How to Fix Samsung Dryer Won’t Start

Have you been trying to use your dryer, but your Samsung dryer won’t start, and you have been understandably worried, looking for possible fixes? Then you are reading the right article, as we will look at the common reasons why the Samsung dryer won’t start and steps you can take to fix it.

The Samsung dryer is renowned for being one of the best dryers available in the market. It boasts excellent features like hygienic steaming, fast drying time, easy control, and smart features like the Wifi connectivity that allows you to start the drying cycle remotely.

There are situations, although they are few and far between when your Samsung won’t start for one reason or the other thankfully, most of the causes of this issue can be fixed by following straightforward instructions.

The remaining section of this article will look at the common reasons why your Samsung dryer won’t start and how to resolve them.

Why Won’t the Samsung Dryer Start?

There are various known reasons why the Samsung dryer won’t start, with the occurrence of some more than others.

Below is a list of commonly reported reasons why the Samsung dryer won’t start.

  • The start button for the dryer is broken.
  • An error code is visible on the control panel.
  • The door to the dryer is not properly locked.
  • The dryer setting is incorrect.
  • Inadequate or no power supply to the dryer.
  • The thermal fuse isn’t working correctly.

Either of the reasons listed above could be why your dryer won’t start.

The next section of this article will explain troubleshooting methods you can use to resolve them.

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How to Fix Samsung Dryer won’t start?

The common reasons why the Samsung dryer won’t start have been listed above.

A detailed explanation of how to resolve them will be discussed in this article section.

Confirm that You Actually Started the Cycle

In certain instances, you might have begun a cycle and gone do something else, only to return and find that your garments are still damp because you did not press the start button.

So always double-check that you have pressed all the appropriate buttons before leaving the dryer to dry your clothes.

Check the Start Button of the Dryer

When the start button is activated, the dryer begins a cycle. If the start button is broken, the dryer won’t get the signals it needs to start a cycle.

If the start button is defective, the best action is to purchase a new start switch, which should fix the problem.

Check the Power Supply to the Dryer

The Samsung dryer is an electronic appliance that needs a reliable power source to function correctly.

You should ensure the dryer has enough power by ensuring a sufficient power supply.

Additionally, ensure the dryer is properly connected to its power source and avoid connecting it to an extension cable because the latter cannot carry the necessary voltage for the dryer to operate.

Assume that the dryer is correctly plugged into its power outlet and that the power voltage is sufficient. However, if the dryer isn’t getting the power, it needs to work; examine your home’s circuit breakers and replace any broken ones.

Check the Current Dryer Setting

When you try to spin the dryer to dry your clothing, it won’t spin if it is set to child lock. If the kid lock setting is on, you can switch it off by pressing the child lock button for roughly 5 seconds.

Additionally, if your dryer has a delayed start setting, it will wait until the later time you have chosen before starting to spin once you switch it on.

If your dryer is set to delicate or wet dry, it may still be operating, but because of how it is now set up, it would take a very long time to dry, especially heavier items, which could give the impression that it is not.

fix Samsung dryer won't start

Ensure the Dryer Door is Properly Locked

The door of your Samsung dryer must be adequately locked for the dryer to begin a cycle.

Therefore, before starting a cycle, look around for any barriers, such as cloth items or other objects, and take them out. After that, properly close the door.

Check the Thermal Fuse

When the thermal fuse is broken or blocked, the dryer’s ability to circulate air might reduce drastically, as the thermal fuse helps prevent overheating during a cycle by cooling down the dryer.

The best alternative is to replace your thermal fuse when it malfunctions.

Where is the Samsung Dryer Reset Button?

There isn’t a specific reset button on the Samsung dryer that you can use to restart it as necessary.

However, it only takes a few simple steps to reset your dryer.

It only needs to be turned off, unplugged from the power source for about five minutes, then plugged back in and turned on. You can try using the dryer when you’re confident that whatever problem triggered the reset has been rectified.

Samsung dryer reset button

How to Fix Samsung Dryer Won’t Turn Off.

It is not normal for your Samsung dryer to keep spinning or for the panel to still be on after you press power.

You can attempt the troubleshooting method below to resolve the issue.

  • Check to see if you have turned on the wrinkle-prevent feature, as the feature will keep your dryer spinning, although without heat, and will turn off once you open the door of the dryer.
  • If the dryer is still spinning, then you should restart the dryer by pressing the power button or turn the dryer off and on at the circuit breaker.

If you have tried either or both of these options without result, you should seek a professional’s help.

Samsung dryer won't turn off

How to fix Samsung Dryer won’t Start but has Power.

If you have confirmed that your Samsung dryer won’t start even after receiving an adequate power supply, you should first check that you have not enabled the child lock feature, and if you have, disable it.

You should also check that the dryer door is locked correctly and that neither the start switch nor the thermal fuse is defective.

If any of them is defective, you should order a replacement and remove the malfunctioning one from the dryer.


This article has looked at the common reasons why your Samsung dryer won’t start and troubleshooting methods you can use to resolve them. If you have tried the suggestions in this article without success, you should reach out to a professional for further assistance.

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