How to use Discord for Beginners

How to use Discord as a free app that combines aspects of voice chat for services such as Skype and Teamspeak with the elements of text chat in Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and various instant messaging services.  It is available as a standalone desktop or standalone mobile app, but Discord is also possible to access through a web-based application and runs in web browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Discord was created for online players as a free alternative to voice chat services like TeamSpeak, Mumble, and Ventrilo.  All of these services exist to facilitate Voice over IP (VoIP) between members of game clans, unions, and other groups.  Instead of using the audio connectivity tools included in games, which are often less quality, lack features, or completely missing; players use these services to play together.

Basically, Discord is one of the easiest ways to communicate with your friends with voice, text, and video.  If you’ve tested Slack in the workplace, think of Discord as the same thing, it’s just aimed directly at players and with lots of features.

It is available for free download for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and even Linux.  You can also use it directly in the web browser without downloading it.  So you can not only use it while you are in your gaming machine, but you can also stay in touch when you are outside too.

Where can I use Discord?

Discord is available on Windows and Mac computers and can be accessed by downloading the Discord app or in the browser and running it on the official website.  The browser version has some limitations, such as the inability to detect a webcam or multiple audio devices.  In addition, the browser version cannot use the screen sharing function that allows users to stream desktop computers or specific windows for up to nine other people.

Discord is also available for Android and iOS devices and includes many of the same mobile features that you see on the desktop.  Screen sharing is noticeably absent from mobile versions, but you can still make video calls with all users and receive video sharing from desktop users.

How to join Discord

Discord can be easily joined online via its website.  While a separate download application is offered, you can also join and use Discord across the web without downloading.  Discord is available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux.  When you first join Discord, you will be placed on your personal server, which you can build or leave as is.

How to use Discord

Discord is very useful for connecting communities together, be it from your friends, family, or coworkers.  When you join Discord Chat (known as a “server”), you’ll see a variety of panels.

On the left side of Discord, you’ll find a list of channels.  These topics are usually based on a specific topic and help in organizing chat rooms.

There are two types of channels in Discord – text channels, where people can share their opinions and audio channels, where people can connect their microphones and chat in a conference call.  These channels can be especially useful for online gaming sessions.

On the right side of Discord, you’ll find a list of people currently online, usually grouped by their assigned role.  In general, Discord servers will contain at least one administrator along with the other members.

Discord users can interact with a variety of styles, including chatting, using emojis, sending animations, and attaching photos, files, or links.

How to find a Discord right for you

Discord provides an easy-to-use feature called “server discovery,” where you can find the full range of servers available for the things you love.

For example, if you’re looking for an Overwatch server, simply go to the “Server Discovery” magnifying glass icon in your toolbar, type “Overwatch” into the search, and browse the results to find a suitable server.

Discord doesn’t prioritize the most popular servers, so you’ll have to look at member numbers and server descriptions to find the right server for you.

From there, just click on the “Lies” server.  In this mode, you can browse server channels and content and determine if it suits you.  At the top of the server, you will find a “join” button that allows you to become part of the server you have chosen.

 How to create your own Discord Server

On the left side of Discord, you’ll notice a giant + button called “Add Server.”  Here, you can create your own server, invite friends, and create channels as you like.

Next to the usual “text” and “audio channel” points, you’ll notice another + button.  You can click this to add and rate text channels.

Once you’ve created a text channel, click the gear icon to set the channel topic and any specific settings you may need.  For example, if you want to set up a channel that only a few people can see, you can adjust the view using “Permissions.”

Clicking on the arrow in the upper-left corner will open the server settings, here you can assign roles to people (giving them different degrees of strength in your server), adding custom emojis that anyone can use and setting any moderation rules.

It’s a good idea to set up an explicit content filter on your server if you don’t currently have moderators to do this for you.  The recommended supervision level must be at least “Medium” to reduce the risk of your server being compromised by trolls or rude behavior.  From this list, you can also kick out rioters from your server or ban them completely.


Discord is a great platform for setting up group chats of any kind, whether you’re playing games or not.  It’s very easy to use and easy to use, so if you are looking for setting up any type of online chat, you should consider it a viable and accessible option.

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