How to Fix Samsung Washer UR Code

As a new user, seeing the Samsung washer UR code might be strange to you. But you don’t need to panic as it doesn’t mean your dishwasher is spoilt.

When the Samsung washer is spinning and you try accelerating it and it suddenly stops after making several attempts. You are likely going to see the “UR” error code, then there are some proven things you ought to do instantly. The majority of these troubleshooting steps don’t require the services of a repairman.

That said, I will be breaking down every possible reason why you are seeing a Samsung washer UR code on your Samsung washer

What is Samsung Washer UR Code?

The Samsung washer UR code means “unbalanced and retrying”, and it is common with Samsung washers especially on Samsung washers with a digital display. 

While some display a UR code, some display a UE code. But for the most part, you will be faced with a UR code.

And since you are faced with that, here are the things you need to know

The UR code signifies one of these

  • The washer is unbalanced
  • The belt drive is damaged
  • There is too much load or too little load on your washer
  • The electric motor brushes are worn out

That said, let’s break down how you can troubleshoot these issues.

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How to Troubleshoot Samsung Washer UR Code

Below let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your Samsung washer is displaying a UR code and the appropriate troubleshooting process you have to follow to get it resolved.

1. Your Samsung washer is unbalanced

One of the first things that you should inspect is the evenness of your Samsung washer. If it is not even /parallel with the ground, the washer might struggle to distribute water across the washer while making the load harder to move around due to forces like gravity.

In a scenario where your Samsung washer is slanting, you can easily figure this out by looking at the ground. If you can’t, you should get a level to balance the washer with the ground.

Sometimes, the room might be designed in such a way that the floor is slanting, In cases like that, you can either balance it by adding something balance underneath it or transfer it to another room.

2. The Load inside the Laundry Machine is too much/small

load inside the samsung washer is too much/small

Another scenario that could trigger a Samsung washer UR code is; too small load or too much load. In some cases, it could be adding a variety of clothes of different thicknesses. 

For example, when you add a rug with a T-shirt. you can get stuck with a UR code since the rug requires a different type of wash cycle compared to the T-shirt

Also, shoes and clothes getting stuck on the component in the drum can cause a UR code.

How to Fix

If you are faced with a Samsung washer UR code and you are double sure that the washer is balanced.

  • Stop the cycle and check the component on the drum to see if anything is stuck there.
  • If there isn’t adjust the load in the laundry so to ensure it’s at the proper weight.
  • Adjust the laundry so that it is the proper weight, but before doing this, you have to drain the washer and make the necessary adjustment before starting a wash cycle.
  • If you don’t have a clear gauge on what amount of load should be placed in the washer you should check your user manual for specific instructions on that

3. The Washer Belt is Slacked or Faulty

In a scenario where your drive belt is damaged. You are most likely to come across a Samsung washer UR code. 

With a torn-out or a broken drive belt the Samsung washer won’t work, probably, it has been getting weak before becoming damaged.

The drive belt basically assists the washer to move at its supposed speed. and with the washer, the machine won’t work.

A good pointer to recognize this is if your washer isn’t spinning. 

How to fix

In some cases, you might be lucky as you might need to tighten the drive belt, while in some other cases you just have to replace it.

That said, If it is broken and you are not comfortable replacing it, you should call the services of a repairman.

4. Samsung Washer Motor Brushes Worn Out

Samsung Washer Motor Brushes Worn Out

If your Samsung Washer Motor brush is damaged or worn out it won’t work properly. This isn’t very common with newly purchased washers since the brush washer deteriorates with time. 

After prolonged usage, you might come across this. A good way to discern this is if it is easy to turn the drum by hand but when it is OFF, But when it is ON, it can’t pick up the appropriate speed then the brushes are worn out

How to fix

  • To access the brushes, you need to first access the electrical motor
  • To access it, you have to disassemble the front of the washer 
  • Now go behind the drum
  • Take out the motor to access the motor brush
  • check the motor brush to confirm if it is worn out;
  • if it is worn out you need a replacement.

5. Issues with the Bearings

One of the pointers that signify that your bearing is damaged is if you spin your washer without any load but there seems to be an excessive vibration. 

In scenarios like this, you might have to check the bearing compartment since this could make the machine unbalanced leading to a Samsung washer UR error

How to fix

The reason why your Bearing is the culprit behind this is that its job is to maintain a smooth rotation in the drum. 

  • To resolve this, simply locate the bearing by using your user manual.
  • Take it out and replace it with a new one.

How to fix Samsung washer UR code

If you are struggling with a Samsung washer UR code. All you have to do is simply follow the guide below to know what exactly you have to inspect in your Samsung washer

  • Inspect your Samsung washer and use a level to make it even with the ground
  • Check the load inside your washer whether is it too big or small
  • Inspect the drive belt for looseness, or make a replacement if damaged
  • Inspect the motor brushes.
  • Check the bearing

Samsung Washer UB code

samsung washer ub code

A Samsung washer UR code is similar to UB and UE error codes. For a Samsung Washer UB code here are a few things you ought to check before calling the services of a repairman

  • Check if the washer is loaded with clothes
  • Ensure the washer is level with the ground
  • Check the belt to ensure they are in good working condition
  • The shock absorber has issues

Samsung Washer UR code not Spinning

If your Samsung washer is not spinning, the first thing you have to check is the belt. If the belt is damaged or torn, the washer won’t spin making the washer freeze operation.

there are other error codes you might encounter with your Samsung washers such as the DC, NF, and SE error codes. If you are facing any of that but you normally resolve to power cycling check this post for the appropriate way to resolve it

Samsung Washer unbalanced

An unbalanced washer will cause a UR, UE or UB washer. and you can easily resolve that by getting a level while adjusting the washer until it is parallel with the straight ground

Why won’t my washer finish the spin cycle?

If you are faced with a scenario whereby your washer is finishing the spin cycle. One of the obvious reasons for this is the drain pump. What you should do in this case is to inspect the drain pump and check for any particles or debris blocking it. You should use a flashlight if the inner component of the drain pump is too dark

How do I reset my Samsung washer code?

You can simply carry out a power cycle by turning off your Samsung washer for a while before restarting it.

Here is how you can do that

  • Turn Off your Samsung Washing machine by unplugging it from the power supply
  • Wait for 3 minutes before plugging back the washing machine
  • Once you start the washing machine, it would have cleared out any error you might have been facing before turning it off

How do you fix an unbalanced Washing Machine?

If the washing machine is unbalanced here are a few things you need to do to balance it up

  • Check how balanced it is using a level
  • Adjust the washer in accordance with the level.
  • If the floor is made slanting, slip in a carpet under it to balance it or any other similar item
  • If the Washing machine is shaking too much, you can add a vibration absorbent item under it while balancing it up


By now you should have figured out the reason behind your Samsung washer UR code and the appropriate steps you need to undergo to resolve it. That said, one thing you have to take note of is when disassembling the washer ensure the washing machine is powered OFF.

Since you’ve successfully read it to the end, which of these have you tried but have issues with?


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