How to Make Money from Facebook Job Alert

Facebook today launched a campaign to create a job in more than 40 countries to help employee and employer connect and hire a qualified candidate for respective job positions. Facebook joining the local business to hire a competent and a professional to take a job position based on employers description. The Facebook job posting poses a hiring manager for companies who are in need of workers who are either professionals or otherwise.

The goal of this new Facebook 2018 move is to help Facebook users who are job seekers find a job and connect them to a hiring company based on the information the employee provided, needs of the employer, and also considering the profile state of the employee.

The ability to get a job directly from Facebook was rekindled by Facebook when advertising agents posted a job offer on their Facebook fan page and got tons of job application that match their request and offer the qualified one a job. The new Facebook job project will help reduce the unemployment rate and help boost local business and connect them with the right employee.

The Facebook job platform doesn’t guarantee a job rather they bring job seeker to a hiring agent via Facebook career page.

Facebook Job

Facebook Job: How to Get a Job on Facebook

Here is how to find a job quick, ease, and free on Facebook

1. Log into your Facebook account on any browser and visit Facebook job dashboard

2. Go “Marketplace” and click on “Jobs” under “Explorer” or visit Jobs tab of a business’ Page

3. Create a job application on the page

4. Your job application will pops-up job history and your Facebook profile details

5. Check your application whether it matches the employer’s need and click on “Submit”

After you have successfully submitted your job application, the Facebook messenger will pop-up a direct contact with the employer to confirm whether they have received your application. Meanwhile, the business agent will only be able to see the information you provided and other relevant information on your profile page.

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