How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller

Taking apart a PS4 controller requires a basic skill to remove and know where the compartments are removed from. Therefore, here in this article, you will learn how to take apart a PS4 controller without messing things up yourself.

But, if you are not sure of your skill you may need to confer on who can help you to unscrew the buttons and screw them back without messing up your PS4 controller.

To do this you need a screwdriver and a magnet. I suggest a magnet so that it will help you magnetize the screws once they are removed.

How to take apart a PS4 Controller

If you don’t want to go through the entire article you can watch the step-by-step video below on how to take apart your PS4 controller.

How to Take a PS4 Controller Apart

Ideally, there is no reason to take your PS4 controller apart because of the likelihood of breaking or messing with the controller’s compartment. But if the joysticks aren’t working as expected you may need to do justice to it yourself in case you are not ready to get a new one at the moment.

For this, we will take you by hand and explain in detail how you can open your PS4 controller and see things for yourself.

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Remove the PS4 Controller Black Plate/Cover

You can call it back plate or cover plate. The plate protects the controller’s compartment from external objects coupled with the controller’s handle cover. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Unscrew all the PS4 controller screws at the back.
    • Do not for the screw to remove so that it will not damage the threads.
  • Remove the back plate once the screws have been removed.
    • Use a flexible object to pinch the left side of the control to start the opening.
    • Use another material to wedge the opening from closing so that it will be easier to open.
    • Repeat the same steps on the right side of the controller.
    • Wedge another plastic opening into the controller’s case splitting and pulling down the wedge to open the casing that covers the share and options button.
    • Take apart the controller’s cover. Do this gently as the cover will be held down by the circuit board ribbons.
      • You should see these:
        • 2 Trigger Springs
        • 1 Grey Reset Button Extension

Next, we need to remove the PS4 controller’s motherboard from the front cover to complete the disassembling process. So, let’s take a loop at how to open the PS4 controller motherboard from the front cover or plate.

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How to Take Apart your PS4 Controller’s Motherboard

There is a screw below the PS4 controller battery retainer to hold down the motherboard. Therefore, you cannot just pull out the motherboard without removing the screw. To do this follow the steps below.

  • Unscrew the screw under the PS4 controller battery retainer.
    • Do not force unscrew it so that it won’t spoil the screw threads.
  • Use blunt forceps to remove the touchpad ribbon from the motherboard.
    • Take note of the touchpad ribbon connector when removing it so that you fix it back during reassembling of the controller.
    • Remove the plastic tray with care from the motherboard and the flip-lock flipped up.
  • Remove the motherboard from the front cover once you have removed the plastic tray.
    • You should see the controller’s vibration motors that are attached to the motherboard. Be careful so that it won’t fall off because they are not firmly attached.
  • At this juncture, you would have all the controller’s components in three-part. These are:
    • The back plater
    • Motherboard
    • Front plate cover.

As fun as it’s; how to reassemble the controller is more technical than how to take the controller part. Therefore, to reassemble the controller you need to follow the steps in reverse order.

So, at this point, you should know how to take apart a PS4 controller without damaging either the controller or the screw threads.

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