below to change the burnt heating element:

  • Turn off the power supply to the dryer to prevent injury and electrocution.
  • Ensure your user manual and technical sheet are close by to serve as a quick reference. 
  • As it will help you locate and identify the heating element on your model, which will be in its housing somewhere close to the air vents.
  • You need to remove several parts like the drum and any other components along the way to get there.
  • Once you have located the housing, you will need to also remove the existing heating element and remove the electrical connectors attached to it.
  • Do the replacement in the same way, then work your way backward by replacing any parts and panels you removed earlier.

That’s it! A replaced heating element should have fixed your Samsung dryer no heat issue.Samsung Dryer no heat

Replace the Burnt Thermal Fuse

The heater assembly overheats and leads to a burnt thermal fuse once there’s no sufficient or proper airflow to carry heat away from the heating elements.

There are two ways to fix this issue. Firstly, you will need to replace the burnt-out thermal cut-off fuse. These are “disposable” parts in the sense that they can’t be repaired, they can only be replaced.

  • Turn off the power supply before starting the repair process.
  • Place your user manual and technical sheet close as a quick reference.
  • That will help to guide you as you remove the essential panels (basically the back panel) to access the heater assembly.
  • You need to be careful here, in case the heater assembly is still hot, don’t work on it yet till it has cooled down totally.
  • Now, remove the burnt fuse and replace it with the new one.
  • Changing the fuse only solves the symptom and not the root cause itself. 
  • Ensure you clean out all of the dryer’s vents to provide proper airflow and prevent overheating.

Replacing the burnt thermal fuse should have fixed your Samsung dryer no heat issue.Samsung Dryer no heat

Fix the Cycling Thermostat

Once the temperature of your Samsung dryer is too low, then it will repeat the heating process as many times as possible to keep up the right level of heat throughout the cycle.

To ensure that the heater switches on and off only when necessary, your dryer depends on a cycling thermostat. It detects when the temperatures get too low or too high and react appropriately.

Since the cycling thermostat is constantly in use, it might fail over time. When that happens, it might stop detecting the temperature inside the dryer whether it’s too low, and therefore fails to turn on the heater causing the Samsung dryer no heat issue. Follow the steps below to fix this:

  • Locate the cycling thermostat at the back of the rear panel of the dryer.
  • Depending on the exact model you have and its design, you can refer to the user manual and tech sheet to confirm.
  • Always disconnect the power supply before starting any repair work.
  • Remove its electrical connector and the screws holding it tight to replace it.
  • Finally, place the new thermostat in and work backward: screw it firmly in place, replace the connector, and then place the rear panel back.

Replacing the cycling thermostat should fix your Samsung dryer no heat issue.

Fix the damaged Control Board or Heater Relay Alone

You can fix just the damaged heater relay alone technically, without touching the control board. Depending on your location, you should be able to find a service that can do it for you.

However, for a straightforward solution, it’s best to replace the main control board altogether. The main control board is located behind the control panel on your Samsung dryer. Follow the steps below to fix the control board or heater relay:

  • Remove the top panel to gain access to it, though the location may vary depending on the model you have.
  • Refer to the user manual and technical sheet to confirm.
  • Once you have located the board, remove its electrical connectors and mounting screws.
  • Place the new board in, and replace those screws and connectors the same way as before.

Replacing the damaged control board or heater relay should have fixed your Samsung dryer no heat issue.Samsung Dryer no heat

Fix the Improper Power Supply

Follow the steps below to fix the improper power supply.

  • Make sure you restore full power to your Samsung dryer.
  • Check your circuit breakers and identify the exact ones that power your dryer.
  • Then, ensure that both of them are turned back on.
  • In case the same breaker keeps tripping, then, it’s a sign that there’s a serious fault with your electrical system.

You will need to refer to a professional electrician to troubleshoot the problem and a dryer repair technician if the issue lies within the Samsung dryer itself.

How long do Samsung dryers last?

Samsung has one of the most effective and reliable products in the market, especially when it comes to home appliances. On average, your Samsung washer and dryer will last the same amount of time. A washer can last between 12 to 14 years, while a dryer can lasts as long as 18 to 24 years.

Is it better to fix a dryer or buy a new one?

The first thing to know if you are considering fixing an old dryer or getting a new one is the lifespan of your appliance. In case your Samsung dryer is past its life expectancy, it may be cheaper to replace it than to try to repair it. 

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