How to Change Instagram Account from Public to Private

Instagram account visibility is very flexible as it allows users to set their Instagram account private or public…, place restrictions on Instagram photos and videos and decided who can see Instagram users upload.

While this feature to turn Instagram account private or make it public is not enabled by default, each user is allowed to make a decision whether they want their Instagram to be private or public.

However, while your Instagram account is set to private, only selected followers will be able to see your account information such as photos, videos, etc.

Whether you want to set your Instagram photo or videos or account private, or a combination of all, you will learn the basic approach to go about it in this guide.

How to Make Instagram Private on Mobile

It’s faster and easier to access your Instagram account on mobile. As a result of that, we’ll first consider how to make a change to your Instagram visibility and change it from the public to private on mobile using the Instagram app.

1. Launch the Instagram app on your phone (Android or iPhone)

2. Click on the head icon to open your Instagram profile

Instagram account private

3. Click on the 3-horizontal lines to the upper right

Make your Instagram account private

4. Click on the settings gear icon to the bottom of the screen

Instagram settings

5. Tap on Privacy

Account Privacy

6. Click on account privacy under connections

Instagram account privacy

7. Toggle the button to turn your Instagram account to privateToggle private account option

8. Make the account private by clicking the OK button

Make Instagram account private

As simple as that you can set your Instagram account to private on mobile using the Instagram app.

How to MAke Instagram Private on PC

It’s easier to change your Instagram account status from public to private on a PC because of the screen. The step is relative though but the screen convenience is better.

1. Log into your Instagram account on your PC

2. Click on the profile icon to the upper right or go to and replace “XXXX” with your Instagram username

Account Profile

3. Click on the gear settings icon beside the edit profile option

Instagram account settings

3. Click on privacy and security from the popup

Privacy and security

4. Click on private account under account privacy

Make Instagram account private

Now, your Instagram account will be changed from public to private. However, once this is set, to gain new follower you’ll have to accept the friend request manually where you can choose to accept or reject the request if you don’t know the follower.

Now, your photos and videos will only be visible to people that have been following you before you turn your account to private. While your account is set to private, people that are not following you can send videos or photos to your DM and even DM you.

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