FIXED! Dryer is not Heating [Here’s Why]

It’s much easier to diagnose a dryer that stopped working than when a dryer drum is spinning and the motor that controls the drum is still running but there’s no heat. It can be frustrating and difficult to detect the actual cause of your dryer not heating.

We understand how hard it can be to find a lasting solution to this issue especially when you don’t want to do guesswork, the reason why this article has been compiled for you is to fix the dryer is not heating problem.

A dryer is one of the most essential appliances in a home, it’s a must-have since it’s very helpful when it comes to performing your laundry services fast and efficiently. I’m sure you don’t like the fact that your clothes are damp and won’t get dry from the heat generated by your dryer. Read on to fix the dryer is not heating issue here.

Once you have discovered that the issue with your dryer is that it’s not producing any heat to efficiently dry your clothes, then you need to begin your inspection by checking all the parts of your dryer designed for producing, managing, and distributing heat entirely. For the possible cause of why your dryer is not heating, ensure you scroll down to the end of this article. 

Why Dryer is not Heating?

There are various reasons why your dryer won’t heat up, some of the causes will be outlined below, do well to identify the one that’s responsible for your dryer’s glitch and fix it. 

The Thermal fuse is faulty

In case your dryer is tumbling but it’s not producing heat, then you need to check the thermal fuse which is usually installed in dryers as a safety device. Once the temperature in the dryer gets too high, the thermal fuse will trip just to prevent a fire from happening.

After the thermal fuse trips, the dryer will still function normally, but the tripped fuse will prevent the heating elements from receiving any power, therefore it won’t produce any heat. However, on newer models, a thermal fuse can completely shut the dryer down.

The exhaust Vent is clogged

A dryer vent is designed to ensure that dust, debris, and other tiny particles are trapped in a filter before they land on your clothes. Peradventure your dryer vent is not working properly, then there will be an inhibition in the flow of air which will not properly pass through the dryer.

Your exhaust vent may be full of lint and other debris that needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Therefore, your dryer is not heating up because it does not want to overheat. 

Defective Thermostat and Temperature switch

The thermostat may no longer be working properly and this may affect the dryer’s heating mechanism and stop it from getting hot. You can use a multimeter to test both the thermostat and the temperature switch, if you get a zero reading on the thermostat, it means it’s not working properly while you will get a zero or infinity reading on the temperature switch if t’s faulty. 

The thermostat and temperature switch help in keeping an even temperature inside your dryer. Once there’s a problem with any of these parts, then it can result in no heat in your dryer.Dryer is not Heating

Heating coils are faulty

Another reason why your dryer is not heating is that the heating coils are faulty. To check if these coils are faulty, follow the steps below:

  • Remove the back panel of your dryer.
  • Locate the heating coil by searching for metal wires coiled together.
  • You have access to the terminals after removing the lead which can be tested with a multimeter.
  • Once you get a reading of zero, then it means that the coil needs a replacement.

A faulty Timer

If your dryer is a mechanical-based model, then a faulty timer will make your dryer not produce heat. Once the timer is defective, it won’t advance the cycle.

While in some dryers, the faulty timer can keep the heat from running until it becomes too hot, and in others, it can mean that no heat has been released at all. All you see is that your dryer just keeps spinning waiting for the signal to move to the next cycle that will never occur.

To check if you have a faulty timer, follow the steps below:

  • Remove the knob and open the panel.
  • If the leads are disconnected from the motor, then you can check for continuity.
  • In case your multimeter reads infinity, then you have a faulty timer motor and it needs an immediate replacement.Dryer is not Heating

The heating element has malfunctioned

If your dryer is not heating, then the heating element may have malfunctioned over time and may need a complete replacement immediately.

Insufficient Power Supply

If your dryer is not heating and it just spins, then the problem may be related to your power source. Whether you have a gas or electric dryer, the temperature of your dryer may be affected by the insufficient power supply.

If you have an electric dryer and one of the volt lines is damaged or malfunctioning, you may discover that the dryer keeps spinning but not heating. However, if you have a gas dryer, you will that your unit just keeps running but won’t get hot especially if the gas isn’t on or isn’t getting to the appliance.

There might be an issue with the Main Control Board

The main control board collects information for the rest of the dryer. The board is designed to ensure that the rest of the dryer behaves properly. If the main control board is faulty, then the dryer is not going to heat up.

Once you discover that it’s the main control board that is faulty, then just know that your dryer is not going to be able to process any commands. 

