Web for Instagram Extension to Manage Instagram Account and Pages

Ahead of Instagram web launch, you can now use web for Instagram plugin to log into your Instagram account, send DM, upload photos, and videos, see followers, follow and unfollow friends on Instagram, and do all sort using the Instagram web Chrome extension.

Whether you are an Instagram addict or pundit you can use Instagram extension for Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Opera to access your Instagram account on the web.

When the Instagram web is finally launched it may probably work like WhatsApp web. Whereby you have to use Barcode to sync your Instagram mobile to your Instagram web.

Except for this plugin for Instagram web and how it works, we cannot say precisely how the Instagram web launch will work at the ens.

Web for Instagram is not Official

The web for Instagram plugin isn’t an official plugin that is developed by Instagram developers. The extension is however developed by a developer to enhance the use of Instagram on the web.

The Instagram web add-on is a project developed by oinkandstuff.com to log into an Instagram account on the web.

Feature of the Instagram Web Plugin

Here are some of the unique features of this plugin you will enjoy if you download it.

  1. The extension replaces Websta for Instagram and it’s now a stable version
  2. You can upload photos and videos directly from your computer to your Instagram account
  3. The extension to provide Windows adjustable sidebar so that you can easily adjust the Windows of your Instagram page.
  4. The extension doesn’t share users credentials. You logins are not directed through a 3rd party site, you are logging directly to Instagram and that gives your Instagram account maximum security.
  5. You can set the add-on to start automatically when the browser starts and log in to your Instagram account without accessing web.instagram.com or www.instagra,.com
  6. It has a refresh button for an ongoing chatting. You also have access to a back button to return to the previous page and forward button to move past where you are.
  7. The app monitors real-time likes, shares, comments, and reactions on your Instagram posts.
  8. You can view your friends Instagram stories using this extension.
  9. Upload pictures to Instagram, crop the picture, rotate it 360 degrees, add emoji, emoticons, and many more before uploading.
  10. Ability to add more information such as text, hashtags, emojis, etc to your post before publishing
  11. Uploading Instagram stories made easy with this plugin
  12. Download Instagram images, photos, videos, etc directly to your computer without the use of an additional tool.

Chrome Plugin

Let take a look at how to install Chrome web for Instagram plugin. If you are unable to access Chrome plugin check this guide on how to fix can’t access Chrome plugin.

1. Go to Google Chrome plugin store

2. Type Web for Instagram and click on the search button

3. Scroll down and click on Add to Chrome

Web for Instagram

4. Click on Add Extension to start downloading the plugin

Instagram Web

5. You have successfully added the Chrome extension for the web to your Instagram account.

Download Instagram Web Add-on for Opera

You can as well use this add-on on your Opera browser to have fun on the Instagram web app.

1. Launch your Opera browser and visit Opera add-ons store and search for “Web for Instagram” add-on.

2. Click on Add to Opera

Instagram add-on for web browser

3. The add-on will start installing on your Opera browser.

web for instagram

Now, you have successfully installed the Instagram web Opera add-on on your browser. Don’t go yet, you will learn how to use this plugin below.

How to Use Web for Instagram Plugin

Immediately you installed the plugin on your browser the plugin will pop up instantly. If you already login Instagram on your browser it’ll log in to your Instagram account instantly.

However, here is another approach to use Instagram plugin web to manage your Instagram account.

1. Launch the browser you installed Web for Insta extension on

2. Click on the plugin icon on your browser and enter your Instagram login information.

Instagram plugin

3. If you are logged in already click on continue as your name. See the attachment below as a guide.

Web for Instagram

You will be logged in to your Instagram account and you can start exploring the Instagram tool.

Disable Auto-start

By default the Instagram web app auto-start and log you into your Instagram account. This implies that, once you click on the web Instagram app you will be logged into your Instagram account.

However, to pave way for another Instagram users to use the plugin on your browser, follow these procedures to disable auto-start on the plugin.

1. Hover to your browser and click on the Instagram app extension

2. Log in to your Instagram account and click on the Auto-start button to toggle the button to turn off the app auto-start.

Instagram for Web

3. Next time you want to use Instagram web extension you will be prompted to log into your account manually instead of the web app to auto start when you open your browser.

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