Money Tree Propagation [Comprehensive Steps]

The money tree has quite an interesting history. While many believe it brings good luck and more money, some see it as a source of beautifying their spaces.

However, for those who aren’t aware of the full story, before delving into Money tree propagation, here is how it all began.

The Money tree came about from the story of a poor farmer who was praying to god for wealth. While he was hoping for God to send down money to him. But, he saw something else.

He saw a beautiful plant with braided trucks suddenly growing on the field. The beauty of the plant coupled with how hard and resilient the plant was made him instantly fall in love with the plant. 

From there, he began to grow more of this plant until the idea to sell it skipped his mind. He eventually got wealthy through the sales of the plant.

Nowadays, most people ascertain the Money tree as more money or more luck as they seek different ways to regrow it.

Now, there are different ways he could have grown the money trees. Money tree propagation is one of them while he could have also grown it by sourcing out for the seeds, but that is usually stressful.

If you own a Money tree, or you just purchased one and you are looking for a way to get another one.

You don’t need to buy another money tree, you can simply regrow another one.

Waiting for the plant to mature before getting the seeds or purchasing it might feel like a burden, so you might want to know how Money Tree propagation works.

If you are here for that let’s jump right into how Money tree propagation works and the different ways you can do it.

How Money Tree Propagation Works

There are different ways you can carry out Money Tree Propagation, But the only two channels you can use as a growing medium are either water or soil.

Using Water might be a bit delicate when compared to soil, But we will be talking about the two below.

Money tree propagation in water

Money Tree Propagation in water

The process of carrying out Money Tree propagation for water follows the same pattern when compared to that of soil propagation. The only reason you might want to use water propagation could be because you want to see the growing process of the Money Tree.

If that is you let’s delve right in on how to do that.

1. Remove a healthy branch

To carry this out you need to get scissors or a pruner to cut out a healthy-looking branch from the Money tree you have. Make sure the branch. After doing that proceed to the next step.

2. Insert the Branch into a jar of water 

Insert the bottom of the branch inside a jar of water. You don’t want to immerse the whole plant inside water as the plant needs a composition of heat and moisture so you should insert only a part of it. 

If you are unsure of how to do that, you can look at the image above as a guide.

You could use a bottle to prevent the branch from tilting too much.

3. Put a Jar of Water close to sunlight

Since you’ve inserted the Branch of the plant into the bottle or jar of water, you need to place it where it will be able to get indirect sunlight. 

Also, you want to ensure that there is a barrier, like a window between the plant and the sunlight to affect direct contact with sunlight.

After doing all this, you are set to go, simply leave it for a few weeks while also changing the water anytime the plant gets dirty.

Once the roots have grown close to 2 inches you should remove them and transfer them to a soiled pot.

Now, for those who want to carry out a soil-based Money Tree propagation. I will be discussing how to do that below.

Money Tree Propagation in Soil

Money Tree Propagation in soil

Now, when we talk about Money Tree Propagation using Soil. The only thing you have to replace here is the water jar. But, you might not be able to witness the roots growing. 

To Carry out a Money Tree propagation using soil here is how to do that

  • Cut out a healthy snip from the money plant. You can get 3-4 leaves for propagating.
  • Next, get a soil pot containing half mickey lighter perlite and half soil and place eth leaves while inserting the part that was cut out into the soil. 
  • Just submerge a part of it.
  • Finally, place the soil pot out of direct sunlight. Placing it under direct sunlight can make the sleaves dry out.

Within three weeks the plants should be germinated.

Money Tree Propagation from Leaf

Money Tree Propagation from leave

Now, before I go into how to carry out Money Tree Propagation using the leaves, there is something I want you to know.

A lot of people usually confuse Money Plant with Money Tree. They have a different Botanical name but they are usually confused.

The family Tree is regarded as  Pachira Aquatica While the Money plant is regarded as Crassula ovata. Both plants have a different leave and they are both regarded as Money-based plants.

Now, here is the distinction, You cannot propagate the money tree using its leaves alone, but you can do that for the Money plant.

And to do that simply follow the steps below.

  • Cut the branch of a healthy snip away from the money plant you can use 3-4 leaves for propagating.
  • After doing that, get a soil pot containing half mickey lighter perlite and half soil
  •  Now, place the leaves inside the mixture while inserting the part that was cut out into the soil. 
  • You don’t need to submerge the whole plant into the soil. Just submerge a part of it.
  • Finally, place the soil pot out of direct sunlight. Placing it under direct sunlight can make the sleeves dry out.

The germination should take 3-4 weeks.

Chinese Money Tree Propagation

chinease money tree propagation

The Chinese Money tree is completely different from the ones listed above. The botanical name for Chinese money is Pilea peperomioide. And the two ways to propagate are either by using its seeds or by using its spores.

Propagating it using the Seeds

The use of seed is quite straightforward as you only need to get the seed and deep it into a container of soil while ensuring it’s not too deep. After doing that add water to the soil to make it moist.

Propagating it using the Spores

Now, if you want to propagate it using the spores, you have to plug the leaves branch from the roots. 

After doing that, Insert it into a soil similar to the one it was removed from. Now moist it and leave it to germinate.

Can you propagate a money tree from a leaf?

The money tree is regarded as a plant that brings good fortune to the inhabitants where the leave is being grown. Since a lot of people have embraced the belief and are now purchasing the leaves, they are also looking for che3aper ways to multiply the leave without spending a lot.

One of them is through propagation, however, you can only carry out propagation from the stem of the branch or by cutting out the whole branch.

The only exclusion to this is the money plant which is known as Crassula ovata. You can propagate the leaves by simply inserting them in the mixture of half mickey lighter perlite and half soil while inserting them – not too deep.

Money Tree Broken Stem

If your money tree has a broken stem, you don’t need to fret as you can propagate the stem too, however it might take a longer time to grow as compared to cutting it out of the branch.

Money Tree Sprouting from the Trunk

it is okay, some believe it is more luck. However, it is absolutely normal for such to happen. If you are faced with that. Let it grow to a good size, now remove and propagate into another soil pot.

Can you Grow a Money Tree from a Cutting?

Off course, you can, you just have to make sure you are cutting a healthy stem out of the money tree. 

Can you Propagate a Money Tree in Water?

You can propagate a Money tree inside water, It follows a similar process to that of soil, however, you won’t want to leave it in there due to the intensive care required, so it is better to transfer it to a soil pot once ist starts germinating.

How long does it take for money tree cuttings to root?

If you’ve propagated your money tree in water, these kinds of questions might pop out of your mind, well here is the answer. 

Your money tree takes 3-5 weeks before the roots begin to come out and 6-8 weeks before the roots fully develop for you to transfer to a bigger container.

How do I take a cutting from a money plant?

If you look at the money plant, you will notice it has no stem since the leaf is patched with the moan branch, now you might be confused as to how to propagate the Plant. Don’t fret, here is how to do it.

Carefully cut out the leaves from the tip joining its connection from the main branch. That’s simply how to cut out the money plant for Money Tree propagation.


By now you should have figured out different ways to carry out Money tree propagation. Propagating it isn’t rocket science, however, one of the mistakes people make during the propagation process is the excessive water they pour on the plant.

The Money tree could go decayed if the soil is too moist and you don’t want that, so you have to ensure that you are watering only when the soil is dry.

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