WhatsApp Payment System: How to Send & Receive Money on WhatsApp

Good news, the over-expected WhatsApp payment option for WhatsApp-in-chat money transfer between two WhatsApp users now available for millions of WhatsApp beta testers called “WhatsApp payment system.”

If you are a WhatsApp Beta tester in Indian you should get this update if you updated your WhatsApp to the latest iteration recently.

Back in 2017, there is a lot of rumor was spread about WhatsApp upgrading WhatsApp with a new plan to transfer money from WhatsApp to bank directly from WhatsApp without leaving the app chat interface.

Now, WhatsApp has started the rolling out of the option to make payment and pay debt using WhatsApp directly without visiting any bank.

The good news is that WhatsApp does not need a direct bank account to transfer money and receive money from other WhatsApp user. All it requires is the phone number linked to your bank account which must be the phone number used to create your WhatsApp account.

The most important thing to send money from within WhatsApp app is to have your WhatsApp number linked with your bank account and the rest is handled by WhatsApp Inc and your bank for fund transfer and fund receive deployment and procedure.

With WhatsApp app, you can now redeem your debt and pay off your debt directly with WhatsApp new payment feature.

The update is not all to all WhatsApp messenger users, for now, to transfer money in WhatsApp and the feature to send money on WhatsApp. However, only a WhatsApp beta tester will enjoy this feature first after which all users will not start to enjoy the feature and some selected users in India.

The Facebook-owned instant messenger first released the update for WhatsApp payment in India which covers the largest WhatsApp network coverage of about 200 million active users. However, it was recorded that during the process of transferring and receiving money on WhatsApp user will oblige to the new money transfer terms and conditions on WhatsApp different from the initial terms and conditions when creating WhatsApp account.

For now, the ICICI Bank of India is the only bank that processes the anticipated WhatsApp payment system.

WhatsApp payment system

WhatsApp Payment System: How to Send & Receive Money on WhatsApp

Since Facebook Inc acquire WhatsApp in 2014, the WhatsApp parent company has rolled out a lot of features and more is on the way. However, for the time being, below is how to transfer fund and receive fund on WhatsApp using the new WhatsApp payment system.

1. Update your WhatsApp to the latest WhatsApp iteration or download the latest WhatsApp here

2. Launch the updated WhatsApp and click on the WhatsApp user you want to transfer fund to through WhatsApp payment system

3. Click on the office clip in your WhatsApp chat box and select “WhatsApp Payment System

WhatsApp Payment System

4. Accept WhatsApp payment system terms and conditions

Transfer Money on WhatsApp

5. Select the name of the bank, enter the amount to transfer, and click send fund

It’s worth to note that only the Indian users can send and receive money using the newly introduced WhatsApp payment system via the ICICI bank. While WhatsApp wants to make sure that this procedure poses no single threat to individual bank account other users should be prepared for the global launch of the payment system.

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