How to Fix Amana Dryer not Heating

If you own an Amana product one of the things you’ll love about it is the entry-level prices it offers for most of its appliances without affecting its quality in any way.

Amana Dryer was acquired by Whirlpool 16 years ago (2006) which also manufactures home appliances. The merging between Whirlpool and Amana has become a dominating force in the home appliance industry.

However, their acquisition hasn’t in any way limited their features or that of the whirlpool since they’ve combined to build on each other’s advantage while supporting each other areas of weakness. Since all tech appliances sometimes come with their moment of displeasure such as your Amana dryer not heating up, which is usually due to reasons such as a fuse or other defective parts of your Amana dryer.

If you own an Amana dryer and you are also stuck trying to figure out why your Amana dryer not heating, you are in the right place

Below, I am going to be breaking down the things you need to check out and the appropriate troubleshooting steps you should carry out to resolve these issues.

Why is your Amana Dryer not Heating

In most cases, the reasons why your Amana dryer isn’t working as it is supposed to are usually due to some defective parts. Since the dryer makes use of a heating dry cycle. All the components working together have to be in perfect shape to keep the dryer heating up or else you might be faced with issues such as this one.

In a case whereby, you are not sure of what to check out for when you are faced with a scenario where your Amana dryer not heating up.

Since you are here let’s delve right into the different reasons why it isn’t heating by starting with one of the most obvious reasons.

Verify if the Amana dryer is correctly plugged

It might not be the first troubleshooting step for the majority, but then, you can’t write off a scenario where your dryer isn’t connected properly. 

So, the first thing you should verify if your Amana dryer not heating is the connections. Once you are sure of that you can proceed to the next one.

Confirm if the breaker hasn’t Tripped off

Let’s say you’ve experienced a spike in voltage from your holding company and you have a breaker connected to regulate the voltage coming into your home. You might not be aware of this.

But if your household uses a breaker, then you might want to check the breaker connected to the Amana dryer to verify if it hasn’t tripped off its power supply to the Amana dryer.

Ensure there are no blockages in your Lint trap

Ensure there are no blockages in your Lint trap

If your breaker hasn’t tripped off power to your dryer, then you might want to do some technical checks here.

One of the things you want to check when you are faced with your Amana dryer not heating is your lint trap and vents. Why is that?

The job of your lint trap and your vent is to filter out any form of dust inside it after you have used it for several cycles.

Now, if the dust inside your lint trap or the vents gets too much, it can affect the heating element. 

This in turn could cause serious issues such as fire outbreaks. A safe practice is to clean out the vent and lint trap at least once a month.

Check for a blown out Thermal Fuse

The job of your thermal fuse is to prevent your Amana dyer from overheating by cutting out its power when your dryer gets too hot. The thermal fuse turns off your dryer once it notices the dryer is overheating.

Now, you might want to check if the thermal fuse is still working fine by looking at the designated heat source where it is usually located.

Sometimes, the thermal fuse could have blown out once the heating gets too much. But, if the thermal fuse is still okay you should check your vent trap and clean out the filtered dirt there.

Defective Timing Motor

Normally, your motor timing is expected to work hand-in-hand with several components to determine when a cycle is done, mainly, to determine when the dryer should stop operation.

If the motor timing isn’t correctly interacting with other components, it could make the dyer stop heating. 

If you are unsure about how to check your motor time follow these steps

  • Turn your timer to “Off” locate the timer and remove it.
  • You can also test it out with a multimeter to see if there is continuity. If there isn’t then you might need to replace your motor timing

Worn Out Heating Element

As we discussed earlier. Sometimes the heating element could have worn out, making it due for a replacement. To verify this. Take a close look at the heating element to check if it’s looking okay. 

If the heating element is okay, then you should check your vent trap to see if there isn’t any blockage there.

if after trying all the steps above, you haven’t been able to figure out your Amana dryer not heating issue, then the issues might be with the main control board.

Consult a Professional Service for the control board

The main control board isn’t an issue just anyone can resolve. You don’t want to pull out one or two things that will damage the dryer. So your best to resolve your Amana dryer not heating is to consult a professional dryer repairer to troubleshoot it for you.

Amana dryer Reset button

The Amanda dryer doesn’t come with a reset button such as the Whirlpool washer which you can read about hereAnd you can’t power it on or off as the dryer only goes off when the timer stops.

Amana Dryer Thermal Fuse

The Amana Dryer fuse has one, job, which is to ensure that the temperature of the dryer isn’t too high. Once the dyer starts overheating the thermometer sends a signal to the fuse to trip off the whole system. That is why the Dyer goes off and doesn’t come on till the Dyer cools down.

Now, you might be faced with a scenario where the fuse blows out due while it isn’t able to trip off the system. if your thermal fuse isn’t working fine it can prevent your Amana dryer from working as it should.

Amana Dryer Timer Replacement

Amana dryer timer replacement

Apart from your Amana dryer not heating, It might be a bit stressful to carry out checks on your drier timer to figure out if it’s functioning correctly, if you don’t know how to test it follow the steps below

  • Get a multimeter
  • Now, clip one point of the multimeter wires to the terminal from which you removed the wire
  • After doing that, touch the other terminal.
  • Now, if you gate a high reading then your drier motor is faulty and you need a replacement.
  • You can get a replacement based on your model number on amazon by checking through here.

Amana Dryer Thermal Fuse Test

Your thermal fuse has only one job. And that is to cut out current once your Amana dryer starts to clock dangerous temperature levels. Now, for those who are not aware of how to check the thermal fuse.

here is how you can go about it.

  • Touch the right side of your multimeter and lead to the right side of the fuse.
  • Now do the same with the left side 
  •  If the multimeter needle fails to move, then the fuse is gone and needs a replacement 

Amana Dryer timer ned4655ew1

If the timer on your Amana dryer isn’t working correctly, you have to replace it with the correct model to ensure having t spend extra money replacing it. For the Amana dryer timer ned 4655ewl, you can get it here.

By now, you should have figured out how to resolve the Amana dryer not heating issue. if till now, you haven’t been able to do that you should contact an Amana repairer closely.


One of the attractive things about the Amana drier is its entry-level price coupled with its quality. If you have been struggling with your Amana Dryer not heating then with this article you should be able to resolve it seamlessly. 

Now, if you are using a Whirlpool device, you might have to check this article here if you are having any issues with it.

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