How to Fix iPhone x won’t turn on

One mess I don’t want to find myself with my smartphone is the power problem and calibration. The worst is when the power button isn’t working fine or you press the power-on button but nothing comes up.

This problem isn’t particular about any device. Whether you are using a Samsung Galaxy phone or iPhone XL, your phone might still won’t turn on no matter how hard you tried.

If your small phone won’t turn on you may choose to buy another one instantly. But, what will happen if your iPhone X won’t turn on?

It’s probably a dream you never pray to come to pass. However, if your iPhone X won’t turn on all or charge or the black screen isn’t coming up after you have fully charged the phone here is probably what you need to do.

This is probably the trial and error approach you have to try first if your iPhone power is not working or you try to turn on your iPhone but it’s not turning on at all when the battery is even fully charged.

There approach you will learn here doesn’t guarantee that your iPhone X power will start working. If it doesn’t at the end, we’ll advise you to return it back to the company where you bought it if the warranty is still valid.

If your iPhone X unable to power on is a software issue there is probably nothing you can do it. It’s either your upgrade the software or you fix it.

It might not be a battery problem. The battery may be fixed correctly and still not turn on. So, whenever you have difficulty to turn on your iPhone X, the battery may not be the main problem.

You need to think beyond whether your iPhone battery charges or the battery connector is not good enough to power on your iPhone.

However, if you later discovered that the problem is a software issue, your iPhone might be crashing apart from not turn on when you press the power button.

iPhone X won't turn on

Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn on?

There are a few approaches you can see that is a valid way to fix this iPhone X power problem. Don’t quick to judge when you are experiencing this. The following approaches could be what you need to fix your iPhone X power on problem.

Charge your iPhone X

I know this is ridiculous but that is the first thing you should do when your iPhone is not turning on. You never can tell, the battery power might have been drained overnight or a power app might be consuming the battery faster than you think.

When your battery is drained your phone won’t turn on no matter the level of force you applied to turn it on.

At this junction, you have to use your original iPhone X charger so that you won’t be fooled by all these fake charges.

Another approach you may want to try to use a USB cable connected to your PC. If you have a good cable your phone should indicate charging in a few minutes.

Access your Phone System

You should be doing this once in a while when your iPhone is still working fine to create a backup. iTunes is a free service on your iPhone X, so, you should consider using iTunes to check your phone system to know whether something is missing or not. Or you need a quick backup.

The purpose of doing this is to let you create a backup of your iPhone X device. When fully charged, you should be able to turn it on. But if your iPhone won’t turn on after charging, next, you need to create a backup immediately in case of any negative occurrences.

  1. Connect your iPhone X to your computer using a working USB cable and launch the iTunes app on your PC.
  2. Wait for a couple of seconds for iTunes to recognize your iPhone X and wait until it displays all information on the app.
  3. Click on backup and restore iPhone X with iTunes.

Now, the above procedures will initiate a back of all your iPhone X files to iTunes which you can restore later when your iPhone X turns on.

Force Restart your iPhone X

If you have an unsaved task before using this approach, all will be gone. So, be sure that you want to do this and you are ready to lose all unsafe task.

  1. Press the Volume Up button for like 1-3 seconds. You must do this as quickly as possible
  2. Press the Volume down button for the same number of seconds as quickly as you think you can.
  3. Press and hold the side down button until the black screen changes to the Apple logo on the screen.
  4. If your iPhone X is crashed you may have to press the side down button for a minimum of 30 seconds before the Apple logo will come up on your iPhone X black screen.

This approach will restart your iPhone X and reboot it from the crashing resetting everything, hopefully, with the restarting feature.

If your iPhone x is having a power problem, it won’t turn on. However, we assume that your iPhone X power is working fine but you are experiencing a crash of your iPhone leading to iPhone X not responding or system not working fine.

Turn off iPhone X without Side Button

In case the above approach to use side button is really hard for you because you need to combine two or more buttons together, here is a quick fix without the side button.

However, to do this, your iPhone must be turned on. You need to access your iPhone X settings. This works perfectly when your iPhone crashes always and the iPhone black screen still shows the Apple logo when you press the power button.

iPhone X soft reset

  1. Go to your iPhone X settings
  2. Click on General
  3. Scroll down the screen and click on Shut down

This is just like a soft reset of your iPhone X. It restarts your iPhone X and probably reset the crashing issue.

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