How to Fix Dryer is not Heating issue

You can fix your dryer to start heating up again with the simple steps below. Ensure you unplug the dryer from the power source before you begin to repair it!

Find out why Thermal Fuse tripped

To make your dryer start heating up, you will need to replace the fuse located close to the exhaust vent on your dryer. Some models have a way of resetting the fuse, but most times it is something that needs to be changed out before your dryer can function normally again.

It’s important to quickly replace a fuse once you detect that it’s faulty and you also need to remember it was tripped for a reason. If you fail to investigate and sort out the reason why the thermal fuse was tripped, then it’s likely to result in more blown thermal fuses which leaves your dryer as a potential fire hazard.Dryer is not Heating

Clean the Dryer’s Exhaust Vent

There’s a flexible metal hose attached to your dryer via the vent which can become blocked over time with a buildup of lint. The dirt blocks the proper release of hot, wet air from your dryer drum, and causes your dryer not to heat up. In case the hose is blocked, even partially, then it was responsible for the thermal fuse blow. Clean the exhaust vent by following the steps below:

  •  Cleaned the hose thoroughly with the aid of a vacuum if necessary. 
  • Also, check if the clog goes beyond the flexible tubing.
  • In case there is a lint clog in the actual ventilation system of your home, regardless of how deep it is, you may need the help of a professional with the proper tools to come remove it.
  • Most dreadful stories of dryer fires were usually caused by lint blockages in the ventilation.

Therefore, it is very essential to never ignore this issue and fix it as fast as possible before further use.

Replace the temperature Switch and Thermostat

Replacing a temperature switch is as simple as removing it and connecting a new one while replacing a bad thermostat is a little more complex.

  • There are plenty of wires to disconnect and it is important to remember to replace them in the right order.
  • You may also need to pull the thermostat out to replace it on some models.

Fix Insufficient Power Supply

If insufficient power is the reason why your dryer is not heating up, then you might need to contact a dryer repair professional. Dealing with high-voltage electricity or flammable gases without the proper training is very dangerous and harmful.Dryer is not Heating

Fix faulty Main control Board

Unfortunately, it’s very expensive to fix or replace the main control board. Since there are so several reasons why your main control board won’t work properly, you can involve a professional to help check it out and give you a more accurate diagnosis.

If the professional tells you the main control board cannot be fixed after checking it, then you will probably have to replace the complete dryer. It’s too expensive to replace the main control board, and buying a new one might not probably be worth it. 

How to Prevent Dryer Heating Failures

Below are precautions you should adhere to when operating a dryer to avoid dryer is not heating problems. 

  • Never open your dryer door while it is still in operation, even if it is in the cool-down cycle at the end of drying.
  • Regularly clean out the door filter to ensure air can flow through the dryer with ease.
  • The lint filter should be cleaned out after every wash operation.
  • Clean the condensate box which can become blocked with lint, fluff, and other debris at the bottom of the boiler occasionally.
  • You might need to run the box under a tap to remove these blockages.
  • Never allow the water box in a condenser dryer to become full at any point.
  • Do not block your cupboards with an appliance as big as a dryer, instead, look for a free space big enough anywhere in the house and place it there.
  • Make sure that air can travel freely around the appliance.
  • Allow about 15-20 mm between the dryer’s sides and the room’s walls or furniture next to it.
  • In case you have a room dedicated for laundry alone, ensure it’s large enough at least 10-12 m2 to contain your appliance comfortably.
  • Always check the manufacturer’s manual for any specific instructions before installation.
  • Refrain from using your dryer when the room’s temperature doesn’t fall in the 5°C – 35°C range since most dryers can work below 5°C, but won’t heat up at the required level to dry your clothes.
  • Always load the dryer with care.
  • Do not pack in too many clothes, sheets, or towels at the same time as this will limit the appliance’s efficiency.
  • You can also read the user manual on how to load your appliance correctly.Dryer is not Heating

How to reset your Dryer’s Thermal Overload Cut Out 

You can reset this unit yourself simply by pressing a button. Some dryers particularly older models have a red reset button located on their back panel. While in newer models, this button can be found inside the casing underneath the back panel, and you will have to unscrew and remove this to access this reset button.

After locating the button, press it in. Once it clicks, then the thermal overload cut out had tripped and has now been reset.

Some dryers don’t have this reset switch and have a ‘once-only’ thermal cut-out, which must be reset with the help of an appliance engineer. A professional will be able to reset your appliance in less than an hour, and if you have an extended dryer warranty, this might not cost you a penny! That’s interesting, right? I hope you have been able to fix your dryer is not heating issues.  

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